Protection Order Against SMRT Ltd (Feedback)

So... As you guys know I'm constantly being harassed by the entity called SMRT (Ltd) Feedback.

Most of you probably don't know the extensive nature of it.

I've been harassed by them, more or less nonstop, since 2012.

One of the first posts about me

Every now and then they will throw in some snide comment about me if they feel like it. I've pretty much ignored them for years now.

 (29 Nov 2012)

Sometimes I retailiate, but for what? It just gives them more ammunition to continue. It makes them more popular and more obnoxious.

Since they are anonymous, there is nothing much I can do about it.

Defend myself? For every defense they come up with another accusation/insult. I defend until when?

Sue them for defamation? Serve the papers... on who?

Find out their identity? I'm sorry but I have no idea how to go about doing that.

After their Exposé Part 1.5 about me, I have resigned myself to the fact that their relentless taunting, accusations and insults are simply things I have to accept in my life. It's not that I didn't want to fight back. It is that I cannot. You can't fight with something that isn't even a real entity.

Thus the previous blog entry about how to win them.

But it was a farce. I didn't win, not really. It was simply the best I could do.

I didn't want to let everyone know the extensive damage Smrt Ltd Feedback (henceforth called SMRT) have done to me because it would serve no purpose other than to give them glee.

But today, I'll tell everyone know what they have done to me since 2012...

Disparaged my character and work integrity

  • Accused me of bribing Gushcloud influencers. 

Despite my clarification that I did no such thing, the post is still there.

  • Accused me of fraud.

According to them I inflate my statistics and buy my followers to cheat advertisers for more money. Despite me clarifying I did no such thing, their posts are still there.

(from their blog)

(From their twitter)

  • Defamed my online business

  • Attacked my advertisers.

They spread untrue and completely baseless rumours insinuating that Tyrequeen has dropped me.

This also led to their followers, despite never being actual customers of Tyrequeen, leaving 1 star reviews for the page. My clients were very upset because their team had worked so hard to get 5 star reviews previously. Luckily, despite that, they didn't drop my endorsement.

Imputed My Unchastity

  • Calling me a slut
Btw, these tweets happened when I was pregnant.

  • Calling me a stripper

Harassed me for and during my pregnancy

I was pregnant from August 2012 to March 2013. During this period, SMRT was unrelentless in their attacks. Nobody says you cannot harass pregnant women and nor will I claim that they affected me enough to cause any prenatal depression or anything like that, but it just speaks volumes about how low they will go.

  • Calling me a pregnant dog:

  • Insinuating my husband will leave me after birthing an ugly baby (like in the article linked)

Harassed my family

  • Directly badgered my husband

  • Vandalised my child's picture

I never said I was a perfect role model or the best mom. I am not. Before Dashiel's birth I've used vulgarities and continue to do so today, although I've reduced the usage drastically. But I NEVER EVER do it in front of him. Even if I did (which I don't), it's not up to them to misuse my son's pictures as some kind of comic fodder for their webpages.

  • Attacked my child's appearance

Dash was only 2 months old

Since this was posted after Dash's birth I'm going to assume they are saying he is ugly.

Compromised my family's and my safety

  • My address disclosed, many times over.

SMRT themselves didn't do that, but they provided a popular avenue for my haters to. Previously, if someone posted my address somewhere else, it doesn't really matter because very few people would see it. Those who did wouldn't care.

But SMRT has a monthly reach of 2 million, and many of their followers HATE me.These haters now know where to find me.

I have received very scary death threats before. 

It's so scary that I don't even dare to post it on this blog. 

But you can click HERE if you want to see it. (Warning: graphic images)

This person actually promised to never stop hunting Dash down until he personally murders my baby.
(He wrote that in the caption. Unfortunately, before I could do a printscreen, the account was flagged and removed.)

When I saw that my address was exposed on SMRT, I felt so worried that the person who issued the death threat would come hunt me down and harm Dash, I couldn't sleep.

After SMRT's exposé, THIS website popped up. (Warning: graphic images, nsfw)

The website was linked on SMRT via comments. The site has been taken down (I'm guessing people went to report it) but it definitely showed me how scary people can get.

However, all in all, I felt that SMRT's constant attacks on me, and their resulting comments stream which provides a widely seen avenue for my haters to post all kinds of private information about me, compromises my family's and my safety.

Third Party Attacks

Everytime SMRT posts about me, hundreds of horrible third party attacks will occur. To date, there are thousands.

SMRT may argue that they cannot help it that people post comments, but it is undeniable that their abusive posts about me are the catalyst. 

Just a few examples of the things people say...

Looking at all these, I'm sure most of you agree it's getting way overboard. This isn't just childish remarks about my appearance anymore. 

It is actually getting dangerous.

If someone were to relentlessly attack you and your family again and again, would you just stand by and do nothing???

A few days after writing my previous entry and giving up on fighting with SMRT, I was alerted to the new Harassment Act.

