Hope the title of the blog entry made it clear. It appears a lot of people are STILL misunderstanding the previous post but quite honestly I've got so much going on in my life right now that I simply do not have the time to do another blog post on it.

Currently my mother in law is in Singapore. I bought a ticket for her a few months ago because I saw my friend write a loving facebook post to her husband and I suddenly had an overwhelming bout of gratitude and guilt about my own husband giving up so much to be with me. He misses his family and friends over in the states and yet here he remains, halfway across the globe, steadfast, more and more locked in to this foreign country as we get our car, our house, and now, our soon-to-be-born baby. And what did I ever do to deserve this much love and sacrifice?

And so at 2am in the morning I was hit with an inspiration to fly my mother in law Ann over, for it is her first time flying so far away from the states and not only will Mike enjoy this immensely, I thought she will too!! I shook Mike awake and asked him for his mom's middle name and birthday - he simply mumbled the answer without asking why, and a few clicks on expedia.com - tickets bought, surprise done!!

It was a feat for everyone to keep this secret from Mike and I must say it all paid off when he looked so completely shocked and happy to see Ann at the airport. I told him we were fetching Cheesie. :D

So for the next few days I'll be playing host to Ann and bringing her around Singapore.

Reading some of the dumb comments infuriates me and I'm trying my darnest to keep my preggie moods pleasant so I didn't even bother to moderate the newer ones.

Whatever... People are so determined to hate on me and accuse me of APPROVING RAPE (like are you SERIOUS?) that no matter what I say, they will still think the same way. I can't be arsed anymore, there are nicer things in life to focus on like seeing my husband beam with pure happiness.

Read two articles on tumblr from sane people supporting what I wrote and I shall repost them here. Perhaps they are more articulate and better at explaining me than me:

From Segnoritaseverywhere:
I agree that her tweet sounded very wrong, and it could be misunderstood by some, hell, it  could be easily misunderstood by everyone. I, in fact, misunderstood it.

But she explained her point of view. I’ve read it ALL, even the links that she included, and I totally get her point of view.

She tweeted that from the point of view of a MOTHER. Of course she didn’t say it was MORALLY better to be a rapist than being a slut. Of course not.

She was saying that it was better as a MOTHER to have a rapist son, than a girl that would be taken advantage of easily by adults. Both are horrible, but what she meant is that having a rapist son would be less painful as a mother. To know that nobody did horrible things to his son, rather than finding out your 11 year old daughter has been deceived by older men to suck their cock and sleep with them.

I suggest you go to her blog and read the post. And if you don’t get her point, I will assume you are stupid, since you would have no reading comprehension.

I’m not saying that you have to agree with her, maybe you prefer having a “slut daughter”(as in 11 year old girl who is being taken advantage of by men); but, heck, it’s not that hard to get her point.

From Aurtora:

About Xiaxue.. I think you guys misunderstood big time. You read this: ”Rapist son better than slut daughter I guess.” and you think this: Xiaxue thinks that sluts are worse than rapists. NO.

Think about it from a mother’s perspective.

I think all girls (should) know there are men who just wants to have sex with you. That’s why we are told not to hop in a random man’s car, not to believe everything they say, to have self respect because we are not just to have sex with! Mothers, of course, tell this stuff to their daughters so they won’t end up some fifty-year-old man’s sex toys. A 11 years old girl can easily fall in love with a man if she’s not told to be careful. To get the girl child in his bed all the man has gotta do is to tell her she’s beautiful and that he’ll love her forever. The girl will believe him cause she’s STILL A KID and she just DON’T KNOW! ”That’s why the law says having sex with girls below 18 is RAPE!” Sexual freedom in my ass seriously…

”At age 11 a girl is not old enough to decide who she should have sex with, know the psychological or physical consequences to having sex nor does she have the ability to take care of a child lest she get pregnant or even have the money for an abortion!” Exactly! The poor girl probably don’t even have her period yet. She should be playing with legos not sucking someone’s dick.

Now if you are a mother and you find out your daughter slept/sleeps with a 40-year-old man, how would you feel? Probably miserable. And you’d probably feel that you FAILED AS A MOTHER because you didn’t teach your child not to trust random men. Now same goes if your son is a rapist: ”I will feel guilty that I raised a monster, disappointed that he turned out this way..” She’s saying that wouldn’t be good either.


From a parent’s perspective it is worse if your child is taken advantage of: ”Every single parent in the world will tell you the same answer: Given a situation where our child is taking advantage of others or being taken advantage of, we all painfully choose for our children to be the one taking advantage of others!”

