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Sakura White

Advertorial The gorgeous sakura... So beautiful when it blossoms, that it was one of my dearest wishes to see it at least once before I die.... Many others also have the same wish unfortunately, which makes springtime flight tickets to Japan extra expensive due to Sakura season. Lying on a bed of sakura Luckily for me, I fulfilled my wish last year when I flew to Kyoto. I will never forget my first sakura experience. Bunches of countless flowers, so delicate and multi petaled, decked out in my favourite baby pink colour gently swaying in the breeze. As it was nearing the end of sakura season, the petals were falling from the trees like snowflakes, and the ground was littered with hundreds of thousands of soft petals. It was too pretty for words. Other than just being beautiful, sakura also has many uses... Have you tried sakura flavoured ice cream or chocolate? Not only in food, sakura is also used in skincare. Because we all want glowy, radiant skin with a rosy shee