Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Raeesah Khan, GE 2020, and being labeled a Racist

Woooo! My blog is revived!!!

By now, some of you may have seen that some idiots went to dig up 10 year old tweets of mine and reported them to the police. 

And yes it’s true, the police came to my house yesterday and took my statement.

I’m fine, the police were pretty nice and just asked why I wrote what I wrote etc. It is important to note that once a police report is filed, the police are are obligated to make an investigation. This by no means shows I will be charged. 

By instruction of the police, I was told to remove the offending articles but they have more or less gone viral now, so really, there is no point in the deleting. 

I feel that since these tweets etc were circulating with no context, I shall talk a little more about them.

Tweet 1: 

Alright I censored the words here but they refer to a nationality of people. NOT RACE. Nationality. Not Singaporeans or a Singaporean race. Perhaps you can guess what it is. 

This was posted in 2011. LOL congrats idiots, you found one joke from almost a decade ago that simply talks about how many of these people there are in a location. 

I guess none of you fucktards ever commented on how many Chinese nationals there are in MBS right? Or talked about how many babies there are on your flight? Does this mean you hate babies or discriminate them? Soooo offensive amirite? Conclusively proves I’m a racist for sure. 

Tweet 2: 

Note that this tweet happened a year before the first so they are not referencing each other. Honestly it has been so long, I can’t even remember who the “they” is referring to. But it’s probably the same group of people. I have zero idea what made me post it.

Before we talk about the tweet, I feel like I need to give a bit of background. 

Some of you have read my blog since years ago. One of the issues I’ve always been very passionate about is the safety of women in Singapore when it comes to sexual assault by a certain group of foreigners. 


When I was a child and teenager, I was often sexually assaulted by members of this group. I will call them Group B for short. 

They would touch my boobs or butt on public transport (particularly buses), they grabbed my hands, one of them literally sat on my lap on the bus. All while I was in my school uniform, as a minor. 

I’ve encountered flashers in lifts, public masturbation more times than I can count, you name it. 

I reported none of these because in many cases it is impossible to catch the perpetuator as I had no way of restraining him, and in any case in my young age, as young as 12, I simply did not know how to go about it and felt a sense of shame and feared people would not believe me or accuse me of asking for it. 

Once, a cleaner for the building I lived in, molested my helper while she was in the lift with my younger bro, who was only a child at that time. He grabbed her hand tried to get intimate with her, but she shoved him away. 

I was at home at that time and was so incensed I went to make a police report. They caught the guy, but very disappointingly all the police did was to ask him to apologise. Imagine I had to live with the fear that anytime he could come back to take revenge… All these are in official records. 

As for the incidents of sexual assault, maybe you think I’m making it up now to distract from the saga, but they are all documented on my blog a decade ago, search for them if you want. I've also talked about these incidents multiple times on interviews. The most recent was on this episode of Pillow Talk in 2019.

And these are just my personal experiences. I haven’t included those I witnessed happened to others or my female friends. 

This group of foreign workers who sexually assaulted me made me deeply fearful walking in lone alleys, taking public transport, even the lift lobby at home. I stayed on the eighth floor and because of the flasher, I took the stairs up to my flat everyday. 

I was so angry. In my youth, nothing was done to protect young girls as these shit kept on happening to me and around me. 

I grew up with an intense desire to help other women not experience the same things I did. And why only against Group B? I’m sure there are scummy men everywhere, but majority of these encounters I witnessed were by them. And what’s worse is that I always see them get away with it. Singaporean men have to think twice before they commit a crime as they have a reputation to maintain, perhaps family to take care of, and more to lose. 

Not that they do not sexually assault girls, but they don’t do it with the same brazenness. 

As a victim of multiple sexual assault by a group of people, is it really racist to develop a fear of them?

Before you answer yes, just as you claim Chinese do not have a right to talk about privilege in SG since they never experienced it, I can also say that you have never had multiple sexual assaults on you as a child by a select group of people, so you have no right to speak.

The only reason you could deny my experience is because you were isolated from danger due to your privilege. I had the misfortune of staying at a very poor, crime-ridden neighbourhood right next to a foreign worker dormitory. You don’t know what I went through. Fuck you and your self-righteousness. Easy for you to say. 