Although I did know of the act, it never occurred to me that I can use it. The act only came into effect on 15 November 2014. It is very new.

There is something different about this Act. Unlike any other Act in the past, it CAN be served on the anonymous via emails or social media messaging.

And so, a few weeks ago, I engaged a law firm to seek a Protection Order against SMRT from the Harassment Act. This isn't a sponsorship, I paid for their services.

Now, a little more about the Harassment Act. The proceedings go like this (of course I'm not a lawyer so I am explaining it the best I can):

1) You file an Originating Summons, which is your request for what you want in your Protection Order, and also an affidavit, which is like your statement and evidence for what happened.

2) A court date will be set some time later for a hearing before a judge who will decide if he/she wants to grant you the Protection Order.

3) In between, the other party will have time to find their own lawyers and file their own affidavit to counter why they feel the Order shouldn't be granted, if they are so inclined. (But to do so SMRT will have to file it with an identity, which will compromise on their anonymity, so they didn't.)

On the 29th of January 2015 at approximately 12pm, SMRT was served via email and their facebook private message.

Effective service happens the moment you successfully sent your documents electronically. Whether or not the party saw it does not matter.

However, I did printscreen that they saw my message on 1.27pm. They stopped mentioning me on their social media afterwards.

That night, at around 1030pm, a few hours after they received the court service, something odd happened. 

I was turning into my carpark and a strong flashlight came on. You can see what my car camera recorded:

(Ignore the timestamp as I never bothered to properly set the time and date on my car camera)

I was alone in the car and got really scared! I noticed that there was a middle aged man (looks mid-forties) who was hiding between two cars under my block and holding a heavy DSLR camera. After his flash came on he looked visibly flustered and starting to fumble with his camera awkwardly.

I sat in the parked car and called Mike who was at home to come downstairs but he didn't pick up as he didn't have his phone by him.

So I walked up to the guy and went behind him. He avoided eye contact with me and still pretended to fiddle with his camera while standing awkwardly wedged between the two parked cars. Neither cars had their engines or lights on.

I tried to take a picture of his back view sneakily but FML I made same noobshit mistake as him and my flash came on lol.

Here's the photo:

That's his head in the photo.

Nervously, I approached him and asked "May I ask what you are taking photos of?"

He pointed at the moon and said "I'm testing my new camera and shooting the moon."

Since I had no proof that he did anything wrong, I left it at that and went home. I came down with Mike immediately after and he was gone.

After looking at my car camera footage, I realised that his flash was aimed obviously to his front and center at my car, not upwards and to the left where the moon was. Why would anyone be hiding in between two parked cars in an open air carpark to shoot the moon? That's ridiculous!

And as my friends pointed out, to shoot the moon one needs a tripod and telescopic lens, which he didn't have. I filed a police report online the next day.

I don't know who this guy is. I find it very unlikely that he was indeed shooting the moon, but it seems a little presumptuous and self-flattering to say he is photographing me.

However, this indeed happened a few hours after I served SMRT their papers.

The photographer could have been any random person or perhaps a genuine moon admirer, but I can't help but have my suspicions about who he is.

The next day, I went back to my facebook inbox and saw that SMRT went to mark their message as unread.

I don't know what they trying to do because they left the "seen" tick there for over a day and luckily I took a screenshot.

Then, one day before the hearing, they posted super long disclaimers on their pages about how they are a satire page and have no malicious intent blah blah. Sorry, no dice. Just because you claim everything you write is satire means you are bulletproof to insult anyone you want? Obviously some of their posts about me with graphs, charts and statistics show it isn't satire. And how is everything I've shown so far not malicious?

In their blog they tried to lie it isn't created by them...

Forgot to delete self written evidence that your blog is created by you?

Obviously they didn't want to remove their blog posts on me so they try to disclaim that it's not created by them. I'm not sure if such flimsy lies will work...

Finally, 5th of February, 
the date of the hearing, arrived.

After the hearing (at which SMRT did not appear), the following court order is given:

As far as I know, this is the first successful Protection Order taken up against an anonymous entity.

What this means:

If they violate the court order, it is considered contempt of court, which is a CRIMINAL OFFENSE. 

If convicted, they may be punishable with a fine or IMPRISONMENT.

Q and A time!

  • Question 1: "But they are anonymous, how to catch?"

If SMRT flouts the court order and therefore commits criminal contempt of court, it becomes a criminal case – a police report can be filed against them and the police can start looking into using its resources to trace SMRT’s identity.

I'm sure they are ways to trace a person online, even if they use everything they can to cover their tracks. They are accepting payment for ads and have a paypal account. Money has to go somewhere to someone.

By openly flouting the law, they are challenging our legal system to apprehend them.

Hopefully then, we can finally see the faces behind the masks.

  • Question 2: "They claim to be overseas, then how?"

Once again, it will be up to the police to trace them down and see where they are. Once their identity is known, I can seek other remedies such as a defamation suit if they are overseas. If they are in Singapore which they have mentioned many times they are, then they have to answer for their actions.

