Xiaxue the Cover Girl

Some of you may have already seen the following pictures because I've been asked to be on the cover of Lifestyle magazine for the National day issue!!

And Lifestyle is actually the largest circulating magazine in Singapore!! *claws face*

Don't know what I did to get so lucky. Actually when I was asked, I didn't even believe it was true until I went for the shoot and like a billion people fussed over me.

Scratch that. Until the magazine ACTUALLY GOT PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTED I didn't believe it was true. I kept thinking someone will object to so controversial a figure on the cover... But there you go!! It's become fact now!


OK before I post scanned versions of the rest of interview + photoshoot pictures, I'd like to blog a bit more! Tolerate this please!! Or skip it if you are a rebel, I know I have no power over what you want to read.


Tommy Wee, Handsome editor extraordinaire: Thank you for the chance, the choice, and the defense, which you guys can read in a bit in his Editor's Note. Understand that your unusual choice in cover figure must have turned a few heads, but hey, if you wanted attention for the magazine, you got it. Controversy is the least I can do for you, LOL. You guys can follow him on twitter here, and girls, don't get too mesmerized.

A picture with the editor

Germaine Lim, Ultra inquisitive wordsmith: Thank you for the in-depth interview, the deep, probing questions, for doing so much research for the article and lastly making it so interesting beyond the typical QnA format. Even I enjoyed reading this because there was so much you wrote that I didn't even know about!! And for your patience in my slow responses to emails!

Gillian, Good friend, Mentor, Sorta Boss: Thanking you a million times won't be enough and I bless the day the doctor saved your life when your burst appendix tried to take it away. Won't be where I am today without you, believing in me 100%, telling me where I can do better (and sometimes video recording it), giving me guidance and always wishing the best for me. For all that you gave selflessly, you add on to my debt by always saying the sweetest things about me to others, including in this article. And I love what you wrote about me here. Getting too mushy... Just... Thanks.

Vernetta, Yi Ying, Frazer - some of my best sponsors: Thank you for all the kind words. I already had the best products and services from you guys and never expected praise for me on an interview afterwards!! Vern - never thanked you enough for the the dream wedding you made possible, even when you broke your foot! Frazer for the beautiful Electrolux products I cannot wait to use at my new home, especially the oven! And Yi Ying for the indulgence... many ZA foundations bestowed upon me that I haven't finished using them till now! It was, and is, a pleasure working with you guys.

The crazy team of photography, hair, makeup and stylists working for my Lifestyle shoot... Thank you for the patience, the glamour, and making my few hours super fun!! And the pictures turned out SO NICE!!! I love them very much!!

With my hairstylist and makeup artist Sean and Shaun!!

Tommy picking the final shots... 
You cannot find a more decisive editor! 
Done in like 2 minutes.

Ok here are the scanned pages... I don't have a scanner so my mom scanned these for me. The resolution turned out pretty bad. :( But it will have to do.

Credits to Lifestyle Magazine:

Yes, thank you for the faith, impartiality and candour, everybody. 

You too Tommy

Bit of a mistake there...
100,000 facebook likes. 

Don't like this minus one zero leh!!

Also 92k instagram followers by now!

Love the styling...

After this shoot I actually got inspired to wear more bright colours instead of always pastels!!

(continued 3 pictures down)

This is actually my favourite picture, the one in front of the mirror. It's so chic!!

And I LOVE the timeline of hair colour changes Germaine did!! :D

Plus tips on how to snap a good profile picture

This is obviously my favourite part of the interview... People praising me!!


And my least favourite because it contains my least favourite people's faces.

Thank god Sophie and Qiu are there to balance it out. Actually, I like Peter Coffin too. He gave me international fame!

Some of you asked me where to buy Lifestyle magazine... Short answer... You can't, it is purely based on subscription.

Gillian told me that some readers wrote in to Clicknetwork asking for a copy. A girl even said she looked at newstands all over and didn't manage to find it. So Gillian asked Lifestyle for some copies, and Lifestyle obliged by giving her ten. G replied the reader, who promptly went down to Click's office to collect. She even offered to pay for the magazine!! I don't know who you are, random reader, but thank you for liking me and I like you too!!

Now isn't this story just full of niceness and nice people? So anyway if you desperately want to keep a copy, you can try emailing clicknetwork at gtl@clicknetwork.tv to see if there are still any left. Self collect only!!

