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ORRO - The Name That Changed Diamond Simulants Forever

Advertorial  I have to say this is one of my FAVOURITE advertorials ever. How can it not be? It's about DIAMONDS!!! Or rather, diamond stimulants... But I don't care if a diamond is lab grown or mined somewhere - as long as it is sparkly and super shiny!! Before I start I want to talk about how I feel about jewellery. Why is there such a huge price difference between costume jewellery and real fine jewellery? Don't get me wrong, I love costume jewellery. But they come with problems: 1) I have a nickel allergy, so wearing costume jewellery earrings and rings are a problem for me. I get really itchy. Necklaces and bracelets are ok, but even so... 2) They can never last, usually they rust or break easily. They cannot be worn daily. 3) I can't custom make costume jewellery. After I got my wedding ring I wear it every single day and I love it!! I don't ever take it off. I've always wanted to buy another diamond ring to wear daily on my r