I am not trying to monger hate for Group B. 

I know I’m not being rational, but I cannot help what I fear. I am simply telling you my experience. Surely if you kept getting stabbed by pencils you would be wary of any pencil in your vicinity. Now imagine if people tell you you aren’t allowed to recoil because it is discriminating towards pencils. 

Now, before you yell RACIST from the rooftops, a few things: 


You cannot call me racist because while this group of foreigners may have the same skin tone as some locals, they aren’t the same. I have absolutely no issues with any Singaporean race, I didn’t get molested repeatedly by them. 

What’s more, I have no issues with Group B as a nation, nor their women. I only am fearful of a tiny subcategory of them, the male migrant workers who come to Singapore. 

Maybe it’s my fault I was not specific about who I referring to, but hey, twitter only allowed 140 characters back then. If it is illegal to be angry at those who have molested you, then fucking jail me. 

2) Some of you will still insist it is racism because not all of Group B are molesters. DUH. I KNOW THAT. 

Yes most of them are decent people. A small percentage of them are molesters. Yes they work hard to help build our society and do all the dirty jobs Singaporeans do not want to do. I appreciate that. 

A lot of people feel sympathy for Group B because they are at the bottom of our society, and are therefore powerless, but it sure didn’t feel that way to me when I was victimised as a child. 

And here’s the crux of the problem: 

I am a product of my lived experiences. 

I cannot control what I feel. I CAN ONLY CONTROL HOW I ACT. 

I would never discriminate Group B to their face, shout abuse at them, or harm them in any way. If I owned a company that needed their labour, I will still hire them. If I see one of them in need I will help him. 

If you insist on calling that racism, so be it. But I believe actions speak louder than words. 

As the years went by, I no longer look like a defenceless meek schoolgirl and I moved away from the west. The attacks stopped. I don’t have the statistics (doubt they are accurate anyway because so many cases go unreported), but maybe things have changed for the better. I hope it has. 

10 years ago, I was still seething with anger at the injustice of it all. 

As I grew older, I put this episode at the back of my mind, and stopped posting about Group B because I feel safe now and don’t harbour any animosity towards Group B anymore. I still talked about my experiences if asked, but not with the same resentment and frustration.

I’m not apologising. I think considering what I went through, I have a right to how I feel. Neither is this a sob story for sympathy, I don’t need that because it’s so long ago and I’m fine now anyway.

I write all these because I wanted to give you guys a understanding of what caused my anger when I was younger. I only had one goal back then and it is to help/warn other young victims. Pray tell, how can I do that if I cannot even name the predators?? Isn’t that silencing the victims?

These tweets are but a very small slice of a much larger story.  Not finding an excuse for my behavior. It is what it is. If you are still offended, I don’t give a fuck.

I wonder what these woke idiots, many of whom claim to be feminists, are thinking now. Must be tough… Do I side the sexual assault female child victim or the poor underprivileged minority race? I bet some of them will even say I deserve it - wouldn’t be surprising considering how sadistic and evil some of these people are. 

I was speaking from trauma, and it may not be polite, but it’s real. My tweets were emotionally charged, but haven’t you posted rude shit before when you were angry? 

Once again, if you never experienced what I did, you have no right to tell me how to feel.

Now we move on to the next ridiculous tweet which got reported to the police, which is this: 

In what fucking universe should this be a crime???!

The N word is so powerful now that even spelling it in a tweet to explain context is racist. It has Voldemort status now. This is getting fucking ludicrous.

In this tweet I was simply trying to say that when used into two very difficult situations it means different things. I didn’t use it on anyone or carelessly to seem cool. 

Yet fucking idiots are all trying to cancel me by leaving comments everywhere saying I used the N word, as if I had used it on a black person to insult him. Stop with your fucking fake news.

You want to also burn the dictionary because it spells out the N word?? You guys are fucking childish. Grow the FUCK UP.


I know what the haters are going to say. You gloated over Raessah getting investigated, now you are unhappy when the same shit happens to you? Boohoo. LOL no. If I can dish it I can take it. 