Because a mother always loves her child no matter what.
A mother always wishes for her child’s best.

”Would you rather your kid be a murderer or be murdered?! Rapist or be raped? Bully or be bullied? Torturer or tortured? Tycoon or child labourer?”

Get it now? How can a mother rather not want her grown son to be a rapist than her little girl being raped? And you are calling Wendy disgusting when you probably didn’t even understand what she was talking about!!?? Unbelievable! You feel sorry for his unborn son?? He’s lucky to have a brave and honest mother who is not afraid of others opinion!!

Wendy you go girl ♡

all the citations are from Xiaxue’s blog.

Few things more to clarify:

1) Have you played the "Would you rather?" game? Very simple right, you just are made to choose between two horrible choices.

This is the same - Saying "I would rather get Aids than Cancer" is not saying getting cancer is something I will celebrate with champagne.

It means BOTH cancer and aids are really horrible but I find Aids a shade better.

Oh please don't go on and on about how I am insulting the plight of cancer patients now and how they are suffering and I'm insensitive. That was just an example, ok??

So when I say I'd rather have a rapist son than a slut daughter, it means BOTH ARE VERY BAD, I just find one slightly less painful AS A MOTHER.


2) I used the term "slut" loosely. I know that feminists tend to be very touchy feely about that word but I simply meant it in the dictionary sense:

a. A person, especially a woman, considered sexually promiscuous. 

IE all females who sleep around easily.

Is it right to call an 11 year old girl who sleeps around a slut? Perhaps not since she is a child who doesn't know what she is doing.

There could be a lot of reasons why very young girls would choose to have sex with many men, and easily so. It could be that they are naive and manipulated, or it could be so they can impress their friends or rebel against their parents. It could also be that they genuinely enjoy sex.

Whatever it is, perhaps it is cruel for an adult to label a young teen as a "slut", but what other euphemism would you call her? I guarantee you "slut" is exactly what all her peers will call her behind her back. Cmon, enough with the political correctness.

Perhaps you guys are offended because the word "slut" has derogatory connotations to it. I'm sorry but I cannot help what society pegs to a word which simply means someone who is promiscuous.

Just because of that (derogatory connotations) I have been accused of saying that a young girl who chooses to have sex readily with old men is entirely at fault - when the feminists think that it is the men who are wrong.

WAIT A MINUTE... Are you serious? You honestly believe that I do not think these leery lecherous dirty old men who prey on young girls are at fault here?! I can't even... No, they should know better and they deserve the worst punishments.

Whether a young girl has blame to share when statutory rape happens no matter how small, well, that's another topic altogether and I am not venturing there. (Do not take this to mean I say they are to blame, I never said so, don't put words into my mouth)

I'm not here to discuss who is at fault or whether an 11 year old girl should be able to have sex with whoever she wants because it is "sexual freedom".

I do not care if you think being a "slut" is ok, new-age liberal females. Not disagree; don't care. Not my problem what you think - you can spread your legs as open as you want, I do not care as long as you don't spread them around my husband (or son I guess).

I am simply telling you guys about whether or not my daughter is at fault for being a "slut", whether it is my poor parenting, her poor decision-making, or the horrible men who take advantage of her readiness, I AM JUST SIMPLY SAYING IT IS HEARTBREAKING AS A PARENT.

And that that sort of pain is worse, personally speaking, than seeing my son rape someone and go to jail for it.

You may disagree and that is fine.

But this isn't a moral discussion. 

This is just me saying which causes me more grief. As a parent.

Can you control what makes you more upset? You can't.

Which would cause you more grief?

Your mother dying or 1,000 innocent babies dying from a war torn country somewhere far away?

If you choose your mom, are you a murderous asshole approving infanticide? If you choose the babies, are you completely unfilial?

Your grief, your choice. 
I won't judge it, so don't judge mine.

 (Said I can't be arsed to blog and blogged a whole long post. Good job me.)