  • Question 3: "What if really cannot find them?"

Just because their identity isn't known now doesn't mean it will never be known forever. In the future, if their identity gets found, they can still be charged. If they really continue to violate the law and don't get found, then kudos to them and bad luck to me. But they better hope they won't be found.

  • Question 4: "Why must you resort to the law? That's so oppressive."
What a stupid question. Did you not see the above where I posted all the shit they wrote about my family and me? I will use any means I can to stop them, even if it means fighting with the law. They are anonymous, it is not like I can do anything else to defend myself!

And the biggest question of all that everyone is thinking:

  • Question 5: "Don't you harass other people too like Dawn Yang or Kaykay? You can harass the families of the Faces of Haters but people cannot harass yours? This is horribly hypocritical of you. You deserve all that SMRT did to you."

I admit that throughout my blogging career, I have indeed wrote unfavourably about many people.

But there is one very big difference: I AM NOT ANONYMOUS. 

Whatever I say, I say with my identity. I pay the price of my words. Whenever I insult anyone, I always get backlash from the public for being a bully. It's not like I can say whatever I want with no consequences.

If these people who felt harassed, defamed, or insulted by me, they can attack me back (which they have), sue me for defamation, or feel free to slap a Harassment suit on me too.

If the latter happens, unlike SMRT, I will appear for the court hearing and let the judge know why I said what I said and answer for my actions. The judge can then decide if a protection order should be taken up against me.

As for the posting of the family pictures of the Faces of Haters, as I have explained many times, IT IS NOT ME WHO POSTED PICTURES OF THEIR FAMILY MEMBERS. IT IS THE MEN THEMSELVES.

They wrote those nasty and dirty comments about me with a open facebook profile on Temasek Review. Some even have their wife and children as their profile picture. It's public information. It's not like I went to do some crazy detective work and entrap them to send me their family photos. Anyone who was on Temasek Review would have already saw their comments and can easily see their family with a simple click. How is what I blogged any different from what they did themselves?

It's wrong to do a printscreen of their open profiles? I really don't get it. (Longer explanation HERE)

And unlike SMRT, I did not ever write insulting comments about their family members. Yes, their family members are innocent. Tell that to the men who involved their family, NOT ME.


Now that I've shown many of the abusive posts SMRT has done on me, I hope it is clearer why I have to take this drastic step to stop them.

They have promised an exposé part 2 on me, which I'm sure will contain even more lies and abuse. I wouldn't care, except they have widespread exposure. Their malicious behaviour have gone on for years, has only increased in intensity and shows no signs of stopping.

I'm glad I've got my Protection Order now, which shows even the law agrees I've been unfairly harassed and it should stop.

SMRT Feedback: Please read the Court Order and comply, or face the legal consequences.


Kathy Vu said…
You did what you had to do!! :-) I love you for it!
These people are insane! Isn't there any censorship or report action in Singapore? Such cyberbullying should not happen...
Anonymous said…
Hi Xiaxue I'm with you! Hope you and your family will be safe. :)
Anonymous said…
I believe in you, stay strong! :)
Anonymous said…
the visitors past week is fake as fuck though.
Anonymous said…
"I admit that throughout my blogging career, I have indeed wrote unfavourably about many people."

Grammatical mistake: "written" instead of "wrote"
Anonymous said…
Good job on taking them down!! You deserve a peaceful life
Anonymous said…
jiayou. they r too much!
Anonymous said…
Great Job Xiaxue. you and your family dont deserve this. ;(
Anonymous said…
wow this is horrible, i hope they dont bother you anymore, and probably ther read this too
Victoria said…
You did the right thing XX! Even though you have insulted other people you still do not deserve this sort of harassment for them. Besides, it is human nature to diss those we don't like. The only difference is that you openly share your opinions and you shouldn't be bullied for this.

I wish for you and your family safety.
Have a great year! :D

- A fan of yours from New Zealand.
Luis Goh said…
support you =) hope that you and your family will stay safe.
Anonymous said…
Good move you have done the protection order.
May it really protects you from those foolish people...
Leopard Sushi said…
Went to check out SMRT FB page, wondering why nobody reported it as offensive. They've broke the news about the protection order on their page & I read through the comments. It is SHOCKING how many people are strongly supporting people they don't even know in harassing a mother & her child & family. & their profiles are so easily clickable, it's bizarre they think they can say anything they want.

Also, "Why must you resort to the law? That's so oppressive" ? LOL, real people are governed by laws, they are there to be used.
Anonymous said…
You did the right thing. It's awful what they've said and people like this shouldn't get away with it. One day it's a bad word, the other day it's physical violence. I hope people can see you did a favor for the whole community.
Anonymous said…
Support You in this protection act. It's really scary that one human being can do all the cursing and changing baby dash face to horrible things.
Anonymous said…
Bravo :3
Danielle said…
Kudos to your bravery in stepping up on the protection of your family against morons like them!

