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Sunrise Greece - Wedding Photoshoot

When I first got the invitation by Sunrise Greece to go to Greece to do a wedding photoshoot, I must admit I was skeptical. Flying my husband and I to Greece? To Santorini, one of the most beautiful places on Planet Earth, for a shoot? It sounds too good to be true. In any case, I couldn't go, I was heavily pregnant at that point and couldn't fit into a gown. Fast forward some time, Cheesie actually went with Sunrise Greece for her wedding shoot. When she came back, she told us how she was really well taken care of by Sunrise Greece, how Santorini was even more beautiful in real life than in pictures, how the sky and sea are really THAT blue, and how she basically had a ball of a time there and wished she could go back. I looked on in envy as she posted picture after picture on instagram while she was there. Her amazing photoshoot Her villa and its heated pool. The food! The cliff-side views of the magnificent Aegean Sea. Santorini was one of my dream places

Datsumo Labo - Bugis Cube

Advertorial Oh my!!! Who is this cutie??? :D :D :D It's Datsumo Labo 's mascot, Bihakuma , also called "Mei bai xiong" in Chinese, gracing Datsumo Labo's sixth branch at Bugis Cube during the opening! She is flown in all the way from Japan! AND SHE IS SO SO SO CUTE!! Everyone was just squealing when she's around lol... I don't know what it is about mascots but they just make me so excitable lol. Anyway before I get distracted... This is my third entry about Datsumo Labo! You can read the first and second entry by clicking on the links. :) What is Datsumo Labo? It is the fast growing hair removal salon with over 50 outlets in Japan and many more worldwide. So happy because Datsumo Labo has so so so many outlets now! Bugis Cube is its sixth outlet. In case you don't know where Bugis Cube is, it is directly opposite Bugis Junction next to Liang Seah street. Very convenient and super near to Bugis MRT + many shopping malls!