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Review on Slim Couture

This post was written on my Dayre two days ago. I wrote it at 4am - 5am and deleted it at 530am (thereabouts) because I had wrote about a company, Slim Couture, that I was supposed to do a slimming ad for. In the end I rejected the ad as the treatment... Well let's just say it literally sucked (hahaha coz it involves doing ba guan or cupping). The deal went through Nuffnang. When I said I couldn't advertise for Slim Couture, the Nuffies were very understanding and said ok. However, I didn't want to get the Nuffies into trouble as I heard the client can be quite... difficult to deal with. So I took the post down. For some reason the said client was awake at that time and saw the post, then proceeded to scold the Nuffies anyway, saying Nuffnang is very unprofessional, allowing their bloggers to write bad reviews, even if it only existed for such a short time at an ungodly hour. This was sent to my manager:  Erm your english... RIDICULOUS. WHAT HAS NUFFN