People who hide behind the screens and harassed others thinking that they will never be discovered, need to be taught a lesson.
Anonymous said…
First time reading this, and while I like the cynical remarks in their statuses individually, overall I think you did good.
Anonymous said…
Hi XiaXue, I am actually working at SMRT. The REAL Public Transport Operator, not the fake Feedback anonymous account. Our CEO has on multiple times requested to track down SMRT Feedback due to negative association with our company. Many people still do not know they are bogus and in fact not associated with SMRT Corp, and deduce that SMRT Corp is vulgar and rude. Hence, may I request that you do not refer to "Smrt Ltd Feedback" as SMRT on your blog? There may be goondus out there who think that this Public Transport Operator is the one harrassing you. Thank you!
Fu Sheng said…
Its a good thing that all is settled for now but I doubt they will stop.
Anonymous said…
good job! smrt ought to be put to a stop and those nasty haters have nothing better to do and pathetic to core. jealousy just seemed to overwhelmed them. i think those peeps are creepy. doing that to your pictures. xiaxue jia you! bring down all those crappy ppl. there is another hater blog you ought to bring down too.
Unknown said…
You go girl! I mean, harassing people online is fine. But if they even try to get you in real life, man, I bet they got no life. Or at least not a nice life they got.

Criminalize these kind of people is the best thing you can do. So that they don't do the same to other people
Anonymous said…
Yay to xx. That insult about calling you slut was the worst. Some more you're married and pregnant. Ugh. Filthy people deserve to get slapped.
Thuy Mi said…
You go Xiaxue! Those anonymous attackers went overboard with harrasing you and your family and spreading lies, so it's only logical that you filed an order against them.
ICV said…
You did the right thing to protect your family. I think internet thing should stay internet and not abuse and harass you in reality. Stay safe and happy.
Anonymous said…
i cant say that you've done everything right in the past but i am behind you on this one! hope all will go well and that your family will be safe!
Anonymous said…
I've never really been a fan of yours not a hater just neutral and randomly reading most of your sagas but honestly that was way overboard. Hope they get what they deserve and maybe more and all the best to you. And dash is the cutest ever
Anonymous said…
i read your post and i can so totally feel what you went through.

but to even target an innocent child is really unacceptable.
Anonymous said…
Some guys are also funny. This is xx diary, we read what she wants to write mah. If beh song her, go read a bible lah.
Excellent job.
Just curious, can you tell us how much it costs to get all this done?
Anonymous said…
I do hope you will eventually find some closure to this. Take care and stay safe :)
sohcool said…
Big hugs to you. You must be such a strong girl to endure this for so long.
Anonymous said…
I song blame you I would of did the same thing that's really messed up
Boh Tong said…
You are the champion of the sincere bloggers! Well done!
Unknown said…
How can 1 be so cruel to just a Lil bb and abuse him online. I wonder how their parents teach them. But a good step u took there, to get that protection order for your family. You're a great wife,momma,daughter and a great person. I actually watched ur clips on how you educate dash and I picked up a thing or 2 to teach My girl too. Be proud of what u are today :) stay safe and happy always :)
Unknown said…
I am a reader who stands on neutral grounds and I happened to read your blog after following your twitter and your instagram (by the way Dash is sooooo cute!!!!) for about a year or so.
I just want to extend my support to you and your family, knowing how difficult things are getting now. I pray for safety and happiness to be with you and your family always.
I know how bad is cyberbully and harassment is like, I have been through it myself, though not as extensive as yours (because of your recognition status in Singapore sadly :( ), I know how it feels to be attacked virtually by haters and people wishing you / your loved ones to die because of you or something.
I just want to tell you, never give up on hope :) The law will always stand with you so long as you believe you are right and you did not stoop to something as low as what they did to you.

I will constantly pray for you and your family and please stay safe babe, you're honest and kind hearted, I know that you are, deep down. :)
A mother who loves her son so much that she cannot sleep while worrying is something the rest wouldn't understand unless they are one themselves.

Keep smiling and believe things will turn out just fine. :)
Love you!
Anonymous said…
So they cant publish, but they can repost from others?
Anonymous said…
Wish everything is safe with you and loved ones. I admit i used to cringe away when I see ure pics or read your posts.. but now I empathize with u. It's pure madness with what's going on at their fb page.
Clearly many people still see u as a beauty blogger which u aren't anymore.

