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Will Haters Stop At Nothing?

So there is a new GTL video out and I respond to mean comments. Watch: Anyway so I was reading the comments on the page... I usually don't coz I am not admin thus it's a big hassle to ask Gillian to delete shit comments so I don't like reading the comments there even though most of them tend to be positive. Some hater left a link to my Gossip Guru page. I haven't seen it in ages so I decided to click on it. To my surprise the latest posts were about how they all think Dash is autistic. Now I'm gonna put my disclaimer because this is a sensitive topic. First thing everyone defensively says when they see the word is "There is nothing wrong with being autistic!". Having no relative or friends close to me who are, I'm ill-informed about how an autistic person leads his daily life. But I've seen TV shows, movies and read books about them (The Curious Incident of the dog in the Night-Time). I also know autism is a spectrum that can rang