Anonymous said…
well written xiaxue!!
f**k the haters w/o lives. enjoy your life, keep posting daily outfit/make and baby bump photos and tweets!! :) you have so much going on and I am so happy that you aren't letting haters bring you down during the important time of pregnancy!
keep being awesome <3
Anonymous said…
I find your last 2 blog entries so touching. Obviously both rapist son & slut daughter are horrible, as you have mentioned many times, but if given the difficult choice you would rather value your child's own well-being (out of love for your child) above his morality. That is a VERY powerful message and I am infuriated that the haters can't get it. It's complicated to describe without being potentially misleading. There's parents who would literally rather murder their own son/daughter than have him/her be morally unjust in any way or not up to standard - and I don't think that's love, that's just messed up (e.g. my ex-bf's mother threatened to literally kill him and then herself for dating me, a non-christian). Of course your son is NOT going to be a rapist or morally unjust, but that you would rather have him be morally unjust over being abused and battered by others shows powerful, unconditional maternal love!! Sorry for the unnecessarily long comment, but I think you will be a great mother and I wish you well. :)
Reader from Japan said…
You go girl!

I really admire and love how you post these things that obviously causes misunderstandings for some people that wouldn't read further.

I think you have lots of courage to do so. When I blog, honestly, I avoid these topics and just write stuff that would never get the readers angry or misunderstood.

The way you just freely write whatever the hell is in your mind really keeps me reading your blog!
Daily Jaly said…
well. i think it's all up to people's preferences. No one wants a rapist son. No one wants a slut daughter. In my opinion, a slut daughter is less worse than a rapist son (ugh *knock on wood "i seriously don't wanna deal with any of those 2 though.)
I just don't want to have a son who go out and rape other people. But, even if my son did rape someone, at the end he's still my son and I still love him nonetheless. As for a slut daughter, she doesn't hurt anybody for sleeping around. She chooses her own lifestyle, she's not committing any crime. We might say by doing so, she's hurting herself but who knows she might like it.
People sin differently, so we can't really judge them with our own values.


best of luck to you.
i hope you have a pretty & healthy baby!!!

mulanpoopyxx said…
i know it's hard to ignore... but don't let mean words get the better of you. people will always judge and people will always have their own opinions. you know your beliefs and morals.. don't give in to their petty hate.

AngelWingsAyane said…
Don't spend any more time trying to explain yourself! If people still misunderstand and hate on you then forget them, no need to stress yourself with tards
Unknown said…
Everytime you wrote a controversial blog post like this, you never cease to remind me how different everybody's perspective is (I'm a training psychologist). Nice job Xiaxue!!

Hiyuki said…
I agree with you, people these days just don't read!

Like you say, no one wants their child to be taken advantage of, and we will rather our child take advantage of someone else, BUT it's not saying the child SHOULD, it's just 'RATHER'.

And feminist.. there is a difference in wanting equally between the genders, and promoting the idea of sleeping around. A slut is a slut, society views it as a negative term, and it is. Anyone who says otherwise should be slap with a dictionary.

Ignore people who are just looking for trouble, they just want to find something to bitch about. Much like how they read celebrity gossips just to rant about how screw up the stars are. Good luck on your pregnancy, and hope your baby boy will be healthy and strong!

PS: I love what you have done for Mike's Mum. I am currently moving to Australia to be with my partner, and I can sympathise with Mike on leaving your family to pursue your love. What you had done is a really beautiful gesture that shows how much you care for your husband and your in-laws. <3
mo mo said…
My daughter wrote something on this, I just feel like sharing my optional, ALL PARENT WILL tell their daughter not to any how have sex with man but never tell their son not be a rapist. LOL see the different
Unknown said…
Xiaxue, I totally agreed with you. I even asked my friends, their choices were also the same, we would rather want our children to take advantage than being taken advantage. This may be selfish, but who do not want their children to be good. I like how brave and honest you are! You are my idol!! <3
Anonymous said…
The fact that you called the raped girls sluts, making it seem like it was all by their desire and that they were getting pleasure from the whole thing was pretty much the only thing that I had a problem with.
Slut is a woman who sleeps around, yes. Little girls do not sleep around. They are coerced, manipulated, threatened on doing it.
I do not agree with you about being less heartbroken by one instead of other but I understood you reasoning, I just did not like the way you worded things, especially since I think you are literate enough and have been writing for long enough to use the words that will express your point better.
"Better a rapist son than a molested/raped/victim daughter, I guess" would've still sounded awful to a lot of people but with your previous explanatio, it would clear all doubt.
Anonymous said…
Right.As if you never slept around.Consider yourself a slut too.FAKE too(with ALL those countless cosmetic surgeries).
Tam Tam said…
Dear Xiaxue, despie just being 16 this year, I rly understand eat ur blog post mean. Don worry... We understand :) I don rly knw why adults haters don understand simple eng .____,
Anonymous said…
Lol wtf, your previous was as clear as the sun, how the hell can anyone "misunderstand" ?! It's a sign! They should go back to school..
tia said…
you are amazing <3
Anonymous said…
I feel that since nobody pointed a gun at your head to force you make a choice...so you shouldn't even have made that choice in the first place. Is so annoying for u to clear the air afterwards.
Unknown said…
Good job to you! :)
Thuy Mi said…
As a reader,I think you are completely right! People who never read, always blame someone else for their faults and that's why I really envy you for staying so strong. KEEP FIGHTING!