Anonymous said…
I love you . Gald it's over . Stay strongg ((:
Anonymous said…
Well done! You did the right thing to protect yourself and your family.
Anonymous said…
I am not your fan but i do agree that SMRT action is excessive and gone too far. Hope you and your family stay safe and the law of Singapore is able to protect you from those perverted actions
Anonymous said…
Wth that video really scared the shit out of me. These people are sick in the minds. I wish you all the best and I'll be praying for you and your family to be safe. Happy Chinese New Year in advance!
alex said…
i'm glad you're standing up for yourself xiaxue
Surebor said…
Also if being a blogger doesn't pan out u should seriously consider being a lawyer cos yr detailed and know how to present ur argument.
Anonymous said…
Awesome :D
Anonymous said…
yaaaasss you go girl!
K said…
U know, i'm very happy for you now that you managed to find a way to ensure the security of your family members.. I used to religiously follow up on SMRT Feedback on FB because I thought they were hilarious, making those little jokes.. But recently, i did notice they were going overboard, and it's now just plain bullying.. I just want u to know that I have been supporting u, and will continue to do so. Stay strong and be safe :) x
Anonymous said…
Kudos for taking measures to protect your family and yourself. Harassment and death threats are no joke and shouldn't be taken lightly. I hope these people will stop their harm against you and your family. :)
Iis al isah said…
good job Xiaxue, i'm not a fan nor a hater of yours, but what you did was awesome,,, impresive give two thumbs up if there is. ;)
Anonymous said…
Dear Xiaxue , I could say I am a fan of yours from quite a long time now, I've watched every video of you and read not all but many of your blog posts, I believe you are good on what you do , you are charismatic , fun and can definitely reach any goal you set for yourself , I've been following this case and I want to say it's wrong what they are doing to you ...insulting someone is always wrong and it's even worse when an innocent child or even your husband are thrown between all this drama , as much as it hurts me to see an innocent child being called ugly and all that I also want to tell you that somehow you0ve also made some mistakes.
I am nobody to really accuse you but I believe sometimes you've been really harsh to people, you've also badly insulted some of them and that's wrong too , as much as I hope people will stop insulting you I believe you don't need to give this bad image of yourself , you don't need to fight against everyone who doesn't like you and also haters aren't always people who envy you but also people who really cannot accept your actions , I think as someone who has a certain influence on people out there you should somehow try your best to give a good image of yourself and you should reflect on your bad actions too , all I see now is fights and fights , I feel sorry for you cause you have talent but you are somehow letting only a bad side of you come out.
As I said I am nobody to judge you and also nobody to give you advice but somehow when I read all the things they said about your son I felt concerned , my question is do you want him to grow up surrounded by so many haters? Even though he has people loving him and taking care of him you should remember in this world is so much better to avoid having so many enemies because you never know the harm they can cause , I see people "respecting " you because they fear you bashing on them , but that's not real respect is it?
Now that you are a grown up woman maybe it's time for you to stop fighting so much , not only for your own good but also because it might affect your family in the future.
Anyway I hope you don't find this comment offensive if you get to read it , as I said I am a fan of yours and I am not willing to critisize you , I mean well , best of luck to you Xiaxue , I hope things will get better for you.
Take care.
Vonnie said…
It's nice to see someone taking a stand against jerks like that. You and your family shouldn't have to worry about being physically harmed because someone on the internet is a butthurt douchebag jerk and probably just jealous of all of your success.
- said…
eww those people are so horrid. :0 Tbh the death threats are enough to give anyone a nightmare for weeks
Anonymous said…
Hellos Xiaxue! I've been reading your blog since many years back and I think this is my first time leaving you a comment!

I just want to say that I really respect your courage to stand up for yourself and your family despite all the adversity and haters! The anonymous keyboard warriors who think they can shoot their mouths without facing consequences are in my opinion, the real losers.

On the other hand, you've inspired me in so many ways and I really hope the best for you (and your family). Please keep writing and inspiring your readers, I think what you're showing the world is making a positive difference for many.

P/S: Lead a good life! It really gets to the haters. Cheers!
Anonymous said…
Hey, good on you for standing up to cowards. :) I hope everything goes well. You're an inspiration. ~A long-time reader from Australia.
Anonymous said…
I don´t know what SMRT supposed to mean but in my native language (Czech) it means DEATH. I hope those people are not from my country because they are trash.

Anonymous said…
I'm glad there's a solution! It's scary knowing anything could've happened to you.
Anonymous said…
Add oil! Fuck those pieces of crap!
BrionyM said…
It's really incredible how far envious and disgusting people are willing to go in their need of expressing their personal frustrations. This post has really shocked me. I've been reading your blog for quite some time now and never felt in the need of commenting until now. In spite of the fact that it's really horrible and unfair that you have to go through this harassment, it's also true that sick, frustrated and unhappy people tend to attack those figures who embody those things they feel particularly unhappy with about themselves.¡Stay strong as allways Xiaxue! and never let pathetic and shameful subnormals drag your spirit down. My prayers will be with you and with your beautiful family.
Anonymous said…
Dont follow bloggers. But recently a friend said you stay near another friend. So I went.. WHO? And googled XiaXue and found this page.

Unlikely will be fan. But this article about SMRT (feedback) and their harassment from so long ago and your actions is really interesting read.

I support your right to stop such remarks. It is crazy how far people will go online, just because they are anonymous. The sure ugliness people can write is disgusting.

