Monday, October 29, 2012

Criminal son or slut daughter?


Missed me? I'm back!!!

Sorry for the long break in between this post and the previous, I blame it on the pregnancy. I'm blaming everything on the pregnancy while I still can, it is extremely convenient.

No but seriously... I just came back from Tokyo and Taipei a week ago. The holiday was very kindly sponsored by Expedia, who flew Qiuqiu, Cheesie, Audrey and me to the aforementioned destinations for what was one of the best trips of my life!!

Mike was rather reluctant to let me go, for there were rumours about radiation (I did my research, it seems there is no concrete evidence - one report even said Singapore has a higher radiation level than Tokyo!) or flying not being safe for the baby. But I asked my gynae and he said to go ahead, afterall I was in my second trimester already and everything seemed stable.

And I'm so glad I went!! I was so so so happy when I was there - it was extremely fun hanging out with my fellow girly bloggers and we had so much good food and did so much good shopping!!! And being happy is the most important thing for a pregnant woman, right?

I suppose after the baby is born I won't have another chance to do a girly holiday anymore until years later. I am also thinking of going to Maldives with Mike for a "babymoon", a last holiday for just the two of us.

More boring pregnancy updates: The last I left off I was talking about how I hated the first trimester.

The crazy vomitting, the lethargy, the food aversion... I was so cranky and irritable because I felt so horrible physically the entire time. I was barely functional, sleeping about 16 hours a day and spending the remaining 8 vomitting.

For the longest time because I also heard other women complaining about their severe morning sickness, I never bothered to ask my gynae if there was medication for it. After all, pregnant women are SUPPOSED to suffer right? To eat any form of medicine to lessen suffering made me feel guilty, like I cannot even tolerate (a lot of) nausea for my child.

But after 2 months of puking I finally cracked and asked Dr Law for medication. He gave me something called votazine and amazingly though it really works!! I took it for about a week before I left for Taipei/Tokyo, and suddenly during the holiday I realised I don't need it anymore.

Because I finally hit my 2nd trimester! I don't know how come after 12-14 weeks of pregnancy your body suddenly gets this abrupt change.

Suddenly I got all my energy back, I stopped the vomitting and nausea almost completely, and I don't have food aversion anymore. YAY!!

Only problem was that I was starting on the pregnancy headaches, which can be really quite horrific. Luckily, it seems that panadol is ok for pregnant women to take, and it works for me.

Anyway, you must be wondering about the blog title... I'm pretty sure I tweeted about this topic before, but I got reminded of it again a few days ago because there were two news articles that day on Straits Times about older men having sex with very young girls - aged 11 and 15 - and worst of all, these girls were WILLING PARTIES. 

Wait, I suppose if they were unwilling it is pretty darn bad too, but from a mother's point of view, if the girl is willing, it means your daughter is going to continue having sex with random gross men over and over again. It is going to be a recurring problem.

I'm sure all parents have nightmares about how their kids might turn out. We hope they change the world for the better and are kind-hearted and filial, but we also fear that our children may turn out to be paedophiles or mass murderers...

One of the topics I've discussed with Mike is whether it is worse to have a son who is a criminal (drug-dealer, murderer etc) or a daughter who is a slut who sleeps with everyone from a very young age.

I'll talk about this more in a while, but let's talk about my reaction after reading those news articles. Here's what I tweeted:

Thank you, hater, for printscreening for me

I still, till this very day, do not see what I've tweeted as being offensive, but here are some of the reactions:

 Left the 1st tweet there to neutralise the hate a bit lol

WTF man... What did I do wrongly here? I tried to ask Qiu (she is the only one still awake and on my msn now) why people got SO mad, but after her explanations which were quite vague I STILL don't get it.

Did people misinterpret what I tweeted? That somehow, I find it ok to have a rapist son (and by some far drawn conclusion that I find rape ok) but not ok to have a slutty daughter??

That's just fucking ridiculous.

Of course it is every parent's worst nightmare to have a son who goes around raping people, but I was simply reading the articles with a parent's POV and asking myself,

"Would I feel worse if my son was the statutory rapist in this situation or if my daughter was the 11 year old  who let 40 year olds have sex with her in the toilet after meeting them for 5 mins?"

