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Dolly Wink x Tsubasa Masuwaka

Advertorial  This post is about one of my favourite brands ever - DOLLY WINK !!!  I'm sure a lot of you recognise Dolly Wink's products even if you have never tried them before...   Their most famous product is their false eyelashes, and perhaps you remember seeing them, CUTEST packaging ever with a big ribbon on top and a kawaii girl's face with different looks on every pack? I remember when Dolly Wink was launched, their famous false lashes instantly became crazy popular, flying off the shelves in Japan. During one of my trips with Cheesie, I asked her what brand her pretty lashes are and she said Dolly Wink. At that point I've never tried Dolly Wink products before and I asked her if they are good. She replied that they are the best lashes and her favourite. Later on, when I got my hands on some Dolly Wink lashes, I could finally understand why people were so fanatic about them. In one statement... They revolutionized falsies!    Their falsies

Loving my haters

Hi hi!! Typically when I give any attention to my haters at all, my readers will always tell me... "Why are you giving THEM attention? Shouldn't you be just paying attention to people to love you, like us?" I do. I try my best to. I always try to reply nice people who @mention me on twitter and I appreciate all the love I get from so so many of you. Sometimes, just thinking about it makes me cry, and I have a big boxful of gifts and touching sincere handwritten letters from readers that I look at once in a while to just soak in all the blessings and adoration I've been bestowed upon by strangers. I am grateful to each and every one of you, I am. But here's where the but comes in. It isn't easy to ignore the haters. It is easy to THINK it is, but hell it's super difficult. I wish there is a non-condescending way of saying this, but here it is - You won't understand unless you are famous. If I had to come up with a statistic, I'd say that a

Furby is Back

Advertorial Do you guys remember THIS little guy?   Yes, this is Furby!! Back in 1998, Furby was the IT toy, so super popular that kids everywhere were disappointed as Furbies flew off the shelves and they couldn't get their own! More than 40 million Furbies were sold and  I remember I badly wanted one as they so resembled Gizmo, the cute gremlin from the Gremlins movie! Plus, Furbies could talk and move!! So adorable! Till today, there are many toy collectors who still kept their Furbies and they are still functional!! Madness. Time really flies - after 15 long years, Furby is back again!! I was invited to Furby 2012's official launch and haven't never owned a Furby before, I totally didn't know what to expect. But after a runway show where the dancing Furbies were brought into the room, EVERYONE SQUEALED BECAUSE THEY WERE JUST BEYOND ADORABLE!! The Furbies came in 6 different colours and all have distinct personalities depending on how you t


Hope the title of the blog entry made it clear. It appears a lot of people are STILL misunderstanding the previous post but quite honestly I've got so much going on in my life right now that I simply do not have the time to do another blog post on it. Currently my mother in law is in Singapore. I bought a ticket for her a few months ago because I saw my friend write a loving facebook post to her husband and I suddenly had an overwhelming bout of gratitude and guilt about my own husband giving up so much to be with me. He misses his family and friends over in the states and yet here he remains, halfway across the globe, steadfast, more and more locked in to this foreign country as we get our car, our house, and now, our soon-to-be-born baby. And what did I ever do to deserve this much love and sacrifice? And so at 2am in the morning I was hit with an inspiration to fly my mother in law Ann over, for it is her first time flying so far away from the states and not only will Mike e