Thuy Mi said…
(envy in a positive way)
谜奇寧 said…
You GOOO, Wendy ! Loveliest bitch if those people out there insist you are one :)
Gittøh~ said…
I would not be able to see my son anymore if I found out that he was a rapist or a murderer and so on.
I would feel so much pain and shame, I think I would pretend that my son had died if I found out that he had done stuff like that.
And I would be heart broken and angry. I don't think I would recover from that.
But if I found out that my child had been used, I could still do something for her/him.
And I would be able to grieve and move on with time, with my child.
It would still brake my heart and forever leave a black stain in there, but I am sure that I could recover and help my child to become healthy and happy with time.
So I would never choose to have a rapist son, over a "slut daughter" (" because the meaning of the "slut daughter" have changed a lot in this discussion. From being a slut to being abused)
Kira said…
I'm not exactly sure why everyone feels the need to blow everything you say out of proportion. I mean, realistically speaking you are no different than any of us -- you are just sharing your world with us :). I can see how they misconstrued it but hey everyone makes mistakes. I make tons of them! I think you need to stop apologizing and just move on with it. The people that continue to harp on you are so shallow that they aren't going to stop no matter what you do. Those are the people that cling on to any hope of making a person look worse than them.

I hope you can most more fun things in the future. I love your hair so much! Hope you and the baby are doing okay! :)
Anonymous said…
R u going to post about Mike's mother stay in SG? Pls do so!
Anonymous said…
I'm so totally agree with Xiaxue and think that those people who are against her need to work on their grammar and text comprehension skills. I mean, who on earth prefer to be known as a mother whose daughter is so damn slutty that she become a sex toy for an old man?

Let's think about it this way (at least in my perspective); if a guy rapes he'll be punished and jailed and whatsoever and people will think "oh he deserves it and blah blah blah."
When a girl seduces an old man to have sex with her, all those people won't be saying "Oh that poor little girl" but "Ugh such a slutty girl who might not have a bright future ahead. How does her mother teach her at home blah blah blah". Which one do you prefer (especially when you're her mother)?
Anonymous said…
I had to reply to what Gittøh~ said regarding a rapist son: I am a female, 33 years old, married for 10 years and have two amazing kids. As a child, I was raped by my sister from age 3 to about age 9. My Mom loves my sister so much that I am the one ignored and shunned by my family. My parents have never even seen their grandchildren. I just wanted you to know that there are people like that in the world, as impossible as it may seem. It's not impossible, I live it every day and I'm the one that tells MY kids that my parents are dead.
Anonymous said…
I know this sounds silly, but ive been thinking about the last would-you-rather question about the mother and infanticide.. AND I CANT DECIDE. Sigh I feel both unfilial AND a murderous asshole :(

loved this post anyway, as usual! U GO GIRL!
Anonymous said…
Good job Xiaxue! Damn I love how you're able to deconstruct an argument or an opinion to the bear bones of it and clarify every point thoroughly. Some people aren't able to do that and they end up being practically incomprehensible in a debate-type situation. I myself am a very argumentative person, in the sense that if I don't think I'm in the wrong; have been presented with no valid evidence to say I am, then I will break it down just like you did and go over it point by point - probably horrendous for my friends/family/boyfriend but I just can't tolerate illogical, poorly thought through and knee-jerk reactions to my opinions. And I'm glad you didn't tolerate it either (particularly as I also got the wrong end of the stick when I read your original tweet.) Anyway I appreciate you taking the time to clarify everything again (for the people who didn't get it the first time). My only teeny complaint last time was that you didn't address the usage of 'slut' (not that you owe me and explanation) and now you have so thank you again for taking the time :)
Anonymous said…
PS Just anted to add that I am 100% a feminist and I think you're awesome - don't want you thinkin' we all hate you or something ;)
nan said…
aiya don't bother reasoning with stupid unreasonable pple. waste of time and effort. just let them seethe in their pathetic little corner while you don't even care or know about that ball of fury in them.
Aggy said…
I think u are truly a blessing to anyone. Luv u.
I luv all ur blog post haha. i like how u can make it funny even if its on a serious topic.
i really luv u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Praying for u andur family :)
HitomiNeko said…
I think the reason people discuss over this is because they see you some kind of importance. Either they agree with you or not. Honestly I don’t feel you would be so bother by this, if you do, you probably wouldn’t have said it in the first place. Although I do feel the haters are annoying, but I guess that is the price for being famous. Even if you are politically correct all the time, they will find something to hate you for it. So just don’t worry about it & if it really bothers you, perhaps next time you can consider keeping some controversial thoughts private so you can avoid such problems.