If you wish to subscribe to future editions of Lifestyle, here is the form Tommy kindly reproduced for me. Print it out and mail it to them!! There is also a phone number and email address there for more enquiries.

I'm in one of those moods where I feel like I LOVE EVERYONE!!!



Marienni said…
AMAZING!! No other words.
Anonymous said…
wow I am so excited for you!! This could be the beginning of bigger things for you in the future. You totally deserve it because you've been blogging for a long time and your great at it. Your haters must be pissed lol...good job and you look amazing on the cover. RoRos World
Hmmm ... I must get myself a copy. I wonder if it's available in the Philippines ... I better find out!

Congrats Wendy! You are pretty! Don't care about all the science jobs ... what's important is the personality. And better that you're genuine and come clean about all of them. Than pretend you're a natural beauty! That's what makes you really beautiful. :) You deserve this write up.

Keep it up!

Unknown said…
I think this is an amazing accomplishment. I want to congratulate you! I hope one day my blog gets me somewhere like this.

when you are successful people will always judge you.
sepcially because of the plastic surgery etc. but it's up to you who and what you want to look like not them.
I admire you for being YOU and not caring what others think. I adore your blog and I've gone through pages and pages of your posts!

I can't wait to see how your lip embroidery comes out!!

xoxo Thania
Anonymous said…
I'm not Chinese or from Singapore or anything like that, but as a woman, I respect this shit out of you for being a badass and kicking your haters in the balls. Seriously, I'm glad I randomly found your blog last year--I've been hooked ever since :P
Jen said…
This is probably the coolest thing I've ever seen. Seriously. It's nice to see hard working people work their way up, and now you have a kickass job that (even though you put in long, tiresome hours and deal with haters) is generally a fun one! Congrats to you Xiaxue, you are an inspiration!
FiSh said…
that's so so so nice! :) after 7 years of effort, all the hate comments make you grow stronger and this is the time to enjoy a fruitful journey. will support XX always!
Anonymous said…
Wow! Congratulations Xiaxue!!! These pics are great~~ I hope you get more features; I wanna read about them all ^ ^
Sara said…
Love it. You deserve it and so much more! I cannot stress how happy I am for you. Not just pretty, you are so strong mentally and truly a dedicated blogger! Wishing only bigger, better, and more Cha-ching your way! Who doesn't want cha-ching??
Alyssamae. said…
oh no the magazine failed :( 'before you got two married' :( i think they meant before you two got married' =X
Dave Lucas said…
Smashing! What a wonderful career you've made blogging! Having been a reader for a long, long time - I am happy for you - Peaceful Blessings back to you!
Winter said…
Congratulations Xiaxue!!

How can I get a copy of this issue in Canada?
Sophie said…
A faithful reader! Love reading ur blog. I know you are busy w stuff so u rarely blogged. But i'll always looking forward in chcking ur latest updates. U, cheesie, sophie & qiuqiu inspired me in blogging. Really hope to see you guys in rl. Rlly. (: And recently i've start blogging. Hope you could support me(:

with Loves; Sophie
cindyrina said…
totally love this issue!!!! wendy you totally HOT!!!
Nanabeams said…
Wow. What's with all those crazy people these days? Good for you! Keep it up and congrats on your successes. You look fabulous :)
Mei Mei said…
Very happy for you, Wendy :)
j said…
woooow I didnt know silver was ur hater.

after reading details, i think this silver needs to go to IMH. so much feud!
uminami said…
it's my first time in blogging, may i ask u guys why people hate Xiaxue?
Leah Elaine said…
what an awesome story!
I really like the interview and the pictures they made and I really think that you deserve all this.
You've been very brave, I'm really not sure I could be. I admire you for that.

So congratualations to all you've achieved! :)
Anonymous said…
my gosh your head looks really really big! why do they shot you like that!
jannatul12 said…
wow..that is so cool..love the cover pik too..
Sabrina said…
WOW!! A cover girl! And you look so pretty and gorgeous!! I wish I can be as successful and beautiful as you, you are my inspiration! I LOVE YOU XIAXUE!!!!
Juls said…
Wow. this is really nice. You are so pretty cute.
Optimist said…
You are very beautiful and ambitious girl. Happiness to you. Welcome to my blog http://100000peopleaday.blogspot.com/
Congrats on making the cover :)
You look so beautiful! I love the accessories you're wearing! ^^


goingkookies said…
Oooh i LOVE this post and congrats on being on the cover!