And I did say very clearly I am not a fan of the lack of freedom of speech we have in SG. I do not think Raeesah should go to jail for her statements. 

As for the investigation results... I am confident that the judiciary system in Singapore will not unjustly convict me because 1) What I posted 10 years ago was not incendiary, or offended any race/religions in singapore. 

It is merely a coordinated effort by the intolerant mob as part of their toxic cancel culture. I hold our justice system in high esteem and expect them to see that these ridiculous police reports, against not just me but also members of PAP (and even their fucking press release), are a flagrant abuse and waste of police resources. 

I wouldn’t expect any less from these western influenced idiots who are touting slogans like defund the police. They probably think it’s funny to flood the police website with so many vexatious reports that the website went down. 

You know what else?

You assholes doing your best to write to all my clients to get them to stop working with me... You think you are such shining beacons of justice, don't you? Makes you feel so powerful? Do you rub yourself at night to a giant print out of your nasty emails?

If you are so kind, then explain this... Not that you achieved it, but supposing you got what you wanted and stopped all of my income right now - what about my child and my elderly family members that I have to take care of? Do you give a shit if these innocent people suffer? 

How about employees that I have to fire? Poor innocent people just trying to earn a living... Do you care about them? No, you are so fucking vile and self-centred. Your temper tantrum is 100% for selfish reasons. You don't give a fuck about a social cause. You only care about feeling powerful and feeling like you are some kind of savior of mankind. Fuck you. You are worse than nothing. I take great joy in knowing that scum like yourself will always remain sad, ugly, bitter losers. Instead of bettering your life you choose to spend it hurting people for the big crime of having an opinion different from yours. You are worthless and will always be.

Do your fucking worst. I don't give a shit. I posted my opinions when I wasn't paid for it, and I will continue to even if it means I do not earn a single cent for it.

If businesses don't want to work with me anymore after this controversy, then I guess they choose to support cancel culture, choose to punish people for words spoken a decade ago, chose the side of male predators and invalidate trauma from sexual assault victims. It's their prerogative.

Embolden the mob, reward them for this vile behaviour and one day they will come for you too. Nobody is ever woke enough for them.

It doesn't matter. Ads with me only work because I am authentic. Once I lose that, I am nothing. So I choose to continue to be myself, even if my opinions are offensive to some. Controversy after controversy and still they return, because my endorsement for their brands WORK. I'm not worried.

Besides, I have my own successful businesses and I am very comfortable with my financial situation. 

So keep trying, yeah?


"You said Raeesah Khan is a racist but so are you?? You are a hypocrite"

Firstly, congrats that you managed to find 3 offensive tweets (according to you) that I wrote 10 years ago, out of the thousands of tweets I posted in my long-spanning career. Good job. 

If you want to insist on calling me a racist, I don’t mind. It adds to long list of stupid meaningless labels you cancerous woke folk gave me… why not? Everyone is a fucking racist to you anyway. 

So if I am a racist, it means I cannot call Raeesah one? Besides, I am not the one running for parliament am I? I would think we should hold our MPs to higher standards. 

Speaking of her, this brings me to the second part of my post. 

First, a disclaimer. I do not dislike the Worker’s Party

Of all the opposition parties, I think they are the best. I live in Aljunied grc, and they have done a great job so far. I agree with many of the policy suggestions in their manifesto. 

For example, redundancy insurance, abolishing the retirement age, or lowering the age of eligibility for BTO flats, which will help singles and our LGBTQ community to get housing just like married couples are.

Previously I mentioned on my ig stories that Raeesah Khan is not suitable to be an MP. 

Today I am going to ask some very important questions which I hope both WP and Raeesah will answer. 
I refer to this tweet by Raeesah: 

Here, it appears that she is saying her political views can be summed up by 

- Angela Davis’ political views
- Intersectional feminism 

Many of you may not know about Angela Davis, but she is a far-left activist, who spent her life sympathising with some of the most oppressive communism regimes around. 

She literally calls herself a communist, and was a member of the Communism Party in USA. I think there is no need to explain how horrible communism is. 

