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SG50 Fishcake scam

Some time ago, my secondary school friend Randall (we call him Ghim, and you might have heard me mention him many times before in ancient blog posts), told us excitedly that he is creating a special SG50 fishcake. He is the Business Development Manager for BoBo. To my surprise, the fishcake is now going viral! Fishcake looks like this. There are many articles written about the fishcake, and all are negative. ( Mothership 1 ) ( Mothership 2 ) ( Stomp ) ( Mrbrown ) ( Hardwarezone ) Here are some examples. There are actually more but lazy to link everything lah. Basically, here are the things people felt unhappy about: 1) How can BoBo charge the same price for fishcake with the "50" cut out? This is cheating customers' money with a gimmick. 2) Where does the cut away "50" go to? Wasting food! 3) Stop it with the everything SG50! So irritating! Since Randall is my friend, I had the privilege of asking him to address all these issue

Gay Marriage and all the Reasons to Oppose It

(Sexual content, not suitable for children) The topic that's on everybody's lips these days is the legalization of gay marriage in all 50 states in America. For non-Americans who don't know, many states have already allowed gay marriage prior to this, but now the Supreme Court have decided it is a constitutional right, meaning anywhere in the United States, gay couples can now get married. It was a big win for the gays, who celebrated exuberantly. Many straight people, who empathize with the discrimination gays go through, celebrated with them. Facebook brilliantly created a rainbow filter for everyone's profile picture, and overnight everyone's facebook feed looked like a thousand unicorns rampaged through it.  At first, all I saw was approval at this new judgement. Nobody seemed anti-gay at all!! The overwhelming response seemed to be that everyone was pretty pleased. I marveled to myself how very far the gays have come in the last decade. I told my