Anonymous said…
being a public figure is never easy,i appreciate your choice to clarify eventho it wasn't even demanded in the very first place.

& i have no doubt that by further educating yourself around these issues will help you to decide on how you would like to raise your child .

i hope you will become a strong,good and nurturing mum.enjoy the new journey!

Lin said…
Xiaxue!!! I haven't been commenting much, just a silent reader. Congratulations on your pregnancy!!! I'm so excited for you! :D Please do share with us about mike's reaction seeing his mother at the airport. :)
Julia said…
Xiaxue, you beautiful thing for doing that for your husband. That's just so cute and inspiring and sweet <3

Forget the haters. You did what you could to make yourself clear. People love whiteknighting against anything they think is wrong, even without really understanding it.
Anonymous said…
hello! i stumbled across your site two months ago randomly and love your HONEST and OPEN opinions about everything. However, I myself can relate to you about YOUR pregnancy as it took my husband and I over a YEAR plus to get pregnant. I was diagnosed with PCOS. It was a MIRACLE I was pregnant and when I found out, my husband reacted the SAME way as YOUR husband.

I wish you can post more about YOUR experiences with pregnancy. I am 3 months and am terrified something might go wrong or whatever but reading about other ppl's experiences in pregnancies calms me down. Hope to hear more!

There are HATERS in life.... do not waste time and energy responding to them. If they put that much effort into loving rather than hating, our world would be so much better.

- lady from the USA.
Anonymous said…
I'm glad you explained things further - especially your use of the word "slut". I agree that it is hard to find a correct word to describe the situation. I think maybe Rapist Son or Raped Daughter is more clear? :) However, I only have to disagree with one thing: I honestly find it hard to believe that any 11 year old can truly enjoy sex. At that age, most girls just started puberty!
Rebeca Brown said…
I understood what you meant from day 1! Don't get upset by people that don't make an effort to really read what you say!

Anway, I'm dying to see your new home and to know how the pregnancy is going.

By the way, my person opinion is that I'd rather have a slut daughter (God forbid! omg so horrible to even think) because usually with some help from parents girls like that will can learn the errors of their ways and can eventually become better people.

But rapists usually have something wrong with them mentally that no amount of punishment or motherly love can change! Or they also may have anger issues that are much harder to fix in a person than slutty tendencies.

Usually a slut "calms down" later in life after she gets tired of sleeping around. But a rapist will always have that "urge" in the back of their minds, which is, I think, scarier for a mom!

But I see where you are coming from. This is the type of intellectual debate that your writers should be getting into, but instead, they prove themselves to be ridiculously immature and just lash out at you!
Anonymous said…
You should think deeply about sex crime victims and if you have any ethics as a blogger or a person, APOLOGIZE!
Anonymous said…
A question for you, as a future parent,
if your son decides to have sex with older men when he turns 11, would you mind people jugging him and accusing of whoring around?
Anonymous said…
As a lecturer who teaches communications, I can only say one thing to your haters: You need to develop better comprehension skills and most importantly, critical thinking skills. Stop jumping on the 'hate Xiaxue' bandwagon and blindly saying stupid things. You are making yourself look pretty bad for totally missing the point here. However, from my experience teaching teens and adults, I've got to say this is actually a (shockingly) common problem among Singaporeans. Sigh... can die.

From a personal point of view as a mum to a young son, yes, I get what you mean -- totally. Tough choice but which mum would prefer that her child is willingly sleeping around/unwillingly raped? Given the options, the other one sounds 'better'/less terrible.

