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Brow and Lip Embroidery at BrowArt Studio

Advertorial Nowadays it seems like every other girl have had eyebrow embroidery done! It is a beauty trend that is catching on like fire as women everywhere realise they don't have to wake up with bare brows that they have to spend 15 mins drawing perfectly... Some days you can do a great job in 5 mins and you strut around like MY BROWS ON FLEEK YO. Other days... Oops Brows are really important because they frame your face - I mean, there is an entire website dedicated to how horrific celebrities will look like without eyebrows . hahaha!! Drawing the perfect pair of brows is difficult because not only do you have to figure on what suits your features and face shape, you have to pluck/shave your own brows to said shape, find the perfect eyebrow pencil (and cry when it gets discontinued), and after finishing one side, make sure the other doesn't look too different. Not everyone has the skills or time for that. But of course, a lot of people also fear... What i