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Datsumo Labo

Advertorial Don't we all wish to have smooth, baby soft and clear skin? Except on our head, eyebrows and eyelashes, it is best if the rest of our body has no hair at all!! Unfortunately, hair grows in all the undesirable areas... For me, I'm hairy everywhere... Sigh. If you can believe it, I started shaving my leg hair (and underarms) when I was TWELVE! There was just one day I saw my mom's razor in the toilet and decided to try shaving my hairy legs for fun. For a day, I was very pleased with the results as it made my legs look smooth and shiny - but only for a day. Afterwards, I found that the hairs grew back out prickly and gross. From that day onwards I shaved every few days... Then it became weeks when I grew lazier... I am horrified if my boyfriend (then) touches my legs because I know my shins are prickly! Since I was young I've tried all kinds of hair removal methods... THEY ALL COME WITH PROBLEMS: I tweeze for eyebrows and armpits - It'