All the best with the baby. Since you're married to an angmo, does that mean you can use this as an excuse to skip some of the tedious Chinese confinement practices, like cannot bathe, must eat lots of ginger pig trotters etc? :)
Anonymous said…
It's great you're explaining your actions but I was really hoping for more updates on the baby and your mother-in-law's trip ):
Unknown said…
I find it really sad, that you again have to explain all this. People should get your point by now. And to be honest, those who keep attacking and misunderstanding your post, are proberly people who don't like you in the first place, and just want to hate you more. Fuck them, there's no need to explain yourself, you have any right to say and think whatever you want.
Anonymous said…
They just want to judge and judge everyone, including you. Don't be so bothered about criticisms. Delivering a healthy baby is now the most impt task you have on hand now :)
Anonymous said…
Maybe when you are having a child you shouldn't blog too much if you have negative comments. Not good karma for your child. Look at the number of people wishing bad things on him. Your child is not even born and there is so much rubbish piled up on him. What a pity.
Anonymous said…
I understand your point of view, however I would prefer my daughter being hurt over my son being a monster.

Of cause I wouldn't want my daughter to be taken advantage of, being raped or hurt - I would do anything in the world to prevent it. - but I would still be proud of her. (her being a victim, not a slut which I think is two very different things)

If I had a son who was a molester I would be so ashamed to be his mother, and I would feel the grief I caused other families he hurt, by bringing him to the world. I would feel guilt from loving him and be in pain forever.

Whereas I would be in pain over my daughter being hurt for a period of time until she got better, and I would still love and be proud of her no matter what happened, as long as she didn't go around hurting others.

I understand your point of view, however I don't share your opinion.

I think it is a good post. It challenges how people view themselves - I was surprised so many people prefer their child to be a molester over a crime victim. Still, I am not a mother yet and maybe I will change my mind once I become one - even though I doubt it.

Anonymous said…
informer said…
Anonymous said…
It's good to find your blog :)
tia said…

Anonymous said…
I'm tired of reading posts about you defending yourself. BORing. you know that you will be creating controversies, so expect them. And please start writing about your awesome life and funny happenings again.
Anonymous said…
just ignore the haters. don't get why people are angsty over your personal opinion.

stay happy. that's the most important thing now for you and your soon to arrive little bundle of joy.

take great care!
Anna said…
I truly hope with all my heart people are going to stop trying to go against you about this matter. If anybody's still doing it, they have to be either illiterate or mindless haters. I'm pretty sure a lot of them are only trying so hard and picking out the little holes in your points only because it's you. Come on, we all know what Wendy means already. Chill out for a sec, you crazy ninnyhammers.
Anonymous said…
Lol. Someone just said "You should think deeply about sex crime victims and if you have any ethics as a blogger or a person, APOLOGIZE!" What does Wendy need to apologise for? Who needs to apologise for your own misunderstanding of her clear-enough viewpoints? She never said sex crime victims are insignificant. Hey, if anybody else wants to say something stupid, can you at least give some evidence that Wendy said something wrong?
Hui Ying said…

I'm only in secondary 1 and I understand your blog post PERFECTLY.

Don't get why people older than me can even misunderstand.

If at 13 years of age, I can understand what she is saying, how can people older than me not?
I don't know why people are so
hateful. They don't even bother to
ask 'Why? What did you mean?' (or even read all the text...). Just start hating and even don't care what you got else to say...Also most of the people here hating on you can't understand your point of view, because they are young and still don't have a baby... So this is easy to hate on you, when you don't understand parents feelings.... Like me, at first I didn't understand what you meant, but I read all of your notes. And at the end I thought you were totally right. Lots of love, XiaXue! Don't let people discourage you or your family ♥
Anonymous said…
I think that xx's tweet and blog post are so easy to understand. In fact i already knew what she meant when i saw her tweet without even reading her explanation post lol. Don't know what's wrong with those people's brain. I think they just dislike her so they would think negatively for everything she says :( I'm typing the comment now and saw some of the comments above, feel like facepalming myself -_-.
Anonymous said…
I really find it silly when you try to man up yourself with those stupid comments, I mean you don't have to..you can say whatever you want to say..we have freedom of speech and they have theirs too. NO need to satisfy them by giving them space in your blog.. BLOG about life, career, happiness, mishaps and everything , I dont see the need to be agreed or disagreed by someone who hates you but still find time to read your blog. Treat them as your biggest fan, you may lose the nice ones but not the bitter people, they will forever give you, your limelight. Cheer up pretty girl.

Im Rc.
Kate said…
it's really sweet and nice what you did for your mother-in-law and mike! also, great writing, as always!
Anonymous said…
Dear Xiaxue

Please. You're pregnant. You're supposed to be enjoying every second of your pregnant life instead of replying and rebuking haters who are just plainly hating on you for no reason. Like seriously, there is no way you could talk sense into someone if he/she is all out to talk bad about you. Ignore them, they are not worth your time.

