The Miracle Skin Perfector


Raise of hands... Who would like to sleep in more everyday before going to work/school?

I know I would! Unfortunately, before we get out of the house we need to do so many things... Shower, change clothes, put skincare and makeup etc.

Just simply for our face we need to first put on moisturizer, sunscreen, then foundation (which can be also several steps in itself) before we get out of the door!

Presenting the solution to you sleeping in just a little more...


What is this?

I'm having a bit of trouble giving the Miracle Skin Perfector a name for what it is because it is 3 different things... Let's call it an All-in-One moisturizer!

Let's talk about the Perfector's THREE functions:

First, as you probably have guessed... IT MOISTURIZES!!

I usually shower before I get out of the house and I find that after showering my face turns exceptionally dry. Thus I usually put on moisturizer before putting on makeup.

Properly moisturized skin can make your makeup last way longer and reduce oiliness!

The Miracle Skin Perfector is a great moisturizer that can moisturize your skin for up to 24 hours!!!

Which leads us to the next function...

After moisturizer is usually sunscreen for me!!


Because the Perfector is also a SUNSCREEN!!

It has SPF 26/PA+++, giving you UV protection from harmful sun rays!

Go away sun!!!

Don't want to sound naggy as I've said this many times before but the UV sun damage is the leading cause of aging so we must wage a war with it and not let it give us wrinkles!! *shakes fists*

Another thing I love about the Miracle Skin Perfector? Usually sunscreen tend to be thick and sticky and makes me feel uncomfortable. But the Perfector is very lightweight and smooth.

Let's go to function number 3!!

It also brightens up your skin with natural BB coverage!!


It this my favourite function of all because you can definitely skip your foundation with the Perfector!

When I heard that the Perfector also acts like a BB cream I felt very apprehensive. I know a lot of you girls love BB creams but I never liked them... The reason?

The colour usually turns out either very grey and ashen or way too white for my face. When I apply them I always feel like I look like a corpse :0 So I always avoided bb creams!

I was never able to find a BB cream that matched my skin tone and made it all dewy and glowy!!

So imagine how pleased I was then I saw that the Miracle Skin Perfector can!! Look how it blends in so well!!

Plus the colour is very very nice!! I cannot emphasize how difficult it is to find a foundation colour that somehow suits Asian skin. Usually the foundation is too pink or too yellow... This is just nice.

The Perfector is supposed to be suitable for all skin types and skin tones... I don't know if it is true that the colour is great for everyone but it certainly does work very well for me.

For me this is the most important part about an All-in-One moisturizer... Sure you can save me time by letting me skip moisturizer and sunscreen but at the end of the day if the product doesn't make me look good, I still won't use it.

And this one does!!

Let's see some before and after pics!!

My complexion has been really bad lately... I think it's because I'm staying at my interim house which doesn't have a stove so I haven't been cooking... Eating out means eating unhealthier and it has been showing on my skin!!

Check out all the zits and blemishes. Didn't photoshop them! :(

Not to worry, Miracle Skin Perfector to the rescue!

Squeezing some onto my fingers... fuss-free application!

Blending is very easy as the Miracle Skin Perfector is very light. It spreads well and absorbs into the skin fast, leaving it dewy and smooth!

After applying on my whole face + neck:


My skin is no longer sallow and uneven!!

I specially left the blemishes unphotoshopped so you can see how much coverage the Perfector has.

Since it is a tinted moisturizer I thought the coverage would be minimal but to my surprise it isn't bad at all!!

It sufficiently covered the redness around my nose and reduced the visibility of blemishes!!

Guess what?

The Miracle Skin Perfector also does not clog pores and is oil and fragrance free! Hurray!!

Plus the packaging is so light and handy...

You can just throw it in your purse for touch ups later in the day!

After adding blusher and a bit of concealer on my big zits...

I love my Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector!!

Oh did I say it has 3 functions only? Four function is not hurting your wallet because the Miracle Skin Perfector is selling for only $18.90 wtfbbq... If you consider it is 3 items all rolled into one that's like less than $7 for each item hahaha... Not sure if it counts that way but $18.90 is definitely a good price!

 Want to find out more?

Visit the Garnier facebook page by clicking HERE!


Angela said…
Wow, your skin looks perfect! And your flower headband is really gorgeous, where did you get it?
Anonymous said…
Wendy said…
I love you Xiaxue, you're so beautiful! Watching from California and I still wish there were more people like you! <3
pooja said…
omg the coverage is so good wtf! now i feel like an idiot for just buying my za bb cream! >< why didnt i saw this post earlier! oh well i might buy this one as well...
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
just a fan of your blog. im a guy btw. i have this tiny pimples (i think) , alot on my face. actually i dunno wut it is. its definitely not acne.what would u recommend? im only using cleanser now and i have very oily skin.
Haru said…
Wow is that all you use? well besides the concealer..?? how can I get small pores like yours? I think you have really good skin:))
Anonymous said…

beautiful painting of you :)
Anonymous said…
good blog as always. thumbs up.

sam c.
Anonymous said…
Love your lipgloss! (and skin of course haha)You always choose such nice lip colours <3

P.S. CONGRATS on your child!!!
P.S.S. the sexy look brand really is super popular in Taiwan, everywhere I go, it is sold out!!! D: You have awesome ads. Love reading your blog!!! #1 <3

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