So you want to know more? Here are some of the more commonly asked questions, separated into categories.


Who are you?

My name is Wendy Cheng Yan Yan. I was born on 28th of April in 1984, to my Singaporean-Chinese parents in Singapore. I have a younger brother and my parents are divorced. I'm close to my mom, whom I affectionately call Momo. I blog full-time for a living and have been doing so since 2005. I started my blog in 2003. Blogging is also why I am sorta famous.

Why do people read your blog?

I've been told I am funny, honest, open, and give interesting viewpoints. Or that I have great hair. Apparently people also read me because they hate me. But you go ahead and form your own opinion. :)

How tall are you?

My height is a secret! And from that you can deduce I'm super short.

How heavy are you?

All my life I've never been skinnier than 41.5kg or heavier than 46kg. Except when I was a kid of course. Smartass.

Update 2012: I have lost weight via a diet pill (no, I will not say which) and have maintained my weight at around 38kg ever since, by cutting carbs. I do not do exercise.

Are you attached?

Yes, I am married to my husband and his name is Mike. He is an American from Texas, born in 1981 and he is an engineer. We met on the internet and he moved here for me. Full story here.

What camera do you use?

I suppose this is always changing but right now (Nov 2011) I use a Lumix GH1 for videos and advertorials and a Lumix GF3 for daily pictures. And the iphone 4S's camera for mobile pics.

Do you get recognised?

Yes in Singapore I  do. I also got recognised in USA, London and Japan before! It's amazing what blogging did to my life! People who say hello to me in public are usually very nice - shows you doesn't it? Haters are cowards. :D

How can I contact you?

You can email me at xiaxue[at]gmail.com.

Will you accept a student interview?

No, sorry. I get asked for this too often.


How often do you bleach your hair?

About once a month. Yes it's painful and yes it's a pain in the ass.

How do you keep bleached hair healthy?

I apply loads of lotion/serum but mostly I guess I just got lucky? I don't know why the quality of my bleached blonde hair is actually better than when I had non-bleached hair!

What is your natural hair/eye colour? How did you get so fair?

Black and black. This may seem duh to Singaporeans but surprisingly enough a lot of Americans want to know. Regarding the skin... I get accused of bleaching my skin all the time. Not trying to pay myself a compliment here, because I like bronzy golden skin so I try to tan as often as possible. It may come as a surprise but er... some Chinese people are pretty fair naturally!

What surgeries have you done?

I did my nose twice. For my eyes I did a semi permanent double eyelid surgery and cut the outer corners of my eyes but seriously those two surgeries made NO DIFFERENCE to my eyes at all. What a waste of money and time. I also have done fillers and botox. If you consider it also plastic surgery I also did invisalign on my teeth and cut my gums a bit higher. More surgery questions answered here.

Where can I see your "before" pictures?

Any photos in the archives before December 2006 is before I had any work done. If you wish to see unedited pictures from my teen years you may refer to this post.


How much does it cost to advertise with you?

Blog advertorial: $3,500 and up

Sidebar banner: $500 a month

Youtube video: $4,000 per video

Facebook: $300

Twitter: $300

Photo of the moment (also linked to tumblr and facebook): $500

Above are in Singapore dollars. All ads must be specified as an ad. I don't do ads for blogshops or coupon sites anymore. If you are ok with all these, you can email me at xiaxue[at]gmail.com!

Will you advertise for me for free?

No, fuck you. I OWE YOU NOTHING. And I HATEEEEE unabashed people. I cannot emphasize that enough.

Will you advertise for my start-up for a nominal fee or some stupid products of mine?

See above.

Will you help me advertise my charity/lost pet/kin who is ill and needs donations?

Most likely not. I receive way too many of these requests and feel passionately about too little of them, sorry. I try not to tell people how to live their lives on my blog. If they want to donate, they can make that decision on their own. I'm not gonna pretend I'm a saint just because I helped spread the word. Guess I'm an asshole. Or an awesome person full of win, depending on how you see this. *shrugs*

How do I ask you for a sponsorship?

Email me.

I don't want an ad, can I just send you my products for you to try?

