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Dolly Wink Big Eye Make

Advertorial So this is how my typical daily makeup looks like: Chio right hahahahaha OK, here's the startling difference with only one side of eye makeup done: . . . . . . TADAH! I didn't photoshop the eye makeup at all! Want to know how to do big eye makeup? The Japanese look to dramatically enlarge their eyes and sometimes they use pretty extreme makeup that some people might find too... exaggerated for daily wear. It's a bit weird to go work/school with getai makeup! The key should be to enlarge your eyes, but in a more subtle and natural way. Want to know how I did it? Here are the steps! Let's start! Step 1: Double eyelid tape!! Knowing your own eye shape is important. I was born with single eyelids and since I was young, all the adults would say it's a pity that I didn't get double eyelids when both my parents had them. Hahaha in Singapore during my parents' era got no sense of what is the politically co

igloo left me

Igloo just passed away yesterday early morning. :'( In 2 months' time he would have been 5 years old. Rabbits usually live from 5-12 years but lops usually get 8-10. He had left me before he was meant to. Yesterday in the wee hours of the morning at 3am I was in the living room watching TV and he was still hopping around and playing with his toy ball, the blue one in the picture. That ball had a bell in it so he likes to push it around. This morning at 9am he was found exactly like in the picture... His body was already hard. 😭 Even his usual soft floppy ears are hard. 😭😭😭 My heart broke when I felt him like that... When Ellen told me she woke up to find igloo dead, part of me chose not to believe her and wanted to nudge him awake. But he wasn't his usual floppy, soft self. He was rigid. Even lightest touch confirmed the nightmare; I didn't have to nudge after all. I feel overwhelmed with guilt. Sadness too definitely, and a huge sense of loss. But a lot of guilt. I