I hope this injunction will stop such behaviour. But only time will tell.

I am sure you are not totally without blame, but your faq have really good reasonning on the difference between them and you. Which I mostly agree (except I prefer moderate arguments to critic on others)

I believe it is time everyone is held to some standards of accountability. Why people find it fun to hurt others? I want to say I cannot tell, but I sort of can. Still is really bad form, attitude, behaviour, way to live your life. Only comes back to hurt you.

PS: Yea I not putting my details here. Some of those comments are crazy and I no want such people even noticing me :D
Anonymous said…
They are really too much already.. They should face some consequences for cyber bullying..
kurohera said…
I'm glad that you are turning to the law and take legal action against these people. Threats like that are no jokes, it's not even funny in the first place. Stay strong!
Jasmine said…
Good on you Xiaxue. We live in a nation and we cannot at any point forget the rule of law. So many people (especially the pond scum) forget this principle, as if they think that because they deride and choose not to believe in the government it automatically means the laws of the country are, by extension, nonsensical and thus not to be taken seriously. Those people overstate their own worth and underestimate the severity of their own actions. I hope you serve as an inspiration to others who face such issues of harassment, especially on social media. I'm glad our law takes such cyber bullying (hate this phrase, sounds so 90's) seriously.

I can imagine SMRT to complain that there's no freedom of speech simply because an order has been served. The truth is freedoms are weighed against others' interests and rights. We all have an interest not to be insulted and individual rights not to be criminally harassed. I'd just like to make it clear that I think they have gone beyond standalone insults.

I hope you and your family stay safe and I'm glad to read an update on your lives. This is probably my first comment despite being a reader for 10 years...
ahlost said…
i hope they will stop harassing you and your family after this.. this is really bad of them !!
Unknown said…
those haters are fcking disgusting :(
I was shocked at the mean things they have done/said. I can't believe people can be so mean and rude. Why would you want to harm someone else when that person has absolutely nothing to do with your own life? We've all said mean things to other people but no person deserves to be hurt in this way, and Dashiel is still such a young child it's sick that you talk so badly about a child that cannot defense himself yet. I think it's a good thing you went to the police , they deserve this in every way.
ekylim83 said…
Serves them right :D
Anonymous said…
Hey Xiaxue, stay strong. :) It must have been tough on you all those years, but I'm glad you have lovely family members and friends, even netizens, behind you helping you and supporting you through.

You are a brave woman for standing up for what you feel is right and what you cherish. And I am glad that you are also responsible enough to want to accept the consequences of your actions (be it backlash or anything else).

I feel that with your great command of language and influence, you can actually inspire and influence readers in many ways. I do hope that you can continue to do just that and maybe in a more positive manner - for instance, instead of casting a blogger in bad light, to celebrate the good things you see around you. That is influence too, just that it's less controversial and less tiresome on you eventually, and is more palatable and helpful for a lot of people. This is of course just an opinion. It is your blog after all, and you can definitely express what you want to.

The threats by your haters are definitely scary-sounding. Which is why it was prudent of you to protect yourself and your loved ones using the law. God bless you and keep you safe. You have a great gift of writing, and your candidness is endearing.

Anonymous said…
I think you should adjust the timestamp on your dashboard camera. I've been a victim of a road rage. Details like this make a lot of difference when you're driving alone. Stay safe.
JT said…
*Thumbs up* You go girl. They stay anonymous cause they are cowards. Idiots like them should be thrown in jail for all I care. What a waste of space on our planet.
OwlGirl said…
Dear Xiaxue,
i totally agree with you. You should just ignore them because in real life there will always be people who don't like you.
You are a role model to me and i hope you live a better life.
Anonymous said…

I have been reading your blog since 2005, so it's been 10 years!

I initially read your blog because of the wealth of down-to-earth information regarding plastic surgery and all of the things you attempted to improve your physical looks. You bared the whole truth without shame, and I consumed that information.

I now continue to read your blog because I think you are an analytical person that can engage me with the strength of your personality, the good and bad, through a computer screen.

I have come to admire the life you have built for yourself and look forward to witnessing your future success. The road you have chosen is a difficult thing to do, but you have succeeded where so many have failed, turning a hobby into a living.

There may be some who prey on you such as this. But I stand next to you while you battle this minor bump in the road.

Just a shout out of support from a long time reader.

