Monday, August 5, 2013


One of the things I've been worried about while I was pregnant was having to cab around with a baby in tow when Dashiel is out. It's just a lot more troublesome to not have your own car when you have to bring a pram and giant diaper bag with you everywhere you go, not to mention it isn't safe for baby to be in a taxi with no car seat!

AND COE KEEPS RISING! It's so crazy expensive to buy a car nowadays!

So I was SUPER delighted to announce that I've gotten one of the best sponsorships in the 10 years of my blogging career - a CAR!!

My Nissan Sylphy and me!! WOOT!!

Because you die of jealousy, I didn't get a free car per se, I have a year's usage of 3 different rental cars, courtesy of Downtown Car Rentals and DUO Rewards, the customer loyalty program for Tan Chong International.

Which is just as awesome so I guess you can still die of jealousy. Haha ok I'm sorry but I'm just so happy with my new baby!! :DDD

Here's some pictures of my shiny machine:

Mid sized sedan with gorgeous LED headlights and in my preferred colour of white! No pink available but white is pretty too!

I decorated my dashboard with blue flowers (from daiso). Gives the car a Hawaiian happy vibe. I always feel like I'm on holiday when I see my car!

The Sylphy is just AWESOME to drive... I confess I don't know much about cars but when Mike was driving it for the first time he kept swooning and saying how the turning radius is great and the brakes are so good and it has powerful acceleration. Very fuel efficient too!

The Sylphy is very spacious! That day I just squeezed a total of 7 people in the car... Not sure if I'm supposed to do that but the 5 at the back still said they had ample space! :O

I love driving very much and singing like a crazy woman inside to my favourite songs... Luckily I can pick my radio stations or fast forward to the next song on my ipod via buttons on the steering wheel!

This is my designated "Dash Corner" in the car... If you are a parent you know how important it is that your child gets the maximum comfort and safety in their car seat. In my Sylphy there is plenty of space for Dash's seat and the head cushion holds my ipad just nicely for him to be distracted with children's songs while I drive! And yes, that little mirror at the top for me to see what he is up to via my rearview mirror.

The Sylphy is also really safe, which is much needed reassurance for me since I'm a new driver!

No fear, numbers to call just in case.

This key system is the BOMBDIGGITY!! Nissan's intelligent key means you can lock, unlock your car and boot, start the engine and drive away... ALL WITHOUT EVER REMOVING THE KEY FROM INSIDE YOUR BAG. It's just perfect... I don't have to dig inside my messy bag to drive! All the girls will love this.

The glove compartment is amazingly huge!! Look at all the things I stuffed in there!

The trunk is also one of the biggest I've seen!! It's crazy, I can fit my pram and still have so much extra space.

Mike took this photo for me and told me to make a joke about expensive housing prices and how people should stay in their trunks to maximize their COE value. -_- I told him the topic is too heavy and isn't funny but he insists it is. So erm... yes! That's me in the Sylphy's boot.


The current COE price for cars below 1600cc is $74,000. TALK ABOUT SCARY!!

Many of us, especially those with young children, hope to drive but it is simply too expensive to own a car in Singapore nowadays. The value of a car will always depreciate too.

The smarter option is to simply rent a car!

My Sylphy is available for rent at Downtown Car Rentals for a day at only $135 - it is very reasonable!

Drive it around to run errands, do groceries or bring the kiddos out for a picnic. You don't have to worry about insurance or road tax or even servicing the car, it's all inclusive!

Of course, you should also become a member of DUO Rewards, the customer loyalty program for Tan Chong International!

As a member, you get loads of awesome rewards and earn points when you spend on any services at Tan Chong, be it car rental, car servicing, car purchase or even renting service apartments.

The good news is... ANYONE can join DUO Rewards for free! 

And why join? You can win tickets to to awesome events such as K pop concerts, ZoukOut etc... And if you love cars, DUO Rewards organizes complimentary car workshops too!

DUO Rewards is also offering discounts and privileges to DUO Rewards members such as Pet Lovers Centre, Raffles Hotel Singapore Bar and Billiard Room, True Fitness and True Yoga.

Get spotted with the DUO Rewards car decal and you can win Raffles Hotel Dining vouchers!! :D :D :D 

 I hope I win! The contest ends 12 August 2013.

DUO Rewards is also full of love!!

They support LostPaws, a website dedicated to finding a new home for abandoned pets and reuniting lost pets with their owners!

A lot of you are always emailing me asking me to help blog about your lost pets... I do help to tweet for you guys occasionally but Lost Paws is a better option for asking people to help seek a lost furry friend! The service is free!

If you find you want to have a furry little companion in your life, also check out Lost Paws for their dogs, cats and other small animals that are available for adoption! These little animals may not be suitable for their ex owners but could be perfect for you and your family!

If you wish to put up a pet for adoption, you can also do so via LostPaws.

The Guide To Life video on my exciting new ride... CLICK:

Please also LIKE DUO Rewards' facebook page!