And of course in order to make any non-communist country a communist state, it would involve total revolution, many lives, and replacing it with a totalitarian regime in charge of redistributing wealth back to its citizens.

She is also a prison abolitionist, campaigning for prisons to completely be eradicated. Where to put the murderers, I can’t seem to find a good answer, because it seems she also is against the death penalty.

Angela Davis was a member of the Black Panthers, a brutal communist, anti-semite organization. In 1970, Angela Davis bought the weapons that were used for a shootout during a trial of 3 black inmates accused of killing a white prison guard. All the black men and judge who was held hostage perished in the gunfight, and Davis fled the state. She was eventually caught.

Even though she conspired to commit murder, the jury found her not guilty. 

In short, this woman is the antithesis to the Singapore that Mr Lee Kuan Yew wanted.

This tweet of Raeesah Khan’s talking about Angela Davis was posted only a few weeks ago, but surprisingly enough, nobody is talking about it. 

Anyone who knows who Angela Davis is should be horror-filled that a candidate running for parliament is a fan of hers, and claims that the reading of her books represents her political views. 

Previously I mentioned Raeesah appears to be one of those radical leftists who seem hell bent on bringing the toxic, cancerous identity politics that America is so notorious for into Singapore. 

There are racial issues that minorities face in Singapore, of course there is. It is tough to be a minority in any country. 

But instead of discussing calmly and logically what new politics can be introduced to solve these problems or what laws need to change, proponents of Identity politics instead try to make a single race the enemy. 

When there are enemies, people unite. Political parties using this method will see themselves get votes if they manage to market themselves as the empathetic ones, even if the politics they impose do more evil than good in the long run. 

Society is then split into a them vs us, while tribalistic infighting ensue. If you disagree with this method of classifying victims by their skin colour (when in fact so many things determine a person’s privilege, such as looks, height, family wealth, health, both parents around etc etc), you are automatically seen as racist and the bad guy. 

Because nobody wants to seem morally corrupt or unsympathetic, they prop up this system. 

Instill this sentiment into citizens long enough and resentment builds. The ones constantly told they are being oppressed will start seeing oppression everywhere. They won’t even try to succeed in life, because they are told they are so oppressed they can never make it. They believe their oppressors owe them.

Meanwhile, the majority race starts feeling angry at constantly being called oppressors. Or maybe they are poor and unhappy themselves, but see that resources for help are only made available for minorities but not them. If they were indeed racist before, this makes them even more racist. 

What eventually happens is civil war. We cannot have this poison in Singapore. 

Raeesah’s has apologised for her posts, but nobody needed to hear whether she is sorry she was being insensitive. 

What people need to know is:

Does she still firmly believe our courts are corrupt as she so insinuated? Does she still believe law enforcement unfairly target minorities? If not, what made her change her mind? Her statement does not address any of this. 

Worker’s Party claim they did not see those posts of Raeesah’s. Fair enough. But I do not believe they have done such terrible vetting that they have not seen her tweet about Angela Davis. 


Do you believe that Singapore, through a brutal revolution and death, can become a communist utopia? 

Do you think that everyone in Singapore should not own private property and should have equal wealth, the very values communism epouses? If so, do you seek to redistribute your multi-millionaire dad's wealth to the poverty-stricken citizens of Singapore?

Do you agree that it is only with violence and death do we achieve true freedom? 

Do you seek to abolish prisons in Singapore? 

Do you believe in the ideologies of Karl Marx, or Valdamir Lenin? 

As for Worker’s Party, why did you field a candidate who holds extreme left-wing views? 

Do you agree with her ideologies and think it aligns with yours? DO YOU ENDORSE THESE FAR LEFT VIEWS??

Please answer these questions. I write all these not because I am a PAP lackey, even though obviously people will say I am. Despite what you think, I believe it is healthy to have opposition seats in parliament. 

However, I absolutely do not want to see candidates such as Raeesah Khan in our parliament - she brings with her dangerous political views that can topple the peaceful society we built over the years and is completely against everything that Singapore stands for. As it is, the mindless youth of Singapore are already echoing her dangerous ideologies.

I would rather any opposition joker win than her.