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ON 31ST MARCH 2014 DASH TURNS ONE!! I know a lot of you have requested a meet and greet with Dash! Since I am hosting a birthday party for him and people have requested that they wanted to pass a present to him, I decided to also organize a meet and greet!  For the first time ever, if you wanted to see Dash in real life, you have the chance to. :D If you are planning on coming, I have to make a few things clear: The party itself is not for the public , only the Meet and Greet, held outside Hokey Pokey Indoor Playground is. Please understand as I also have friends and family attending and the indoor playground will not be able to accomodate everyone. Millenia Walk has a big-ish corridor and it is air-conditioned, so the queue will form outside. The Meet and Greet will only last for half an hour . Dash is very impatient and likes to move around a lot. I think half an hour is the maximum amount of time he will stay still in a high chair perhaps to pose for photos. 

Poker with Dash