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The Big Gushcloud Exposé 2

I guess people have been waiting for my response after The Big Gushcloud Exposé . Most of this blog entry was written weeks ago. I just didn't know if I should post it so it just sat in draft form. If I responded, it would make everyone call me a bully again. I was also getting accusations that my intention for the original post was so I can benefit Nuffnang and thus myself. And of course, I got sidetracked with the Protection Order business. As I have mentioned many times, the reason why I wrote my original post is because VINCENT HA CALLED ME A LIAR. I wanted to clear my own name. NO, Nuffnang DID NOT orchestrate or ask me to write it. They do NOT interfere with my blogging content and never did. If you want to think that I have shady ulterior motives, there is nothing I can say to convince you otherwise because only I will know what my true intentions are. You can think what you want. People seem to have this notion that exposing Gushcloud will only benefit Nuffnang a