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A Prime Choice

When I was pregnant with Dash, I met up with a business associate who is also a mother. She asked me, "So are you going to get a maid?" She was referring to after Dash is born. "No," I replied. She raised her eyebrows in surprise. "Why not?? You're gonna need one." "Nah," I said dismissively. "I think I'll be ok." In my heart I thought about her... "Geez woman, I'm gonna NEED a maid?? Do you have any idea how spoilt rotten you sound? I work from home and have so much free time. One adult and one baby - how hard can it be??? Ridiculous, I won't need a maid and I don't want one." Fast forward a few months... That one sentence from that business associate turned out to be the most astute advice I've received from experienced mothers. Motherhood is TOUGH. It is, in fact, the toughest thing I've ever had to do in my life. I cannot believe people talk about how painful childbirth or recove

Furby Boom

Advertorial This is my second Furby post , and I am because a new Generation is Hatching!!! Introducing FURBY BOOM!!!     So cute!! I attended the Furby Boom launch event with Yutaki, Qiuqiu and Velda! This pic stolen from Qiu's blog . I was so amazed, coz the previous Furby that I got was already really "smart"... It can react to music, talk to other Furbies, learn how you speak and imitate it, develop different personalities etc... And now Furby Boom has 5 brand new personalities, two times the content of Furby 2012 ... It has a "brain" and can recognise his own name and remember other Furbies' names! WOAH!!! Just like Furby 2012, you also can have tons of fun with Furby Boom via their ipad app!! You can give your Furby Boom a shower and adjust the water to very hot, very cold (Furby goes brrr, it's funny) or just right and your Furby Boom will be all clean after! You can also feed your Furby Boom