You really look awesome all glam up! I liked the picture with all the hairstylists hands at work on your hair.

Been following your blog for 6 years already and just realised that fact! Wow.

Have always admire your straight forwardness, a trait I find is hard for me to acquire. ;p

Keep on blogging and gosh.. can't wait to see where you'll be in the next 10-20 years time.
Anonymous said…
Hey...are you sure it's ok for you to scan and put it on your blog? I mean...look what happened to Daniel Ong... Be careful!

Other than that, congrats on making the cover of Lifestyle. :)
Sabrina said…
My favorite post of you Xiaxue!
love love love! glad you make this so far! <3 Keep on blogging! who know i'll be showing your blog to my future daughter! hehe...
Anonymous said…
Xiaxue, there are guys (like me) who read your blog and find you interesting! NOT ALL SINGAPOREAN GUYS hate you. LOL.
Heather said…
Great article! I've been reading your blog for a while (I live in California) and I'm so happy for your success. Looking forward to reading more about your great adventures in life. Can't wait to see what your house looks like!
geniesays said…
Well done, you totally deserve it!
Unknown said…
All I have to say is your fame is well deserved Xiaxue ♥
Unknown said…
All I have to say is your fame is well deserved, Xiaxue ♥
MJFanGirl said…
This is freakin' A-MAZING! I am a sort of new reader to your blog but you look gorgeous and the answers to the questions are totally appropriate and your personality SO- shines through.

Fun fun fun!
HitomiNeko said…
wow!!!! i read the whole thing love! Thanks for sharing! n i love how almost everything is pink!! haha but I think it’s also great that you’re thinking to try other bright colors~ They suit you well too!

love this!

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo
Anonymous said…
It must have been more than 3 years that I have been following your blog. It all started out with hate, well I guess the word hate is too strong to be used, I just got kinda turned off and annoyed, especially with things you condemned about Malaysia (a Malaysian I am). But I'm also attracted to your beautifully photoshop pictures, I just love looking at them and unknowingly I got hooked and addicted.

I stayed on, long enough to discovered the other side of you, whom I begin to like more and more and eventually admitted to myself that I am a fan and a loyal reader of yours. It's through you, the information you constantly feed to your readers, I finally found the courage to do my long wanted nose job, at the age of 30, and I couldn't have been more happier with my decision, 2 years has passed, and I have no regrets . Your transformation throughout the years, has been a great encouragement to me, knowing that I too, can look good if I want to.

You deserve what you have today, or perhaps more and I am truly happy for you. I have so many things to say but my eyes are refusing me. Though I'm not a Singaporean, but I share the joy of your success and you being a cover girl ;) Those pictures are stunning and love them!

Michelle Walia
Anonymous said…
So awesome!! congrats!
Anonymous said…
Your success story motivates me! Not just you, qiuqiu and cheesy too are steadily climbing up the success ladder which makes me think that life just and will get better.

Fyi I am a university student from London and I do not think you are a scum at all lol. Your life story is amazing, kudos for your hardwork!

Anonymous said…
having grown up reading your blog, I can't express how happy I was to see how far you have made it. You look stunning on the cover!
Bobo Sora said…
AWESOME! I love your honesty and I'm sooo happy for you! ^_^
Gorgeous pics btw :)
Scope said…

No comments seen.

Never heard of lifestyle. Never read too.
Hana Tralala said…
I'm so happy for you XiaXue :) You deserve all the nice words you got. This is only beginning :)
Anonymous said…
Hey xiaxue! you're as cute as ever sweetie ;3
I love you so freakin' much lah.
Keep it up with your amazing blog, you are an inspiration of beauty and humour haha :)

I wish I could meet you one day! Love <3
Steph said…
Hello Xiaxue! I think you write really well, I love your blog (and I check constantly for updates okay haha - have been reading it since I was Sec 1 for at least two years) :D Be it advertorials, beauty-related posts, thoughts etc., they are all super professionally written! And not only that, I like your personality too (by being brave to be just you and all) - you are truly an inspiration. :D

Hope things continue to go smooth for you in life! (p.s. and I think you honestly deserve to be on the cover for Lifestyle!!)

Forever loyal supporter/reader,
UU said…
Congraduations! This must be huge for you!
Thank you for posting your interview, it's like I got to know you better! :)
You are truly an inspirering person, and I sometimes don't know why you got haters!?

