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Oh my!!! Who is this cutie??? :D :D :D

It's Datsumo Labo's mascot, Bihakuma, also called "Mei bai xiong" in Chinese, gracing Datsumo Labo's sixth branch at Bugis Cube during the opening!

She is flown in all the way from Japan!


Everyone was just squealing when she's around lol... I don't know what it is about mascots but they just make me so excitable lol.

Anyway before I get distracted... This is my third entry about Datsumo Labo!

You can read the first and second entry by clicking on the links. :)

What is Datsumo Labo? It is the fast growing hair removal salon with over 50 outlets in Japan and many more worldwide.

So happy because Datsumo Labo has so so so many outlets now! Bugis Cube is its sixth outlet. In case you don't know where Bugis Cube is, it is directly opposite Bugis Junction next to Liang Seah street. Very convenient and super near to Bugis MRT + many shopping malls!

Outside the salon are giant posters of me AND it's all pink, so naturally I love the them!

Datsumo Labo is very popular and the reason why there are so many outlets is because so many people go to them that they are often overbooked. Not to worry, now the outlets are so conveniently located all over Singapore. In fact, two more outlets are going to be opened.

The first East side branch will open 28th June at Katong Parkway Parade. The 7th branch will open at Somerset Orchard Central on 19th July.

Customers can do advance booking if they wish to. CLICK CLICK.

Bihakuma Y U SO CUTE??????!!!

Naturally cannot resist a selfie with her. :D

Let me recap a little about Datsumo Labo and why it's so popular in case you haven't read my past two entries:

1) It is very very affordable.

IPL service have always been expensive. Datsumo Labo makes hair removal very affordable for everyone by scrimping on things like renovation. HOW AFFORDABLE IS IT? How does a 4 area hair removal for only $69 sound? If you consider just waxing off your brazilian area is already $50++, this is permanent and covers FOUR areas... so yes, VERY affordable!

2) It is painless!!

3) There are no hidden fees.. 

No accosting customers to sign dodgy packages from spas that shut down a few months later. Everything is written very clearly so you totally understand what you are paying for and how much.

4) Datsumo Labo, unlike other places that provide permanent hair removal, ONLY DOES PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL AND NOTHING ELSE. They are specialists, so don't expect to get a pedicure, a facial, or a massage from them.

5) FULL REFUND if there are no results.

Yup, so this is the success story of Datsumo Labo. In short, people like them because they are so affordable and they are effective!

I've been to 4 Datsumo Labo hair removal sessions so far.

Since Qiuqiu and I are good friends and she is also sponsored by them, we sometimes talk about our experience with Datsumo, and we both agree they are great. :D

By the third time, most of the undesirable hairs on my body are GONE.

I'm a naturally hairy person AND on top of that my hairs are all pretty course and black, making them very ugly and obvious on my fair skin.

Before Datsumo Labo came into my life I used to dream of not having to shave, wax, tweeze and epilate all the stupid hairs on me anymore, wondering how that would be like, to be one of those lucky girls who don't have undesirable body hair.

To never accidentally leave the house wearing shorts and realising you didn't shave your leg hair and feel self conscious the rest of the day...

To never worry that your pubes might show through a light coloured bikini or worse, have a strand peek out.

To never have to decide to wear clothes with sleeves just because you are running late and don't have time to shave or pluck armpit hair before going out.

To never have to cringe away when your partner strokes your leg because you know instead of feeling velvety smooth it's prickly and scaly.


My leg hair is almost 90% gone. The rest are fine little hairs, half the thickness of my natural leg hair.

My armpits are almost 98% hairless. I count perhaps 6 strands of armpit hair left per armpit, and they are so fine they are almost not noticeable.

Brazilian is the slowest obviously coz there is denser hair there. However, I'd say about 70% of the hairs there are gone.

I'm a happy happy girl.


When I went to the new Bugis Cube outlet I saw that it looks very similar to the other outlets - simple, bright, clean and airy - except this time decked with some balloons.

The bare bones renovation work ensures more money saved go back to YOU, the customer.

Bloggers' testimonials aplenty!

With Bihakuma :D

I got a present from Bihakuma! Really yummy snacks from Japan!

Thanks Bihakuma!! MUAH MUAH!!

Shall also post pics from when I went to the PoMo branch opening at Dhoby Gaunt!

My face everywhere :X

Same clean no nonsense decor.

Bloggers who love Datsumo Labo. :D

It's not everyday you can take a pic with your own lifesized standee.

Just a pic for show haha this is how the consultations are done before treatments but I know everything by now lol so I don't need.

I realised also that Datsumo Labo has a different IPL machine now!

The GSD machine is actually even better!! I personally feel that it is more efficient in hair removal, although it is very slightly more painful for me.

When I said with this machine I can feel a very slight twinge of pain (compared to no pain at all the first two times), the staff told me that because it was my third time, they turned the power on higher for me. And they asked if I want them to lower it. I said it was tolerable, so we continued! In fact, I fell asleep shortly after. :O

If you too go to Datsumo Labo, you can also request for a higher power (more effective hair removal but slight pain) or a lower power (still effective hair removal but perhaps not the best it can do. However, not painful AT ALL).

It's really up to you. But I'd say go with whatever you are comfortable with. Even at the lower completely painfree setting, it was still super effective for me.

Information in case you wish to go to this outlet!!

There is a promotion for the month of June and July!!


You can quote my name "Xiaxue" and get 15% off too!! :D :D :D

FASTER BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT NOW!!! Find out more about this awesome $49/mth promotion HERE.

There is also an ONLINE promotion right now, and you can find out more HERE.

Go to http://datsumo-labo.com/booking and you can get a booking done in just 40 seconds!


Datsumo Labo is holding a Beauty Pageant and we are looking for interested participants to join! Looking for a chance to shine but never had one? This is the event for you (:

Click on the above pic to join!

And of course, remember to like Datsumo Labo's facebook page to get the best promotions!


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