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pediped For Little Feet

Advertorial Most moms will agree that it isn't easy to buy good shoes for toddlers. When transitioning from crawling to walking, baby's shoes should change from soft soles to safer, firmer soles to protect from sharp objects that might be on the ground, yet cannot be too hard because it will be uncomfortable to walk in. The shoes should also be very soft so it won't cause blisters on baby's delicate skin. And yes, it would be great if the designs are trendy too! pediped has very kindly sponsored Dash shoes since his birth, so he has so many pairs that you may have often spotted him wear on my social media photos! I currently have six pediped shoes in Dash's shoe cabinet... He has already outgrown many, which I have given to my friends' kids. Aren't the designs just so cute? :D pediped's shoes are very very soft and bendy, making it super comfy for the little ones.  Afterall they cannot tell you when their shoes are making them