Furby Boom


This is my second Furby post, and I am because a new Generation is Hatching!!!

Introducing FURBY BOOM!!!

So cute!!

I attended the Furby Boom launch event with Yutaki, Qiuqiu and Velda!

This pic stolen from Qiu's blog.

I was so amazed, coz the previous Furby that I got was already really "smart"... It can react to music, talk to other Furbies, learn how you speak and imitate it, develop different personalities etc...

And now Furby Boom has 5 brand new personalities, two times the content of Furby 2012... It has a "brain" and can recognise his own name and remember other Furbies' names! WOAH!!!

Just like Furby 2012, you also can have tons of fun with Furby Boom via their ipad app!!

You can give your Furby Boom a shower and adjust the water to very hot, very cold (Furby goes brrr, it's funny) or just right and your Furby Boom will be all clean after!

You can also feed your Furby Boom all sorts of weird food like a live pufferfish or homework or even old underwear....

 LOL I did that and my Furby Boom vomited a hair ball out.

There are also so many cute colours to choose from!! I picked the turquoise with pink eyes. Qiu got the pink with white polka dots! Which do you like?

But the most special thing about Furby Boom is...


Yes your Furby Boom can lay eggs and hatch a baby Furbling!!!!!!!!!


After you play with you Furby Boom, it lays an egg and you get to hatch it. Your Furby Boom will be just as excited as you when the egg is hatching, dancing and talking nonstop!!





Adorable max....!!!

After my Furbling came out my Furby Boom kept going "Awesome!" like he is so proud to be a daddy. Hahaha!


 I name you Rainbow Maker!!! :D

The best thing is...
You can hatch up to FIFTY Furblings!! There are many ways to get new eggs, and apparently you can even get a special GOLDEN one! I wonder how that looks like!!


After you play with your Furbling, you can earn Furbucks to decorate his or her room too! :D

There is an endless amount of ways to play with Furby Boom and Furblings, be it virtually or real life interactions. You can also play Furball with your Furby/Furblings, bring him for a checkup, let him go poop in a super cute toilet bowl... It's hours of entertainment for any child or young at heart. :)

I show Dash my Furby Boom and ask what he thinks:



Dash seems to approve of Furby Boom!!

If you want to get a Furby Boom, they are available at $119.90!

It's available at all Toys’R’Us & major department stores (Takashimaya, OG, Metro).

As CNY is round the corner, a Golden Furbling (below) will be given with every purchase of Furby Boom Mandarin Version! Exclusively ONLY at Toys’R’Us! HURRY!! Valid till stocks last!

So cute right!

Also check out Furby.com here and 


Anonymous said…
so cute!
Anonymous said…
nice post keep it up
Anonymous said…
Finally a real look at motherhood :) The worst part is when your hubby does not understand it remotely so please let him do some baby tasks. No substitute for direct experience, and when you ask for a spa day he will understand :) This is exactly how I felt, and in my town instead of nannies, we just did daycare part time. My god, it helped so much!
Anonymous said…
Stumbled upon your post and discovered your lovely blog.I am a newbie mommy to 11 month old baby M. Every line in your post is so absolutely true and heartfelt. Be it breastfeeding, countless sleepless nights, postnatal blues etc etc I felt like i was reading a story about my struggle and that feeling of helplessness i have often faced. I also agree on all those countless precious moments you share with your little one which make up for all the tiredness in the world.. oh its brilliant!I have very recently got a maid/help/nanny and omg it is heaven on earth now or more precisely my home. I feel like nobody wants to really discuss the "darker" side of motherhood because ever since we lived in caves this is what women were naturally meant to do. So hats off to you for writing on it and reaching out to women out there who are not ballsy enough to let the world now how effing tough it is to be a stay at home mommy.
Alexa said…
Nice Blog. i read every word. You have good ideas. I totally agree ;)

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