PS: You rock.
Jeni Butcher said…
It was pretty clear the intention of this post in the beginning, some people are super dense aha, but great post & the one before, both very thought provoking :)
That was really sweet of you to buy an airplane ticket for Mike's mom. :)

The only complaint I have with this entry is the way you defined slut as a woman that was tricked into sucking someone else's dick. Never one did you say it was someone being forced to have sex against their will, and you kind of painted a picture mutual pleasure, rather than a situation where someone has been taken advantage of and forced to suffer against your will. Other than that, I understand your point.
Anonymous said…
Stop giving her shit. She's a mother-to-be. Don't use her status and blow shit out of proportion. I cannot believe the stupidity of people, seriously. Even reading what people say, I fucking can't be half assed. XX, good job. You've mastered formidable patience.
Emmy G said…
thank you so much for posting this I was getting so angry trying to tell people to read your post all the way through on tumblr uGHHH
Anonymous said…
Happy thoughts=happy baby. Enjoy your pregnancy! Everyone have their own opinions, who are they to judge what you think?
Anonymous said…

You do realise that you hail from a nation where majority of the people don't quite understand English don't you?

I mean, you're talking about a breed of people who have never thought of the greater world beyond the confines of their 8 x 10ft.(or smaller) sized cubicles, who've never made a journey longer then the distance between said cubicle and their HDB flats. Do you really reckon these people are going to understand your lengthy explanation as to what you meant previously?

This lot are the sort who feel threatened by the likes of those who speak proper english.

If they didn't understand your previous posting as clear as it was, then it is needless to say that you truly could be doing better things then to waste your breath explaining.

“We should be too big to take offense and too noble to give it.” - Abraham Lincoln

and lastly-

“Never ascribe to malice that which can adequately be explained by incompetence.” - Napoleon Bonaparte
Well written Xiaxue!
Fcuk all the haters.
I mean like seriously, people who are jealous of you, ALWAYS try to take a different meaning of what you say!

Anonymous said…
wendy i love you so much and i love reading your blog and watching your episodes and videos. you are one strong, brave and sweet women. i just think that with all those people attacking you(and they're stupid for doing that cuz nobody can win an argument with you hahaha) i mean, why make an ambiguous blog post? why not post about your happy sweet life with your husband that makes people smile and happy for you :)
and have fun with your mother in law! :) all the best for you <3

A.S. said…
What you did for Mike was so thoughtful! I think you will make a great mother, can't wait to see how your son grows up. :)

It's hilarious that some people STILL don't understand your take on the rapist/'slut' topic even after this super clear post. Guess some people are just stupid or eager to hate.
Mkz said…
Seriously, Wendy? Why don't you just go and tour your mum-in-law around and be happily pregnant and whatnot? If idiots were offended by your first, Sesame-street-language explanation, they will stay that way just because and not change their stupid wrong assumptions, no matter how many blog entries you'll make about this and no matter how much precious pregnant and muminlaw time you spend on this stupidness. Which is a stupid subject anyway to get so worked up about as it is indeed just a silly WHAT IF question. STOOOPIDDD.

Go do fun stuff! You can't make everybody happy and the sooner you piss them haters off so much that they stop reading you, the more fun it'll be here for us with brains.

May your muminlaw have a great time, may your child be un-depressed for all its days and may you have super sex with Mike for years to come.
Jet said…
You could have just used the old saying, "lesser of two evils" and MOST people would get it.

Plus, just regarding the 2nd post you quoted by Aurtora, if a girl hasn't had period yet she can't get pregnant. Just saying.
Ginkojyuin said…
*laughs* Xiaxue, you're supposed to be looking after your mother-in-law and playing hostess! No point being bothered by these meaningless squabbles from these people la.
annneo said…
Nice post :) I dont understand why people think that you are stupid and all. -.- It must be: As a person gets more famous, they get more haters. So, jealous people, being jealous wont let you any more famous than xiaxue . hahahahaha. XiaXue has her own identity, she just speaks out her own opinion! Uh, not saying that she is racist or anything, she knows her limit, she knows what to blog and what not to. Unlike some haters out there, Xiaxue knows that , and she is smarter than you guys to know that, being jealous wont get you anywhere. LOL! Anyway, I <3 your blog XiaXue, and you pleasant surprise on your Husband and m-i-l is sure nice :D Btw, My name is also ANN. hahahahha
Anonymous said…
Four words, lesser of two evils.