I love your personality, I don't want you to quit blogging, lol!

Wo ai ni, lol XD
I hope you read my comment ^^
Marellus said…
I feel so honored to be the first comment. All of my hard work and dedication has paid off. Getting the first comment has been a dream of mine for many years, and I would like to thank those who have helped me along the way. First and foremost I would like to thank God for giving me this opportunity.

Next I would like to thank my parents. I want to thank my friend Peter Griffin for being really skinny and always there for me.

I would also like to thank my pet tadpole for surviving against all odds for over a week. Next I would like to thank the squirrel that lives in my backyard for climbing trees because that gives me inspiration that I need to get through the day.

This is a special moment in my life and I would like to thank any of my unmentioned friends and family that have helped me along the way. This moment will be a moment that I will never forget.

I just remembered a few other people I would like to thank; facebook, the fish I caught in the third grade, my light in my room because I wouldn’t be able to see the keyboard without it, the internet for letting me go on this blog, my house because without it I would be homeless, and last but not least, I would like to thank all the people out there that actually took time out of their day to read this.

I cannot stress how much of a big deal to me this is. I have been trying to be the first on a post for years, but that has not been possible until this amazing day.

Hopefully my good luck will continue, but this is undoubtedly a rare occasion. If you asked me how I did this, I would say, you can achieve anything you set your mind on. To all the kids out there reading this, I would like to tell them to follow their dreams.

... and Xiaxue ... if this comment is not first, then you're a smirky nasty flirty quirky dirty little bugger ...
Natasha said…
I'm so happy for you Xiaxue! You are my inspiration! <3
Kestrel White said…
I have been reading your blogging ever since I was 16. Frankly I never think you are a bimbo but someone fearless (it takes a very strong person to be pink, blonde and outspoken publicly). Every time I got bullied or had a day bad and would read your blog to relieve stress. You are the best and most entertaining blogger I ever seen.
Unknown said…
congratulations xiaxue!
GC said…
Very, very awesome post. I've followed your blog since 2005, and while I may not have always agreed with everything you have written over the years, you stand out to me because you are not afraid to look your best through means that most of us would not have the courage to admit to using.

You say the things most of us only dare to think but keep within ourselves.

Life is short and we should - no, must - live it on our own terms. Take your haters as angels in disguise who are here to guide you in their own way.

As a Singaporean who lives in the US, you make me proud of being one. (I showed my mother-in-law your picture and she thought you were French!)

By the way, you're right, bright colors really do look good on you.
The Chie said…
Congratulation, Xia Xue.. You are getting more famous now !!
J said…
Excellent article. Congrats, XX! :)
Hiri said…
dear xx,
you are one of the living proof of law of attraction.

wish all the best for you and keep the pink hair, it really suit you best.

Jazzille said…
Congratulations!!! ;)

Anonymous said…
You know what Xiaxue, I really love you!!!! really totally love your straight forward personality!!! keep it up!! :)
Geneve said…
Im one of your readers from the Philippines!
Been reading your blog for 3 years I think :D
I like how youre so honest about loving fame. I too want to be famous! haha! I think everyone does but theyre all scared to admit it to themselves xD
Im going to Singapore in november! I hope to bump into you when I go there :D I really really want and would love to meet you in person :D
Anonymous said…
ahhhh~ The pictures are so pretty! :D
Anonymous said…
i like this post. impressive... jia you xiaxue
Moving Disaster said…
that's so cool. You got yourself in a magazine! now you'll even be more famous... i think. CONGRATULATIONS!
though i have to say, the pics you take look better than the professional.
Midori Kaiide said…
I just didnt read all the complete blog cuz I wanna be one of the first to make a comment. Even I know that u won't reply back cuz u busy. I just like who the way you are now and later! We have to change in life and we just have to get over it! ^_^ I love your BLOG XIA!
Hayley said…
I love you Xiaxue you're my idol !!! <3
Unknown said…
You are so stink in pretty in these pictures!!!! I'm so happy for you.

Unknown said…
YOU LOOK so stink in cute in these pics !! I'm so happy for you.

