Saturday, December 22, 2012

Youth Code Eye Essence


Let's talk about our eyes today!!

Starting with a bit of trivia!!

Did you know, that the skin around your eyes is 
at its thinnest, thinner than anywhere else on your face?

At just 0.3mm to 0.5mm, it is about 3-5 times thinner than skin elsewhere on your face, which is usually between 1mm to 1.6mm!!

That's why the skin coutour around the eye area needs all the help it can get!!

Not only is it the most fragile, it also also the most abused...

We put most of our makeup on the eye area and sometimes get a little too violent tugging out falsies or wiping away waterproof mascara...

We rub our eyes when they get itchy, tugging on the paper thin skin there...

And I'm most guilty of this...

I give my eyes no mercy at all whenever I'm awake, staring at my phone's bright sceen, the computer or TV... The stress gets to the eyes, causing constant blinking, dehydration etc.

When it comes to skincare solutions for our eye area, most of us are praying for a solution to the 5 most common problems:

Eeeeks!! Hate all these!!!!!!

Most of us just give up the constant combat, especially for dark eye circles, because it seems impossible to not have any of these!! But... applying concealer isn't really fixing the crux of the problem.

If you want to try a new eye skincare solution, why not give the L'Oreal Youth Code Eye Essence a try?

The Youth Code Eye Essence is a brilliant combination of 2 patented technologies developed by L'Oreal Paris.

Don't want to say too much about the scientific stuff that's in this little powerful bottle, but here's some statistics from tests done on participants:

After 4 weeks of usage:

Elasticity and firmness on average improved by 16%
Fine lines and crows' feet diminished by 12%
Wrinkles reduced by 14%
Overall signs of fatigue decreased by 7%

Can you say wow?

I personally love the ultralight texture.

After application there is no stickiness or oily residue (I worry about causing milia seeds). It is super refreshing and feels so nice on the skin under my tired eyes, absorbing instantly, leaving a velvety silky finish.

After I come home from a long day wearing makeup, I realised that after cleansing and showering my skin, especially around the eyes, become super dry...

After putting on the Youth Code Eye Essence I instantly feel the skin become plumper, hydrated, and firmer!!

Also, application is so easy...

On a clean face (obviously I have makeup on, this is for demo purposes), use the glass dropper to put some eye essence on your ring finger...

Simply use your ring finger to gently dab the Youth Code Eye Essence into your delicate skin. Use once every morning and night... The formula can be used under makeup too.

The result?

Instantly rejuvenated, hydrated skin around your eyes!

And Xmas came early!! The L'Oreal Youth Code Eye Essence retails at a usual price of $34.90 for the 15ml bottle. Totally affordable!

But from November to December, the Youth Code Eye Essence is retailing for only $29.90!!


If you are looking for something just as powerful that will care for the rest of your face as well, you can also try out the popular L'Oreal Youth Code Boosting Essence!

Have you thought that somehow, your skincare just doesn't seem to work as effectively as it used to?

Well, the scientists at L'Oreal have discovered that it is because of the "Recovery Gene" in our skin. In youthful skin, the Recovery Gene absorbs active ingredient and fights fatigue up to 5 times than in mature skin!

But don't fret if you are.. old... like me! In this bottle is the secret that can speed up the Recovery Gene in aging skin - the result is not only can it recover the skin's natural recovery capabilities, it also amplifies the effects of any skincare you apply on top of it!

Just imagine - same skincare, twice the results!! That's why this is called the BOOSTING essence, to help you maximize the skincare you already love!

You can find the Youth Code Eye Essence and Youth Code Boosting Essence at Watsons, Guardian, Sasa, selected departmental stores and major hypermarkets.

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