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Advertorial I'm back with my second Datsumo Labo post!!! Apparently many of you must have liked my first post for them and decided to go to Datsumo Labo, because they are doing very well!!!! So well, that they opened their third branch and are planning on more! :D Well I guess I can't really claim credit because what they are offering almost seems too good to be true wtf, it is no wonder that they are doing well! In case you didn't read my first Datsumo Labo post and can't be bothered to, Datsumo Labo is the fast growing hair removal salon with over 50 outlets in Japan! IMHO, they have completely revolutionalized permanent hair removal! How is Datsumo Labo different? 1) It is very very affordable.  IPL service have always been expensive. Datsumo Labo makes hair removal very affordable for everyone by scrimping on things like renovation. HOW AFFORDABLE IS IT? How does a 4 area hair removal for only $69 sound? If you consider just waxing off your