Take care,
Unknown said…
What you've been through is horrible! These people need to learn some manners.
Martina said…
Maybe you should consider living in the US instead of Singapore. Ofc you shouldn't NEED to leave your country but singaporeans seems to be CRAZY imo and maybe you should get the respect and gratitude you deserve in a more open and liberal country? You would fit into LA very well, or NY for example :)
Anonymous said…
Hello from the states. *Stay safe*, this is the devil at work! XOXOXOXO
<3 luv and ((> ...Icecream!
Anonymous said…
I am amazed by you. I love your strong and independent character. You are my idol.
JuneBubz said…
Bravo on the lawsuit! I really hope they get what they deserved for such heinous acts! Supporting you all the way! Xx
Anonymous said…
Seriously the people who knows the least about you spends the most time trying to bring you down... ugh so damn irritating
Angela said…
im a fan of urs and always envied u. ure pretty, hilarious, have a beautiful family and a very successful career. After this post, I felt so scared for you. SMRT saying that tyrequeen have dropped u, but please your on tv! If they dropped you, you wouldnt be on tv right? Want to accuse you also dont know how to get the facts right first. Please stay safe.
Anson Low said…
I am amazed that no one commented on this, or maybe not been approved yet. I am an on and off reader of your blog since 6-7years ago at least, not a massive fan but I do enjoy reading from time to time (just to explain so that the SMRT supporters don't see me as your supporter in any sense). But Xiaxue, I am very proud of you and hence I am writing this comment. There's fine line in between insult and death threat. They can insult whatever they want but not to cause you any death threats, which is bizarre when I saw them. They deserve this from you without a doubt and I hope further legal action will be taken. I hope you and your family will be safe, which is the most important thing for you and your family. And don't back down because of people like them. Not that my words help but I thought I would at least give you some mental support as you and your family doesn't deserve this. Best wishes. And I will be commenting with my identity!
Missy said…
Wow, this is fkn horrible! So sorry that you even have to bother. Humanity can be so cruel.
Anonymous said…
All the best XiaXue, and stay safe! Its great you stood up for yourself and your family.
Unknown said…
HI Xia Xue , I've just read this post and I don'T understand one thing. Why do they have problems with taht you photoshop your pictures when you are not telling anyone that you are perfect and you are very open about your photoshoping and surgeries. I don't think it is bad when you are not pretending you are someone different. And if it makes you feel better I think it doesn't matter. I am very sorry for what happened to you. I don't really understand why people need to be so mean. For nothing truly. I think you are great because you don't have problem to say the true. And baby DashDash will be beautiful boy anyway!
So I wish you luck and happiness and no more idiots who do sh*t like this!
Love You ! ^^
louisemedb said…
I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the effort you are making to stop this. We had the same problem in Sweden, people were writing crazy things about others on the internet and were using anonymity to hide behind their scrense. And often bloggers and other famous people were hit the hardest. BUT it is much better now. The thing that changed everything was when all the bloggers and celebritys started to act to gether. Like you are doing now, they started to write about it on social media and soon the news papers were talking about it. It led to schools making student to talk about how they are behaving online. And the goverment was pushed to make a new law about "internet trolls" as we call the haters here in sweden. Of course there is still people who writes shitty comments, but all the death treaths and herrasing are no longer there. So if you really want this kind of hate stop in the long term, gather your friends and make them talk about it to. I think you are such a strong person and I know that you can make a change.
All the best to you and your family.
Cindy Eva Han said…
Oh my gosh XiaXue.. i've clicked on the "graphically disturbing links" on examples of death threats to you and baby Dash and they were indeed HORRIFYING!!!

My first thought was they you didn't get the protection order much much earlier once you started receiving those posts and threats! Things need to be done. My heart missed a beat when i opened the link and i feel so ashamed of such people who did it, being a fellow Singaporean. This is such a hideous and disgraceful example of us being Singaporeans that i can't imagine why such behavior is humanely possible.

Kudos to taking the steps to protect yourself and your family. Especially baby Dash. Will keep you in my prayers and i hope that the culprits get the lawful judgement they deserved. I sincerely hope that no such events will happen to you and your family again. Be strong!
forget the haters dear... theyre just jealous because you are famous... dont stop doing what you like... there is always someone or your fans supporting you...:)
Unknown said…
This is really bullshit!! People are so damn quick to comment on your life. The worst thing i heard was a person referring to them self as an "activist", for harassing people online...

funny how people take pride in their ability to make you feel bad.

"Social rejection is the fastest way to create a bully. If a person is not accepted into circles of friendship, the quickest way to achieve social recognition is to become a bully."

this saddens me.

Good luck though!
honestly i'm really lazy to create either of those accounts (just for a comment) which will remain inactive thereafter said…
cyberbullying has gone too far.
they just hate on you and bully you for a feel good factor, thinking they have done some 'righteous' thing when in fact, it just shows they are not open to other people's comments nor are they open minded with certain things (like they keep making snide remarks about your plastic surgery ) .
You have not been harassing others; it might seem to be a mean post to many but you did not taunt or make snide remarks often in reference to many things that the person did.
The way they retaliate- thinking they are smart when they replied to someone who defended you : "did you also just called your mum a slut?" twisting it that way could be insulting every mum . The girl who defended u raised her stand on a loyal,married mum and was just trying to get "smrt" to reflect. but perhaps "smrt" has focused on too much of his energy in negative thoughts that the ability to reflect has decreased dramatically.
Anonymous said…
Don't these people realise that's technically cyber bullying?? Its so great that they now have laws against this.
Unknown said…
Good for you, Xiaxue. You are taking steps to protect yourself and your family. You are also holding the greater blogging community accountable for their actions. I hope this person or persons behind that SMRT thing gets a life and stops harassing you. It's utterly pathetic that they're doing this. Don't they have any thing else better to do?

