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Subaru XV

Advertorial So as I told you guys, my car sponsorship with DUO Rewards is that I get to change my car once every 4 months! The time has come to change my Sylphy into something else, and I actually felt quite sad!! In the short four months that I drove her, she has become a huge part of my life... It's no wonder that people who drive hardly ever can bring themselves to go back to public transport. Having your own vehicle, your own private space to travel that you don't have to share with strangers, having a powerful feeling of freedom that you can go anywhere you please... It's a seductive feeling indeed, even with a rental car!! I've always told Mike that him picking me up to drive me home in Laopokasaurus (that's what we call Mike's car) and me taking a cab home by myself technically isn't much difference since I'm chauffeured in both cases. But when I am on a cab I feel like I'm still on strange grounds, like I cannot completely unwin

Daily Dayre

So I was just saying that it is tough for me to continue blogging because I don't usually turn on my computer anymore, I just use my phone. AND IT JUST SO HAPPENS I FOUND LIKE THE BEST APP TO BLOG FROM THE PHONE!! Introducing my DAYRE !!! Been using Dayre for a few weeks now to try to update more... The app is really really a breeze to use and very addictive! Basically it seems to be quite simple. 12am to 12am constitutes a "day". In chronological order, whatever you update that day will be consolidated into one blog entry!! You can also post an unlimited amount of photos, videos, text and cutest of all, put really fun stickers (ala Line) on your blog post!! A Dayre sticker I found myself updating quite a bit there... And even though the content tends to be quite mundane and is mostly made up of baby pictures, at least some blogging is better than no blogging!! (right???) Today for the first time ever I went to the web url to s

The Longest Hiatus

I know you've all missed my blog entries, the ones that aren't advertorials. I've had my longest hiatus ever since Dash was born, the longest break I ever took from blogging in ten years. And weirdly enough, it's this period of time that the most exciting thing happened in my life (having a baby) and I've had so many new interesting experiences and revelations to blog about, but I haven't been doing it. I wish I had the time to. Let me explain a little about TIME. The concept of TIME is a confusing one... My geeky engineer husband told me that time won't exist without the speed of light and that if you can go faster than light, you can time travel. Or something to that effect - naturally I didn't understand him, developed a headache and then decided it's best not to try to understand. Now after being a mom, the concept of TIME has also changed for me. It used to be I'm not really aware of time wasting away - everyday I'm just happy do