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The Big Gushcloud Exposé

I've been meaning to write this but I've waited more than 1 year to slowly gather all the evidence I need. Finally, here's the result. This entry is very long. Maybe it will be boring to anyone who isn't a blogger or an advertiser because there are a lot of numbers and it's pretty darn wordy. But everyone should love a good exposé, right? Here's the background story. What is Gushcloud? If you don't already know, they are kinda like a rival company to Nuffnang, dealing with bloggers, social media, youtube etc. Now everyone knows my loyalty to Nuffnang . I've been with Nuffnang since its infancy and the boss, Ming, is my good friend. Not everyone knows this either but I was offered a very small amount of shares when I first joined. Some other popular bloggers also were. Start ups offering shares to get people to join them is common practice. However, I don't get dividends. I don't get any say in how the company is run. Why am I tell

My New TyreQueen Car

Advertorial Happy to announce that I am the new ambassador for TyreQueen !! :D :D :D This picture is from the photoshoot I did for them... The photos turned out really amazing!! What is TyreQueen? is an online portal for selling tyres and rims! They are special because at TyreQueen, you can choose from a crazy extensive range of tyres and get tyre prices up to 50% cheaper! No more getting scammed by car workshops, waiting there for a long time and paying exorbitant prices for your tyres! TyreQueen offers installment plans of up to 36 months for purchases above $500. Simply go to, compare and pick your tyres, make your purchase and select a date and time to go to any of TyreQueen's workshops. Then your tyres get installed in 30 mins while you relax in their lounge! If you, like me, know nothing about tyres (before I met them and got enlightened that is), there is livechat on the site that can answer all your tyre questions! I just wa