Friday, November 6, 2015

3M Hot, Cold and Room Temperature Filtered Water Dispenser Review


Our human body is 60% made up of water.

We should drink 8 big glasses of water everyday to replenish our fluids, and drinking enough water makes us healthier, more beautiful, and even less likely to fall sick!

So it is pretty obvious that water is important to us... But water is just water, isn't it? Unlike teas or sweetened drinks, there aren't much choices when it comes to water. The water we drink at home is just... plain water.

I'll be honest. I know most people don't do this, but all my life I've drank my water directly from the tap! I know it's safe-ish because I never fell ill from drinking tap water, but I never did any research on whether it's good to do that or not.

When I was told 3M was giving me a water dispenser, I wasn't very impressed. I thought it was just a filter I had to attach to my tap or some troublesome jug I had to keep refilling.

The day of installation came:

I led the installation guy into my kitchen...

Here he is, taking apart my drawers. I was actually quite surprised because well... it isn't just a filter on my tap, or a jug! The drawers had to be taken apart because a tube had to run directly from my water supply to my 3M Table Top Dispenser.

The tube was running under the cabinets so it won't be ugly and visible.

It looks very messy because my kitchen top has so many items... Of all the things there the one I hate the most is the stupid kettle which you can see is silver and black.

I had refused to buy a kettle. I don't like drinking hot drinks so I don't often use hot water. But if I needed to, I either put water into a pot to boil or put a mug into the microwave. The principle of buying an external appliance for making hot water just offended me because seems so medieval that there shouldn't be an extra apparatus occupying my kitchen top space for it. Nor should I be spending any money buying a KETTLE!

However, having a kid meant making milk and hot water is needed. Frustrated with my obstinate refusal to invest in a kettle, my mom brought one from her house, and it is semi broken with scorchtape on the wire. A bit hazardous. And it's so ugly and takes up so much space and it's so scary like anytime can scald people who touch it accidentally.



My 3M Hot, Cold and Room Temperature Filtered Water Dispenser is neatly installed!!

Although this is an advertorial, I just want to say, 100% truthfully, that it is probably one of the most used items in my house, by everyone in the family... and we all LOVE IT TO BITS!!!!

True, this is not the sexiest sponsored item I've received. But it is indeed very very useful and practical. It has truly won me and the family over.

Here's why:

1) Clean, filtered water

Remember just now when I said water is just plain water... Well, that's not correct. There are many different grades of water.

I have said just now that I always drink water directly from the tap. I may have no qualms about risking my health, but I most certainly refuse to subject my toddler to the same.

That meant that if I needed to fill up Dash's water bottle for the day, I had to first boil water then put the water somewhere for it to cool. It wastes both time and space.

Now, I can let him have safe and clean water directly from the 3M Table Top Dispenser because it dispenses room temperature water! I can make his milk and fill his cup during meal times with water I know is safe for him!

Using 3M miniaturization technology in the 3M AP2-G filter,

- chlorine taste and odour,
- lead and volatile organic compounds which are believed to lead to health risks
- sediments as fine as 0.5 mircons
- 99.95% of Protozoan cysts (not quite sure what this is but it sounds bad)

all of the above are gone from the tap water I would otherwise be drinking.

The 3M Table Top Dispenser is the ONLY dispenser in the market that is BPA free! 

Most parents won't let their babies drink out of milk bottles that aren't BPA-free, so if you are intending to buy a dispenser for child-use, take note of this!

Additionally, the 3M Table Top Dispenser comes with an ultra violet light system that sterilises the filtered water by 99.99%, removing pathogenic bacteria.

It is also very easy to change the filter, there is no need to service the machine.

You may be surprised to learn this because 3M is known for stationary... But they do have 75 years of filtration experience!!!

2) Cold water, immediately whenever I want it

The 3M Table Top Dispenser dispensing cold water. It is immediate and very cold!!

The husband and I are both fans of ice cold water. Before the 3M Table Top Dispensercame into my life, Mike used to get his cold water from a filtered jug.

He doesn't like drinking tap water straight from the tap, so he fills up this big jug with a filter on it, then he puts it in the fridge.


It takes up so much valuable fridge space. It is also too heavy for me to carry properly, so when I try to pour water out of it I always spill. It also makes Mike mad if he finds his jug empty, which meant that out of courtesy I should refill the stupid jug if I drink out of it. Seriously, it's way too heavy and cumbersome for me to do that, so I rather just leave him to his jug. If I'm not utilizing it, all the more it makes me irritated that it is taking up my fridge space.

As a result, I often resort to using ice cubes (also troublesome to refill), or just drinking room temperature water which I don't like as much. This also made me drink less water because when it's not cold it's not as tasty.


Now, whenever I want, I can fill my cup with crisp, cold, clean filtered water, and drink to my heart's content.

We have thrown away that irritating jug. The husband cannot stop praising the 3M Table Top Dispenser, and every guest that comes to my house loves it. Some have even remarked that the cold water is just the right amount of cold and wanted to get their own.

I use the cold function every single day.

See the blue button there with the water droplet? Simply press it and out comes filtered room temperature water instead if cold is not your thing.

3) Hot water

Want to make a cup of coffee?

First press this button, and wait just 1 or 2 mins for the water to boil.

And voila! You have boiling hot water! To be extra safe, you have to first press the hot button then press the black rectangle that's behind the cup for hot water to come out. This is to prevent children from any mishaps.

The hot water function is also very useful for my family as Mike, my mom and my helper all drink coffee. A bit of hot water is needed for Dash's milk as well.

I really really wish I had the 3M Table Top Dispenser earlier! All those times I had to warm water in the microwave to make a water bath to warm up breast milk... This would have made my life so much easier!

Oh and I finally threw away the hazardous kettle. YAY!!!


In short, I would like to give the 3M Hot, Cold and Room Temperature Filtered Water Dispenser 5 stars out of 5.

It is easily one of the most useful appliance I have at home, and everybody in the family LOVES it.

In Singapore's hot weather, I always feel so grateful whenever I get home from bringing Dash out to the sweltering park and I can immediately get myself a glass of ice cold water... FUSS FREE.

Everyone who comes to my house always tells me they want the 3M Table Top Dispenser, and asks me how much it cost.

The usual price is $1,888.

But now there is a special promotional price of $1,488!

Additionally, you get 1 FREE filter replacement cartridges worth $155!

And 1 3M Xmas gift box worth $50!!

AND you can get and extra $50 off, specially for my readers only!!

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If you want to see the actual 3M Table Top Dispenser or try a cup of 3M Filtered Water, you can visit 3M’s Authorized Distributor at:

No.2 Kim Chuan Drive CSI Distribution Centre #02-06 Singapore 547080
Mon - Fri 8.30am – 5.30pm, Sat 8.30am to 2.30pm
Tel: 6288 8290

The 3M Table Top Dispenser is also available at most Selffix stores.

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