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My Double Eyelid Surgery with Beverly Wilshire

Advertorial If you follow me on snapchat (id: Thexiaxue) you would know that about a month ago I did my double eyelid surgery! Here is the blog post about my latest plastic surgery journey! As I mentioned on my Dollywink post, I have double eyelids but they are tapered and low. So I always put on eyelid tape whenever I have makeup on. You can see the difference with tape and without. I've actually gone through eyelid surgery before in 2010 - you can see the post here . In 2010, I did the sewing of eyelids** and the cutting of the outer corner of my eyes. That surgery was terrible. Like so so so so bad. The surgeon was a China guy who can't even speak English. It was extremely painful. I had a shot of LA under my eyes that felt like it pierced into my eyeballs and what's worse is that I knew I had to go through it again for my other fucking eye. Pain scale 9/10. After the surgery, I realised that both my eyeballs suffered trauma and both my eye whites became a