Ireth Seregon said…
Yes i love that article and have it on my shelf. I would like to earn some money blogging and writing articles on the net too, as my career isn't working out that great. Where do u search for requests?

apprec any reply.
living life said…
I'm happy and all for you! Have you read the post Dawn Yang posted about you with Lifestyle Magazine? What are your opinions on it?
alienistgirl said…
Congrats Wendy!!! Thanks for posting the whole interview for those who cannot buy the magazine :)
Anonymous said…
You look so pretty in the magazine! I wish I could buy one, but sadly am in USA.
Anonymous said…
Congrats!!! I didn't thaugt that you are a wife!!! Is propably because I'm from Poland and I heard about your blog something about few minutes ago :)

simplyrichhome said…

Interesting photo you have

Dear Wendy, YOU are an inspiration.
I tried vlogging, and got about 1000 views in 3 days. I was ecstatic. But when I read most comments, they were nasty, and it hurts for me to post some more. This is shocking as I am utterly narcissistic and I love attention. But negativity, REALLY gets to me.

I adore the way you handle bad press and haters. I hope I will one day find the guts to overcome that feeling, just like you.
I will be a faithful reader, always (:

Abi from Malaysia!
Anonymous said…
You go girl! Weeaboos unite!

Cherry said…
Congratulations, Wendy! I'm happy you got the recognition you deserve. Wishing you more success in the future. :)
Amelia said…
This is awesome. Congrats, Xiaxue! Your blog is one of the first blogs I've ever followed (it's been 7 years) and I like how outspoken you are and how you are never scared to speak out your mind. You go, girl!
mymelodake said…
i LOOOOVE the page with you doing the hand-salute!
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
scarlett johanson!! pleae please pleaseee can you get this shade of pink i love it!! its like cotton candy like~
Anonymous said…
Xiaxue. im such a big fan!think u are so pretty and hilarious.anyway, i rarely post comments but as a super fan, thought i should tell u dawn wrote a horrible blog post a few days ago claiming u made the dawn wayang exposed blog..because of the prettiest blogger poll or something like that... you need to defend yourself because some people actually believe the plastic witch!!
kpopkitty said…
Dear Xiaxue,
congratulations for getting the article. i cant believe im just now reading this post. I love how positive you are and how honest you are. Also, you have inspired me to make myself a 10 out of 10! so im losing more weight and practicing my makeup! Thanks for being you in general.
Raymi Lauren said…
how did i miss this! rushing to my own photoshoot (you're my inspiration!) now but def reading asap. Fucking congrats Wendy, I am actaully teary eyed for you.
D said…
I love your blogging, I really do. I first started reading around 2008, on occasion, and now I check monthly for updates! You've always been very real and down to earth, sharing 'ordinary' insecurities or thoughts, but combating them with an extraordinary sense of wit and an essence that is uniquely YOU. Every time I read about you getting more haters, I feel compelled to leave more nice comments to cheer you up. I think you are beautiful inside and out.

My favourite part of the interview was the question on your marrying Mike. When you answered with a scene formed by childhood insight... I felt this overwhelming sense of heartache combined with deep respect. I felt it was a classic Singaporean scene, and couldn't have been said or depicted any better.

Anyway, congratulations on being featured in Lifestyle!! Stay happy and stay you!! X
Anonymous said…
oh my god. now i know you are so fucking fake. you are a fake woman
pinayRN said…
Great Job! I just hope we have that magazine here in the Philippines..

God Bless Xiaxue!
Berry said…
After reading this, I love you even more! You deserved this.
Jessica Jeveira said…
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Robin said…
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Hotmuffin said…
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arisan18 said…
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tiffk3 said…
Wow ! Congrats on the acheivement !!
I admire you so much !
(Just read all your posts on Peter Coffin since I wasn't a reader back then and I found them SO FUNNY ! Did you know he reactivated the Twitter account of 'Kimi Kobayashi' and tweeted some messages such as "I just wanted to let you all know that Peter Coffin is a fake. He pretended to have a relationship with me for 8 months and I didn't know!" HAHAHAHAHA, HILARIOUS.
Anonymous said…
i love this post ever.... wish i had the magazine send to me too... Ure always awesome .. ignore haters they're jus fugly irrits.. LOL.. anyway after reading ur recent post u know that d.wayang??. she post this picture she wen to USS during halloween and theres one ghost lady picture.. She wrote a caption saying "My Friend Excliamed,This One Really Reminds Me Of That Blogger!" WTF..... it blows me up. Shes too jealous of u. i wanted to send u the picture but i dont know how to. u shud take a look some how... ANYWAYS.. wateva it is... Ure my number one Blogger Queen (*_*) Congratulations on ur pregnancy ...

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