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Advertorial One of the things I've been worried about while I was pregnant was having to cab around with a baby in tow when Dashiel is out. It's just a lot more troublesome to not have your own car when you have to bring a pram and giant diaper bag with you everywhere you go, not to mention it isn't safe for baby to be in a taxi with no car seat! AND COE KEEPS RISING! It's so crazy expensive to buy a car nowadays! So I was SUPER delighted to announce that I've gotten one of the best sponsorships in the 10 years of my blogging career - a CAR!! My Nissan Sylphy and me!! WOOT!! Because you die of jealousy, I didn't get a free car per se, I have a year's usage of 3 different rental cars, courtesy of Downtown Car Rentals and DUO Rewards , the customer loyalty program for Tan Chong International. Which is just as awesome so I guess you can still die of jealousy. Haha ok I'm sorry but I'm just so happy with my new baby!! :DDD Here's so