Sure, please send it to Munkysuperstar's office. They manage me. The address is:

Munkysuperstar Pictures Pte Ltd
15 Queen St
#04-07 Wilby Central
Singapore 188537

Please tell me some stats:

You can click on my twitter/facebook to see how many followers/likes I have. For my blog, here's the link to my sitemeter.


Why do you do so much plastic surgery? You must be really insecure.

Firstly, that question is stupid. You don't ask people "why do you do so much skincare?" or "Why do you spend time styling hair?" so why ask why people do plastic surgery? The answer is so obvious: BECAUSE I WANT TO LOOK GOOD. I care about my appearance and plastic surgery is not a big deal to me so if they are free/affordable, why not? I like looking good and I like improving my looks. It is no more than permanent makeup to me.

Does that make me insecure? I've videos of me online with no makeup and no plastic surgery done. I am the same me then and now, and I'd say I'm probably one of the most confident and secure people you'd ever meet. I fuckin' love myself; that's why I'm constantly upgrading myself.

Why do people hate you?

I have no idea. As I said, I fuckin' love myself. Maybe they are jealous of my insane love for me.

No but seriously I think it's because they don't think I deserve my awesome life. Too fucking bad LOLOL

How do you handle the haters?

It's easy once you realise that most of them are really lonely, sad and depressed. Most just need a good fuck.

Do you hate your race? You want to be white?

I don't hate my race. But if there is a race that can have pink/lilac/blonde/silver/teal hair or eyes that change colours to suit the clothes I wear or skin that is always dewy and glowy-looking then yes I'd love to be that race. Not to be rude, but "white" isn't that race.

Why do you hate Dawn Yang/Plasticzilla?

Initially, it is because she tried to sue me for telling the truth about what a lying hypocrite she is. She also a plagiarizer on MANY occasions (please google for proof), and is just a horrible human being (click here to see how she praises herself and insults others anonymously on forums). Nowadays though, I don't "hate" her anymore, I just find her really funny in a sad way and I love trolling her. I'm childish. So what? :D

Let's make one thing clear. The nickname "Plasticzilla" was given to her by forums, not me. I merely use it because I find it funny, and it stuck. I DO NOT dislike her coz of her surgeries. I cannot fathom why anyone would be so stupid to assume that since I clearly had plastic surgeries myself. And no, I'm not "turning into a Plasticzilla myself" because that nickname is not for just anyone who had loads of surgeries, that nickname is FOR HER and her despicable character.

Are you racist?

I believe everyone is to a certain degree and anyone who says they are not are lying. I'd admit I in particular am not that partial to the male foreign Bangladeshi construction workers in Singapore. Note: NOT all Bangladashis, just the horny dudes doing manual labour in my country. I once lived in a neighbourhood full of them and got molested by them many times when I was a teen. It is very traumatizing and I don't think it's unreasonable that I'm afraid of them and dislike them. If you think this is wrong, FUCK YOU. I don't give a shit what moralistic assholes think of me.

Why do you photoshop so much?

Because I'm smashing good at it and if you were this talented you'd do it all the time too.

Are you a cyberbully?

Fuck you. No, seriously. I am the one being cyberbullied everyday. ME. People laughed when my hamster died, say I caused my parents' divorce, and if I had a dollar for everytime someone said I'm fat I'd be a fucking quadrillionaire by now. DO I GET ANY SYMPATHY? Oh noooooo... Coz I'm the one famous and reaping the rewards of that I deserve it now, is that what is it?

So when some pimply teenager insults me like "LMAO u r so ugly cunt!111 lolol" I'm supposed to sit back and be the bigger person? No. I am the fucking biggest person there is coz I don't try to ruin every single little twerp that is rude to me.

Am I supposed to be some pushover and let people abuse and accuse me? Fuck that.

And therefore SOMETIMES when defend myself, don't call me a cyberbully. I've been known to bite back, whoever decides to provoke me should already know.

During the rare occasion where I insult people without being provoked first, then yes, I'm being a cyberbully. Oh boohoo. They can defend themselves just like I do, every single freaking day. Seriously, it makes you a stronger person, so I'm helping them, really.