Wednesday, December 19, 2012


As you all know I typically use false lashes to enhance my eyes. But fake lashes are, no matter what... fake.

So sometimes when I see girls with super pretty thick and long natural eyelashes, perhaps enhanced with only mascara, I feel so jealous!!

Kim Kardashian is particularly fond of flaunting hers -_- Show off!!

She has said many times that those are her real lashes!!

I also want!! I want to be one of these girls with *ahem* naturally luscious lashes framing my peepers!!

Therefore, sometimes when I'm in the mood I also forgo the stick-on lashes and go for mascara instead!! When that time comes, I'm always hunting for the best mascara to use.

I know a lot of girls don't bother to put too much eye makeup and fake lashes are too much for them. Mascara is also good for occasions like going to the pool or beach because fake lashes won't stay... and let's face it, swimming with fake lashes is just ridiculous.

When it comes to the best mascara, the brand that many people swear by is Maybelline!

After all, Maybelline *IS* the number 1 brand for mascara in Singapore!!

I remember all through my youth I've used Maybelline's mascaras... Anyone remember the one that is neon pink and green? I loved that! :D

Now new to the Maybelline mascara family... Introducing...

The Volum' Express Falsies Mascara!!

People have different needs when it comes to the perfect mascara, some want volume, some want length... for others it is more important that the mascara is smudge-proof because they tear more.

Well, after trying the Falsies mascara, I must say that this new concortion is the all-in-one bombdiggity!!!


It is dream lashes in a bottle!!

Comes with a fanned out brush to catch even your finest little hairs... And look at those lengthening fibres!

Are you ready to see the before and after on me?

100% not photoshopped:



Suddenly my eyes look much more alert than the sleepy and dull specimen on the left...

I only put 2 coats of mascara on and the difference is already so obvious.


I may not have Kim K's Armenian hairy genes but I still look ok with my sparse Chinese lashes thanks to Falsies mascara!! :D

Wish I could transplant my arm hairs on my lash line. LOL

I love how when you close your eyes people can see that there are no fake lashes on... :)

But how mascara looks after you put it on is just the first hurdle...

As the day goes on can it last??

What I love about Falsies mascara is that even in Singapore's ultra humid weather the lashes remain curled instead of drooping after long wear!

Plus it is one of the few mascaras I've used that are truly flake-proof... I super hate it when mascara flakes on my face making it look like I have black spots all over... -_-

Eye itchy and you went to rub it?

Not to worry....

Watching a sad movie and it made you cry??

AND smudge-proof so you never end up looking like a panda!!!!!! I don't know how they did it but Falsies mascara kinda has an almost rubbery feel... Once it is on your lashes and solidified it just won't "melt" again!

Well if you don't believe me watch this video I did with Golden Tan (that's Michelle Chong in one of her funny personas), putting the Maybelline Volum' Express Falsies Mascara through a variety of torture tests!

Had a lot of fun filming this... Thank you Michelle Chong and team for taking care of me, Larry Yeo for my makeup and the Maybelline team for all the niceness that day!! Just FYI if you are wondering, I was about 3 months pregnant when this was filmed. I was still skinny-ish... :X

Can't believe I actually went swimming and inside a sauna with Falsies mascara and it survived!!

Ok one last photo before I go!!

Serious fierce look

If you want to give the Falsies Mascara a try, they are available at Watsons and most places that sell makeup... At an affordable $20.90!

Additionally if you want an even darker and more intense look for Xmas/NYE, you can now try out the limited edition Falsies Everlasting mascara! Available only during this Xmas season so remember to grab, fast!

Of course, remember to Like Maybelline's fb page below to get updates for more good deals!