Keep being you Xiaxue. :)
Unknown said…
Hey all the best God bless. I mean even if online people anonymous fight with or curse or say evil stuff about future .without threatening..also to report ? U r not alone Thanks ~michie
Anonymous said…
Xiaxue, I had always seen you as someone with a strong and unique personality. I loved reading your blog and absolutely loved the way you wrote (except for when u threw shit at people). And I had even greater respect and admiration for the tremendous success you have as an online personality. I honestly thought (and still think) that you are one of the most blessed people in the world- awesome job, loving husband and such a great family. What more could a person want?

But with all due respect, and without trying to sound like I am in any way undermining the wrongness of SMRTs actions, I think you brought all these upon yourself, Xiaxue (please do not read this in a 'in your face' tone). Yes, you concede that you have written unfavorable things about other people throughout your tremendously successful blogging career but your defense is that you do not do this anonymously. But honestly what is the difference? I think the amount of damage done to the people you have slandered online (regardless of whether you have good grounds to do so), given that you are such a huge online personality, is just as much as someone maliciously conjuring rumors about you under the mask of anonymity, if not greater.

Your recent sagas made me reflect and wonder if all the fame and success u have even matter. U hurt people with bad intentions and u divide the online community. U misguide your followers and all you do is create more drama, more hate and more enemies. ALL THESE FOR WHAT? How can someone who is so blessed like yourself be even capable of so much hate is honestly beyond me.

Maybe it is time u realised that you do not rule this world. In fact if u look at the bigger picture, u barely contribute to the society (maybe capitalism) but everything seems to boil down to the interest of self-gain at the end of the day. When u post an opinion online, as a huge online personality, I am surprised u are yet to learn and develop the maturity to be able to accept dissenting views as an online personality . U give people shit for not agreeing with u and u constantly put people down. Dont u realise, as a mother especially, that everyone has inherent human dignity and self-worth? Yes u may be a famous blogger and it seems that u are on top of the world. You disparage your readers, followers or commenters who do not agree with u but it's funny because these people may be actually doing more than u are in life. They may be actually useful assets of the society contributing in their own ways whilst u will forever remain that 'top blogger' who sits jauntily behind your keyboard shooting off malicious comments but at the end of the day you do not actually make any actual substantial contribution to the society. What even gives u the right to put so many people down, people who in reality are doing so much more than u ever will?

Remember that you are just as human as everyone else u talk shit about too. We all die someday. When u lie on your deathbed is this all u want to take away with u? When u come to the dusk of life and u look back on your journey, would you really, truly be satisfied with everything you have done so far? Would u be proud of this 'legacy' you left behind? You have divided the online community- one will be your forever loyal followers who will fight tooth and nail to defend you, the others are people who have seen just how much damage your meanness has caused others (and now to you and your own family). Given the situation now, it seems like the latter is prevailing.

I really do hope someone teaches u a lesson tho. U really have to learn. Advice to you: GROW UP. GROW UP XIAXUE. GROW UP. This isnt high school anymore. Dont u have anything better to do than being an internet troll? Dont do unto others what you do not wish others do unto you. Treat people the way you want to be treated, talk to people the way you want to be talked to. Karma's a bitch, Xiaxue. It really is. And I think it's beginning to bite u. Slowly, but surely.
Vel said…
Hi Xiaxue,

I was reading this article again after reading your gush cloud expose 2. I thought about it and... what if smrt dissolves that organisation and creates another to slam you? The police should still be able to arrest them right?

your avid fan V

Anonymous said…
My girl Wendy is on FIRE! I'm living for these exposé's. This is how you properly school bitches who want cower behind anonymity. People can say whatever they want about you, but at least you always stood in your truth, and never tried to please the masses by being safe. I am so glad you decided to take this to the law, that's what it's there for. If people think it's "hypocritical" of you to do that, then gladly remind them that everyone you criticized has the option to do the same thing, the law isn't something exclusive. 2015 has been so good for XiaXue fans, here's hoping for more exposé's in 2015~ =D
Anonymous said…
Sorry, they are so no life
Obviously that cowardly guy was the SMRT guy
Asianbyheart said…
I really do not understand wtf is wrong with people...harrasing you like that~ This is just crazy, aaand I think you are fukn brave going through all this with your chin up! Jelly bitchs hating on you... you do your thing darling, with your beautiful family!
kawaiikat18 said…
Some of the things said by this person are absolutely disgusting and I would be so scared if this happened to me, thank god you managed to get a court order and deal with this hopefully they won't bother you again! Much love x

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