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Raeesah Khan, GE 2020, and being labeled a Racist

Woooo! My blog is revived!!! By now, some of you may have seen that some idiots went to dig up 10 year old tweets of mine and reported them to the police.  And yes it’s true, the police came to my house yesterday and took my statement. I’m fine, the police were pretty nice and just asked why I wrote what I wrote etc. It is important to note that once a police report is filed, the police are are obligated to make an investigation. This by no means shows I will be charged.  By instruction of the police, I was told to remove the offending articles but they have more or less gone viral now, so really, there is no point in the deleting.  I feel that since these tweets etc were circulating with no context, I shall talk a little more about them. Tweet 1:  Alright I censored the words here but they refer to a nationality of people. NOT RACE . Nationality. Not Singaporeans or a Singaporean race. Perhaps you can guess what it is.  This was posted in 2011. LOL congrats idiots, you found one joke