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I caused Grace Tan to have LOOSE STOOLS

Some time ago I received an email informing me that someone named Grace Tan was applying for a Protection Order against me. At first I was like "Huh? Who is that?" then as I read on, I remembered... I replied this person's offensive comments about me some time ago on facebook. She is a supposedly award-winning blogger who wrote a book on how to blog for a living and a blogging coach who conducts blogging workshops that cost $558 . Never heard of her? How can it be, she has 306 followers on twitter and 558 followers on instagram! Yes, she's definitely very popular and very qualified. As I read Grace's Originating Summons and affidavit, I actually laughed out loud. This woman cannot be serious... She actually put in a medical claim that I caused her to have loose stools. OH NO LAO SAI LOL Just when I was beginning to think I had no power, I now know I can cause someone to have diarrhoea just by the words I write. Wow! The