(Yes that is the sort of rhetorical questions I like to ask myself)

Both are VERY bad, but as a parent, which is WORSE?

Every single parent in the world will tell you the same answer: Given a situation where our child is taking advantage of others or being taken advantage of, we all painfully choose for our children to be the one taking advantage of others!

Would you rather your kid be a murderer or be murdered?! Rapist or be raped? Bully or be bullied? Torturer or tortured? Tycoon or child labourer?
You may say justice prevails and murderers get hung anyway and rapists get raped in prison etc, but at least he is reaping his own consequences instead of innocently and brutally getting killed or raped, right?

Nobody wants to see their innocent child get hurt by bad people. 

But if my kid is that bad person and he gets just punishment by the law for his crimes, I say good. I will feel guilty that I raised a monster, disappointed that he turned out this way, but at least I won't be crying over a mutilated corpse!



I don't know why the tumblr feminists love to hate me so much... They love to quote this article I wrote in 2007 over and over again, even though I have explained time and again that they misunderstood me.

They also seem to also have a problem with me saying that I don't find it ok for my young daughter to be a whore (???!).

I'm sure you will be hard-pressed to find a parent who thinks it is ok for her 11 year old daughter to be sucking someone's dick, ok? 

It is probably the ultimate nightmare for dads worldwide who love their daughters to imagine their daughter getting taken advantage of by dirty old men who do not genuinely care for them and are spreading aids to them.

I cannot believe that last person who insulted me called an 11 year old girl having sex "enjoying sexual freedom". ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?? #Youarethefuckingidiot

At age 11 a girl is not old enough to decide who she should have sex with, know the psychological or physical consequences to having sex nor does she have the ability to take care of a child lest she get pregnant or even have the money for an abortion!

Nobody should be taking advantage of the naivety of children in this way! That's why the law says having sex with girls below 18 is RAPE! And 11 is probably PAEDOPHILIA!

Are YOU the rape apologist now, calling it SEXUAL FREEDOM for statutory rapists? (I had to google the meaning of that made up word, "rape apologist", they keep calling me)

Ridiculous. SEXUAL FREEDOM FOR CHILDREN. She might as well be buying her future daughter a stripper pole now. Or do the tumblr feminists think that's a sparkling career for women? Empowering, perhaps? So is prostitution maybe? If so, go ahead with your hate and keep misquoting my US marine post, I cannot be bothered with your politically correct bullshit. *rolls eyes* I have every right to not want my future daughter to have sex too early and with too many men! You guys are just so fucking ANGRY all the time, wanting to find new targets for your rage. Be angry at the anti-abortion politicians for fuck's sake, if I am as stupid as you say my opinions have no weight so why would what I write matter?!

I also would like to ask the person who said I have "literally no talent besides photoshop and drawing" - excuse me, when haters say statements like that, what do they mean?

So in order for you to respect or like someone, they have to have a myriad of talents? What, two isn't enough for you coz you have what, 16? Including writing scathing statements that make no sense?

No seriously, it just pisses me off so bad when people say things like "XXX famous person would be nothing without her (insert trademark talent)." 

Perhaps Mariah Carey would be a commoner without her voice but fact is she DOES have her voice, which is amazing, so what are you saying? That it comforts you that the difference between you and her is simply an amazing voice?

That shouldn't be comforting at all because fact is she is a millionaire and famous and you ain't, nor is an amazing voice coming your way to change this fact!!

And most of the time, statements like that aren't true at all... It is having something special, be it an amazing ass and a sex tape like Kim Kardashian or the ability to shoot small balls into small holes like Tiger Woods, and combining that special something with hard work and a thirst for success.

So next time you want to say someone doesn't deserve fame just because "they would be nothing without xxxx reason", think again - you just sound bitter and sad. Even if you were given Justin Bieber's looks/voice you still wouldn't be as rich and famous as he is because you simply don't have the rest of the magical formula that made him who he is. (His encouraging mom, hard work, ability to withstand extreme hatred etc)

Yeah so I supposedly have LITERALLY no talents besides photoshop and drawing, as opposed to what, figuratively? Excuse me but I have so many talents I can't even keep track of them... Just today I realised I can peel mangosteens very swiftly and efficiently, which I'm sure not many people can do. I also have the rare talent of knowing how to use the word "literally" correctly.

