Saturday, December 12, 2015

My Double Eyelid Surgery with Beverly Wilshire


If you follow me on snapchat (id: Thexiaxue) you would know that about a month ago I did my double eyelid surgery! Here is the blog post about my latest plastic surgery journey!

As I mentioned on my Dollywink post, I have double eyelids but they are tapered and low. So I always put on eyelid tape whenever I have makeup on.

You can see the difference with tape and without.

I've actually gone through eyelid surgery before in 2010 - you can see the post here. In 2010, I did the sewing of eyelids** and the cutting of the outer corner of my eyes.

That surgery was terrible. Like so so so so bad. The surgeon was a China guy who can't even speak English. It was extremely painful. I had a shot of LA under my eyes that felt like it pierced into my eyeballs and what's worse is that I knew I had to go through it again for my other fucking eye. Pain scale 9/10.

After the surgery, I realised that both my eyeballs suffered trauma and both my eye whites became a very scary red colour, from multiple burst blood vessels in the eyes.

The redness which made me look like Lord Voldemort incarnate lasted for MONTHS. When confronted, the centre told me it is normal, but it is only now that I've been told it means the surgeon was very rough with my eyes and this is not normal at all.

Then it came to the removal of stitches. I cannot begin to say how fucking painful it was. It was truly the most painful I've ever felt in my life, even worse than the LA jab into my eyeballs.

It was an inexperienced nurse removing the stitches for me, and she kept tugging at the threads around my sore and tender wounds. She tugged and tugged and still the stitches didn't come out, so the ordeal lasted over half an hour. It was half an hour of pure torture and I cried and cried and begged her to stop but she just kept saying it's about to be done. I was actually yelling and when it was finished I couldn't stop crying. And since I have a super high threshold of pain, when I say this is 10/10 painful it means it really is.

All these would have perhaps been worth it if my surgery made my eyes any nicer, BUT IT DIDN'T.

There was NO DIFFERENCE. I know in the blog post I linked I said it looks better but after the swelling went down, the eyelids become low and tapered again (as evident in the photo above) and I didn't feel the outer corner incisions made any difference.

 So I just used eyelid tape afterwards and didn't bother anymore.

Then Beverly Wilshire approached me interested in a collaboration, so I gave them a visit.

Their centre is located in Johor Bahru, a 10 min drive from the causeway so it is very convenient for Singaporeans to go to.

What is Beverly Wilshire?

Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre (BWMC) is a multi-award-winning integrated beauty medical centre that sets the standards in cosmetic surgery, aesthetic medicine (non-surgical and laser treatments), and healthy ageing (wellness and regenerative therapy) in the Asia Pacific region. The centre offers a comprehensive range of established cosmetic procedures, aesthetic treatments and health services, allowing the provision of a holistic approach to its three core specialities.

BWMC is backed by registered and board-certified plastic surgeons. All cosmetic and aesthetic procedures are performed by highly experienced and qualified doctors in world-class operating theatres using the latest FDA approved medical equipment.

 In short, Beverly Wilshire is a plastic surgery centre, but they are more than just that.

Being situated in Johor Bahru, Singaporeans might feel a little apprehensive but all my doubts disappeared when I saw their centre.

The centre is HUGE and occupied most of the second level of the building.

Everything inside is very posh, newly renovated and clean.

The centre actually has its own wards for patients to rest after surgery. They are fully equipped and very comfortable, with many nurses around.

The surgery room is also within the centre and they have their own professional anaesthetist.

Singaporeans may not have heard of Beverly Wilshire but they are an established name in Plastic Surgery in Kuala Lumpur.

BWMC won many awards before, including a very prestigious "International Cosmetic Surgery Clinic of the Year" - competing against clinics AROUND THE WORLD.

Cheesie actually went to their centre for a review back in 2013. Many celebrities actually go to them for treatments!!

Their JB branch, which I went to, is newly opened.

Here's Yutaki and me at the centre.

Yutaki and I consulted with Dr Lawren Lee, who does aesthetic procedures such as botox or fillers.

Next I consulted with Dr David Cheah, whose full name is really very full: Professor Dato Dr David Cheah Sin Hing. He sure damn sian when he got to fill up forms with his name.

Seriously he has so many prefixes to his name that I don't know which one to call him to be the most respectful... is it Professor or Dato or Doctor? (Answer seems to be Professor)

Anyway, obviously Professor Cheah is super experienced and he was so very patient when I was consulting with him.

At this point I actually didn't want to do any invasive surgery (Mike sure don't allow) but Yutaki kept convincing me to do my eyes.

I went home and talked to Mike about it and also my mom... Surprisingly enough my mom said yea the eyelid tapes are actually quite obvious so she thinks I can go ahead and do this one.

Sometimes, after I remove my eyelid tape one eye still has the thick eyelids and the other the low tapered version. It looks so uneven and ugly lah... This can last for days so I look damn weird without makeup.

Mike didn't want me to do the surgery but I explained to him about the uneven-ness and since it is a pretty simple surgery he allowed me to go ahead with it.

