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Home decor part 1: Living room and kitchen

Wow, so many things are happening for me at once!! Firstly, I'm going to have Dashiel finally come into my life on Sunday the 31th of March 2013. 31/3/13, nice birthday huh? That's in 2 days' time. But today I'm not gonna be talking about babies (I bet some of you are so sick of that topic), today I've got something everyone has been bugging me for MONTHS about... FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY, my house tour!! I'm so overwhelmed with feelings about this I've got to write a huge chunk about renovations first. If you are impatient, just scroll down the words and go right to the photos. I'm kidding. YOU STAY AND READ WHAT I HAVE TO SAY YO IT IS VERY HEARTFELT AND ALL. So. Before I got pregnant and the burgeoning belly took over all priorities, my house and the ensuing renovations took over my life. I WAS OBSESSED. I would spend hours browsing home decor magazines and websites. So many talks with my interior designer Wayne about ideas and what can or

Motherhood: the biggest pissing contest of them all

As I'm on the brink of becoming a mother, I've come to a startling revelation. Once you get pregnant, you are faced with many choices you have to make, and rest assured, every single day people will be asking you the same questions: - Are you going natural or C section? - Are you going to breastfeed? How long do you intend to breastfeed for? - Are you going to quit your job? - Do you want a boy or girl? - What are you going to do about your hair colour? Dye black? Sure a lot of people are just asking for fun or out of curiosity... Honestly before I got pregnant I never cared if other pregnant women are planning to breastfeed or not. For the life of me I don't get why that's even interesting to others. All I cared about was whether I can play with their baby once it's out. Maybe for people who aren't in the appropriate age group to discuss parenthood they are simply asking these questions because they are making conversation in a topic they are u

New Hair Tutorial video!

Finally!! I think I'm reaching the nesting stage in my pregnancy so now I feel a sudden surge of energy and more inspired to do stuff that isn't just eating and sleeping. So I edited a hair tutorial video I filmed AGES ago. And by ages I mean even before I got pregnant wtf... Just never got around to editing it. The video was actually filmed in the rental home I put up at when my real home was under renovation. Click to watch: And here are the bigger versions of the photos shown in the video: Igloo says bye!! Ok that's it there goes my stamina... Gonna sleep now.