I hope I would never have to make such a choice.
Seireina said…
I don't understand why this topic needed a second post, you were clear enough the first time. Guess I have too much faith in people's intelligense.
Anonymous said…
I cannot believe you have to explain yourself (again) regarding this matter :s Some people just cannot be pleased!

Anyhow, good on you - I'm sure you have a million other things to attend to (like enjoying your pregnancy!). And well done on bringing Ann over! How very thoughtful of you :)
Anonymous said…
Hey i'm a 15 year old girl from Sweden and i agree with everything you just said. You seriously are my idol. Everything that says you are stupid are nuts because you understand things that even 50 year old mothers understand (like the mothers to my friends that have let their daughters have sex since they where like 12.....)Go you! well anyway you are beautiful and i love you're hair♥

Kisses and Hugs! //Elinor
Lilly said…
The thing that maybe bothers some people is that your ''choice'' or whatever you call it is rather selfish,and makes you wonder what kind of principles you will give your son. Honestly, it just looks that you'll make your kid a spoiled bratty guy, because good lord your son shouldn't get hurt at any case, like most of them out there, and even if not a rapist, the world doesn't need any more men like that,thank you. And yes, most people that you call dumb and idiots understand what you say, disagree yes, and judje you because you chose to expose yourself in public. Not idiots,they just disagree. You don't get it either.
Of course you will have people that agree and disagree with you. And no,most of them aren't idiots for thinking that you may be a bad example for your son. WHo cares either way if he'll be alright? *rolls eyes* From info we catch here and there we can understand better what kind of person you are. I have been reading you for years and always defended you, but that's a bit too much. And don't worry,i know you don't give a fuck because some idiots out there will keep supporting you and you'll keep making money.
Marlene said…
Who cares your allowed to express your opinion! people are dumb :)
Your beautiful and your going to be a great mother! :)
regine l. said…
some people are just fucking stupid i guess.
Unknown said…
Oh dear, bravo!! I completely got what you meant at the very beginning and I really don't understand how it could turn out to be controversial! Now that you blogged this again, I really admire your skills of fighting back and yes, your points are so damn clear and awesome!!

Ah I loveeeeee you! Can't wait to see your baby pics :)

jieqi ♥ said…
Hey! I agree with what you say. Well Done! :-)
Anonymous said…
People always judge. You think of some people as idiots. You are making that pretty clear in your blog itself.

So some will think of you as an idiot :) Cant be helped
Anonymous said…
When are the house pictures coming ?
Aime said…
You are a great blogger :)
I know you have a lot of haters and most of them just read your blog in order to mix up your words.
But the positive thing about is , they bring more views to your site and you know which people are 100% stupid.
Love you Xia Xue
Anonymous said…
I couldn't agree more with your post.People nowadays are too politically correct about the way they're expressing their opinions on the internet.Their are afraid to admit that you're right so they don't get bashed on by other people.But you're completly right.
Raymi Lauren said…
Live your life. To hell with haters.
Anonymous said…
YEAH XIA XUE! THAT'S RIGHT! I'm 15 years old and even I get the information faster than those immature suckers! THEY HAVE NO FUN IN LIFE AND LOSE THEIR TIME TO TAKE CARE OF YOURS! I feel really sorry for people like this. ANYWAY, I WISH THE BEST FOR YOUR BABY *-* And hope that he cames really healthy and strong! FIGHTING!! xoxo, Nana.
Anonymous said…
Unknown said…
You always speak the truth. I completely understand & agree with you.
Anonymous said…
You don't have to be taken advantage of to be a slut. It can be a lifestyle choice.
Anonymous said…
Sometimes I think I look forward to starting a family with Mike - but kids... Kids are so scary!!

I'm terrified the boys turn out to be useless criminals and the girls turn out to be sluts... I'm scared they change my marriage and make it bad... I don't wanna give up my freedom/looks/career/money.


I'm scared they start to ride a motorcycle, start smoking, start doing drugs, or are really rude to me!!

I scared I don't even like them!!

You may say that all these have to do with correct parenting but I think you are wrong lor!!! It's partly nature too, otherwise why would there be siblings who turn out so differently?

And don't give me bullshit about how being a parent is all about giving unconditional love however your kids turn out. Fuck you lah. Is that why you always see parents being driven to tears and hopelessness by their kids? Nobody can be so selfless and saintly and not bother about their own feelings, ok? -xiaxue
Anonymous said…
Nobody would necessarily want either and it is just a matter of opinion. Either option could be judged because both are awful and cause pain. I love how you stay loyal to your opinion no matter what. Stay strong Xiaxue!

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