And so I decided on cutting double eyelids and also epicanthoplasty, which is the cutting of the inner corners of the eyes!

Just now I mentioned that I did sewing of double eyelids before in 2010. For those of you who don't know, there are two types of double eyelid surgery - Sewing and Cutting.

Sewing is the less invasive of the two. It involves simply weaving a thread through your eyelids. It is reversible, but might not be permanent.

The cutting method involves actually cutting out a wedge of skin/fats in your eyelids. It is permanent but takes a longer time to recover.

Since the sewing method did balls for me, I decided this time to do the cutting method. Prof Cheah also suggested epicanthoplasty because he said the inner corners of my eyes needed to be cut to achieve parallel eyelids.


The day of the surgery came. Sorry no pics because I was put in scrubs and wheeled into surgery room pretty much immediately.

I ate lunch normally (phew wasn't asked to fast), had a last consult with Prof Cheah about what I wanted for my eyes, and he begin to mark the spots on where he was going to cut etc...

I was told I was to go under "twilight surgery", which I have never done before. All of my other surgeries were done under Local Anesthesia so I was fully awake for them.

I was asked to ingest a pill that will make me sleepy. After that, they gave me an injection on my arm that wasn't painful. This was supposed to be the sedative.


Like immediately a feeling of relaxation, happiness and peace spread into my body. The last thing I said to Professor Cheah was "This is wonderful, I can no longer feel my body aches." and he laughed.

Subsequently I suppose he started on the surgery. I felt absolutely no pain. My body felt too heavy to move but my mind was still wide awake. I was in a warm state of bliss and I found that being on the sedative was like lucid dreaming. I could control my thoughts to be happy like imagining unicorns and even thinking about Dash being cute and it was so nice. I know this post is supposed to be about the eyes and I know you want to see the end results but omg seriously the surgery process was just so enjoyable.

I now know why people get addicted to drugs lol... Externally I could hear everything that went on in the surgery room, including Professor Cheah listening to English oldies while operating (which I enjoyed as well lol). I remember thinking that I hope the surgery lasts longer because I was having so much fun. Hahaha

Anyway this was a far cry from my previous traumatic surgery wtf.

It was only after the surgery that they put me in the ward and I actually fell asleep. I woke up and could see clearly with no impaired vision but I felt a bit groggy.

Prof Cheah told me the surgery went great and he is very pleased with the results. He also said it was a difficult surgery to do because the China doctor's old threads were still in my eyes and he had to remove them.

Then he showed me the stuff he took out from my eyes: The old threads and bits of fats/skin from my eyelids. I politely declined taking these home.

I felt absolutely zero pain around my eyes. They were the tiniest bit sore but it was nothing.

Immediately after surgery

The eyelids looked very swollen and I still have stitches in. If you do the same surgery, be prepared to be ugly as fuck for at least 4 days? But ok lah can hide behind sunglasses.

I went home, ate some food, played with dash for a bit hiding behind glasses, and slept more.

This is day 3. The little tapes can be taken off after 2 days and Prof Cheah said I can actually put makeup!!

I think this is day 5 or 6 post op with no eye makeup, and the stitches are still there.

I went out for an Urban Decay event and put thick makeup lol...

Here I am squinting in the sunlight as I take a selfie while walking along orchard road. Even though I still had stitches on most people said I didn't really look freaky anymore.

7 days after the surgery, I went back to Beverly to remove the stitches.

Due to my previous horrific Saw-worthy experience with stitch removal, I was scared like crazy but it was Prof Cheah himself who removed my stitches, not some inexperienced nurse. It wasn't painful at all!!

This was taken 1 day after stitch removal. The left is me without eye makeup and the right is only with mascara + a bit of eyeliner drawn at the wings!!

This is so super crazy!! In the past, my eyelashes always point obstinately downwards. Even if I curl them like crazy, I can never achieve this wide-eyed effect, which is why I usually don't bother with mascara and just go with falsies.

Now however, due to the skin being cut and sewn higher, the eyelashes point upwards and look so long when mascara-ed!!

You can still see that the eyelids are a bit swollen still, and Prof Cheah said they will go down even more. The inner corner takes a long time to heal and till now, 1 month after the surgery, they are still a little bit lumpy. But this is normal and it can barely be noticed unless someone looks really closely.

Photos 1 month post op with makeup:

How I wish I have your natural big eyes baby!!

None of the eyes in this post's photos are edited btw.

Very pleased with my eyes now! Thank you Beverly Wilshire and Dr Cheah for making my plastic surgery experience so pleasant.

Other than double eyelid surgery, Beverly Wilshire also does many other procedures such as nose jobs, boob jobs, liposuction, etc. Hair grafting is one of their specialties.

My surgery costs RM5500 which is SGD$1822 approximately.

The centre provides transport for Singaporean patients so you will be picked from home and sent back to your doorstep.

If you are interested, this is their website:

You can also make an enquiry by emailing them at:

Disclaimer: Naturally plastic surgery or any form of surgery poses risks. Please do your own research before proceeding. If you choose to undergo the same surgery as me, understand that since nobody's eyes are exactly the same, the results might differ.