Friday, August 24, 2012

Quirky Kwerkee

One new post below this advert! :)


Look what came in the mail!!

I'm gonna open my first box of KWERKEE!!

You are probably wondering what Kwerkee is... Well, everyone knows Reebonz right? I did two adverts for them before, HERE and HERE... Reebonz sells designer bags at very competitive prices and I know loads of girls LOVE them!!

And now there is Kwerkee by Reebonz! If designer bags are not your cup of tea, how about out-of-this-world, unique, and yes, quirky lifestyle items?

Just like Reebonz, Kwerkee is not like any usual online store.

They hold extraordinarily discounted sales of up to 70% off for 2 or 3 days and you have to sign up with their website to get notified so you can participate!

Ok let's open my Kwerkee box because I cannot wait to see what is inside!!

Even Igloo is having fits of excitement!! The items are so cute!!! Let's take them out one by one...

♥ Hello Kitty mimobot ♥

4gb thumbdrive!!

I love how hello kitty is dressed in nerdwear... Perfect for students to bring to school! :D

All of you know I love cutesy stuff but there is a difference between cute and quirky I think, and I am beginning to see quirky's appeal!! The long neck of the kitty is so funny!!

And quirky items often have to be very carefully designed. It isn't easy to make a long necked hello kitty look expensive and authentic!

Pretty and functional!! :D

If hello kitty isn't your cup of tea the mimobot flash drives also come in many other designs... ISN'T C-3PO CUTE?? Mike would like it so much!!

♥ Boiley ♥

 A microwave egg boiler?? What is this? Everyone knows eggs cannot be cooked in microwaves as they will explode!!

This is how I will look like if my face is an egg


You can now cook eggs in the microwave!!

Amazing or what? Boiley comes with a needle. You have to poke the needle into the egg to let extra pressure escape, and put the egg into Boiley, then pop egg and Boiley into the microwave!!

No need for boiling anymore, no need to wash pots!! Experiment with the timings and you can get the PERFECT soft boiled or hard boiled egg EACH AND EVERYTIME, easy peasy!

And now for the only mysterious item left in the box.....


So cute even Igloo is trying to mark his scent on the box to make it his. Sorry, not gonna give it to you!

Perhaps you have seen Nooka's watches around with their extremely interesting time-telling interface. I imagine that you can have plenty of interesting conversations with people when they ask you for the time and you go like (show watch) "What time do you think it is?"

The answer is 3.53pm... Did you guess it right?

Kooka collaborated with Sanrio to come up with a limited edition piece to launch on Hello Kitty's birthday on 1st Nov 2011.

I love how the design is so simple and pretty with such a pure white and that striking red accent!! If you love hello kitty but you don't want to appear too childish or girly, this watch is just perfect. :D

It can easily match anything you wear too!

I'm loving it on me! :D

Thank you Kwerkee for bringing so much quirky into my life!! 

And yes Kwerkee's items come in biodegradable boxes... 

Not only that, shipping is FREE for Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand and Hongkong!!

Here are some more of Kwerkee's merchandise you might be able to get! Click to enlarge!

Although the items chosen by me are sorta girly, there are many Kwerkee items that are unisex or for boys too.

Enticed to join yet? Why not, membership is FREE!!!

Simply go to Kwerkee and sign up!!


Just refer your quirky friends to join and 
you can get so many goodies! 

Get your Daily Design Sauce at up to 70% sale now now now!!