And to all the haters who LOVE to tell me they pity my future child... MY CHILD DOESN'T NEED YOUR CONCERN THANK YOU. 

Save your pity for your own mother, whose child not only have achieved nothing in life, but spends her time writing shit about bloggers online.

How precious, I'm sure you are the child every dewy-eyed mother has dreamed of... Not surgeon, not rocket scientist... But an internet hater. Applause, everyone applaud the internet hater, the pride and joy of the human race, the type of person we need more of.

"I look forward to reading your obituary in the papers... 
'Least famous person in the world dies.'" 

 ~ Jenna Maroney, 30 Rock

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

rosebullet X Baby Rock


So happy to be doing this advertorial because it is for one of my FAVOURITE brands ever!!!

As you have probably guessed from the title... rosebullet!!

I've always loved Japanese fashion and I love to wear floral prints, (faux) fur, pastel colours etc... rosebullet is one of those brands that is EXACTLY like that. It is very popular in Japan, and the good news is... It is also available in Singapore!

I went down to the outlet at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, #B2-116 Canal level for the launch of the new Autumn/Winter 2012 collection called Baby Rock.

My face greets me, lol

I was so excited because once you go in you can see their famous trademark Angola sets in rainbow colours... Want want want!

How to pick??

The coordinates come in a set... Angora fur top made with the softest downy bunny fur you can imagine, a matching ribbon for your hair (how adorable is that?!) plus a tulle skirt with shorts lining inside.

Btw in case animal lovers go crazy about the fur bit... Angora fur is harvested by shaving an angora rabbit, not by killing it.

Admittedly the angora rabbit does need a shave...

Many pretty dresses

Qiuqiu and Sophie went with me!! Here you can see their default expressions... Qiu laughing hysterically and Sophie very mildly bemused.

Picked my outfit for the day!!! Chose the lavender Angola set with a nude tutu skirt... I LOVE IT!! The moment I put it on I felt like I was Lena Fujii lol

Look like not? LOL

Qiuqiu and Sophie admittedly not clad in rosebullet but they did gamely come in pastel florals, very Rosebullet-ish.

Camwhoring time!! I love the lavender ribbon that came with the set!!

Taken by the pro photographer that day, Quirk Creative Singapore.

To tell you guys a little more about the Baby Rock collection... I actually like it a lot!

Autumn and Winter usually calls for darker colours. But for very girly girls like me, I still want to look feminine and somewhat sweet, in line with my usual style.

Therefore rosebullet combined rocker chic with their trademark romantic and beautiful style by incorporating leather, metallics and blacks to be blended with lace, tulles and pastels!

I know Mode style is all the rage in Japan now but for the loyal lovers of sweet and floral styles like me, this collection of rosebullet isn't too abrupt a change... So I can be edgy and girly at the same time!

Look! I am considering getting this super soft black leather jacket because the models wear it so nicely!!

The style also has a bit of a military vibe to it, I love!!

When I was at the store I asked my instagram followers to pick one of the following for me to dress accordingly...

Hot Date was the most popular so I went around the store shopping for an outfit that matches the occasion with the help of rosebullet's pretty staff.

And tadah, this is what I came up with!!

I'm so in love with this soft pink leather jacket!

A tulle skirt, with a metallic black turtleneck for that bit of edginess and super high wedged black T-straps. Everything is from rosebullet!

From instagram

Ok admittedly what I picked isn't very "hot" but remember boys don't marry slutty girls! LOL... Well, usually they don't.

Ending the post with 2 camwhore shots!!

I really love how soft this sweater is!! ♥♥♥

Feels like I'm hugging Igloo~~

What you waiting for? Go shopping for the Baby Rock collection today!!

Two outlets:

1) The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, B2-116
2) Isetan Orchard Level 1

And of course, go LIKE rosebullet on facebook too for latest news and updates!!

Rosebullet also has a BLOG!!! Check it out here!!