Tuesday, March 18, 2014



I know a lot of you have requested a meet and greet with Dash!

Since I am hosting a birthday party for him and people have requested that they wanted to pass a present to him, I decided to also organize a meet and greet!

 For the first time ever, if you wanted to see Dash in real life, you have the chance to. :D

If you are planning on coming, I have to make a few things clear:

  • The party itself is not for the public, only the Meet and Greet, held outside Hokey Pokey Indoor Playground is. Please understand as I also have friends and family attending and the indoor playground will not be able to accomodate everyone. Millenia Walk has a big-ish corridor and it is air-conditioned, so the queue will form outside.

  • The Meet and Greet will only last for half an hour. Dash is very impatient and likes to move around a lot. I think half an hour is the maximum amount of time he will stay still in a high chair perhaps to pose for photos. 

  • The photo session is also dependent on his mood. If he is very cranky, I won't force him to do this. It is his birthday afterall, it is most important that he is happy. Once again, please be understanding.

  • Please refrain from touching Dash for hygiene purposes. Posing next to him is ok!

  • The Meet and Greet will start from 2pm and end at 2.30pm. Dash will be going inside the playground to play from this point onwards.

  • There will be 100 free Dash tee shirts I've printed for you guys, kindly sponsored by Ministry Of Print. The tees are for adults, sizes are female S and male M. The design is still a surprise!

  • One person is entitled to one tee.

  • If you badly want the tee and it is all gone, you can place an order from Ministry of Print for a self collect later on. I am not sure yet what the price is but I'm not looking to earn money from this so it won't be much more than cost price.

  •  You can come early to queue up if you want to avoid disappointment. I'm not sure how many people will turn up, but I'm guessing we can only take photos with a handful of people for half an hour.

  • There will be an Instaprint booth present for everyone to print their instagram photos! Just hashtag your photo with #dashturns1 and you can get it printed on the spot. I personally designed the "polaroid frame"!!


And as you can guess, the theme is Superheros vs Supervillains!!

Dash will be coming as his namesake, Dash Incredible.

Le BFF custom made his costume for him! :D :D :D If you wish to come in costume too, you can.


Here are the details!

This invite is meant for my guest thus the RSVP. But yup, the time, date and venue location is all here. Isn't the invite cute? Thank you Hokey Pokey for the fab design!!

See you guys there!!

Monday, March 3, 2014